Where Does Michael Jordan Live In 2024? Current Whereabouts & Real Estate Portfolio Around The Europe

Do celebs whereabouts have ever intrigued you? You might not believe recently people have become obsessed with knowing where does Michael Jordan live. 

The obsession and intrigue of fans are understandable as Jordan has impressive real estate properties which are his accomplishments in basketball. 

Jordan possesses 6 NBA titles, won scoring titles, and has made records in his career that made him a billionaire.

He’s known to spend his fortune collecting state-of-the-art mansions and condos at a privileged place all over Europe. 

His current residence is in the Bear’s Club, Florida but besides that, he owns multimillion-dollar properties in Utah, Florida, and North Carolina.

He’s undoubtedly a legend in basketball but he’s a successful entrepreneur as well owning huge real estate properties worth $60 M.

In this guide, we will delve deeper into knowing where does Michael Jordan live and where he was kept in residences in the past with all the details of the interior.

Where Does Michael Jordan Live in 2024?

No surprise, the iconic NBA star possesses a huge fortune and what’s a better way to flaunt your wealth than owning luxurious properties? 

Jordan has quite an impressive and spectacular east estate portfolio but lately, people have become curious about where does Michael Jordan live currently. 

He along with his wife, Yvette currently living at ‘The Bears Club, Florida. Although he could live in any other house in Europe, so why this? 

He could choose any but this seems to be his and his spouse’s retirement place. They proffered laying back at this 3-acre land which is pretty secluded by being surrounded by trees. 

Michael Jordan’s Current Address 

Where does Michael Jordan live question has stumbled us into the exact home address? He’s currently living at 103 The Bear Club, Dr, Jupiter, Florida 33477, USA. 

Inside Tour of Michael Jordan’s Current House

The architectural design is meticulous with details that will just awestruck you. Wondering where does Michael Jordan live? You will see his house can’t be just said as one, 18 separate roof structures house is further segregated into houses all within one.

One of the most privileged things is that this 28000 sq. foot land is canopied by large trees from all sides. 

Where Does Michael Jordan Live In 2024? Current Whereabouts & Real Estate Portfolio Around The Europe

The house is worth $12.4 M and includes a stunning pool, guardhouse, and guest house. Jordan spent $4.8 M on purchasing the land and $7.6 M on constructing it into a luxurious mansion with no waterfront view which most of the mansions possess.

The interior of this house is equally luxurious with 11 bedrooms, a guard house stretches to two stories, a cigar room, fancy right?’ 

He also has a basketball gym catering to his enthusiasm for his profession and a stunning media room. 

Where Does Michael Jordan Live In 2024? Current Whereabouts & Real Estate Portfolio Around The Europe

Hold your breath, the house also has its private gold course which is surrounded by mature pine trees unlike the usual palm trees you must have seen, and is well-maintained. 

Impressive Real Estate Portfolio of Michael Jordan 

Where does Michael Jordan live has left us wondering what is his current whereabouts, as we are finally aware of his current residence. 

But that sparked interest in his vast real estate moves that are all gorgeous and oozes out luxury.

Chicago Penthouse

Where does Michael Jordan live has taken us back to the time when he first bought his property in 1989.

He along with his first wife, Juanita Vanoy bought a penthouse in Chicago worth $3 M then. 

The house stretches to 8,000 sq. feet of land and compasses 39th and 40th floors where there are four bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms and it has a frontier view of Lake Michigan. 

Inside View of Chicago Penthouse 

The house has floor-to-ceiling windows that give a lush view featuring the city’s skyline. The all-glass solarium is one of the highlights with its open layout. 

It has a gorgeous lounge area and dining room where he used to spend quality time with his wife. 

You might have seen Jordan is one sucker for cigars and has a built-in cigar room.

But that’s not the only fascinating thing there’s also a rooftop deck that extends to 1000 sq. feet with a gorgeous grill, landscaping, and multiple refreshment scenes.

Where Does Michael Jordan Live In 2024? Current Whereabouts & Real Estate Portfolio Around The Europe

But still, the home couldn’t bloom love between the duo and they separated after living a long time together in 2006.

His wife, Vanoy was a real estate agent and sold the property for $3.2 M in 2014 and now it no longer belongs to Jordan.

Highlands Park Mansion In Illinois 

Later on, when Michael Jordan reached the apex of his career in 1991, he bought a mansion in Highland Park, Illinois.

It was originally seven acres of land when he bought it as he planned to make this mansion customized by catering to his needs and preferences. 

It took four years to come to that land right out of his imaginations. The mansion includes a man-made pond, an infinity pool, and a tennis court. 

The house has been customized in a modern style with a long driveway and the security gate, New Jersey number ’23’ has been engraved on the security gate for people to recognize from afar that it belongs to Jordan.

Where Does Michael Jordan Live In 2024? Current Whereabouts & Real Estate Portfolio Around The Europe

He has a game room that says a lot about his playful nature abs a big basketball court, a theatre, and a humidor catering to his obsession with cigars.

He resided in the mansion for almost two decades and then put it on sale for $29 M in 2012.

But unfortunately, the property still hasn’t been possessed by another owner. However, in the last two few years, the prices have ridiculously reduced to $14.9 M but still no realtor could sell it. 

It has been speculated that the Jordan fans might be waiting for a further drop in the price but no certain reason has come out yet. 

But again it has been greatly customized as a performance style we aren’t certain anyone else would be up for that with whopping millions of price.

Vacation House In Utah

Where does Michael Jordan live hunt has taken us into his house in Park City, Utah reserved for vacationing.

He again hasn’t disclosed his much he has paid for this massive house. The grand house stretches to 9574 sq. feet and comprises eight bathrooms and five bedrooms.

The house is designed in a vintage manner with wood and stone detailing and a museum-inspired stone walkway.

Where Does Michael Jordan Live In 2024? Current Whereabouts & Real Estate Portfolio Around The Europe

The house has been the art of perfection with glass doors, bamboo wooden floors, Italian marble, and Swiss pear wood in the entire mansion.

One of the highlights of this spectacular home is the front view of Wasatch mountains and the golf club from the massive yet private balcony. 

Again, the NBA player put it on sale in 2019 for $7.5 M but no realtor could find him a suitable buyer yet.

Twin Condos In Charlotte, North Carolina

Where does Michael Jordan live in his childhood? He’s a native of North Carolina and like very few celebs he didn’t leave his hometown for good.

After he retired from the NBA he made his return back to his homeland and owned the majority of Charlotte Bobcats, he paid $3.15 M for two condos on the top floors of the Uptown Charlotte unit. 

The residential space stretches up to 7000 sq. feet and he owns a private escalator considering his privacy and privilege. 

But in 2023, he decided to sell out his stakes in the NBA team so it can be argued that he must be trying to sell it off soon. 

The Bear’s Club In Florida 

Where does Michael Jordan live with current wife Yvette Prieto? The duo tied the knot in 2013 and has been together since then.

He along with his wife took residence in Florida where he bought a luxurious mansion worth $4.8 M in the exclusive Bear’s Club community. 

His home which was 28000 sq. feet began construction in in 2010 and was officially completed after three years.

Where Does Michael Jordan Live In 2024? Current Whereabouts & Real Estate Portfolio Around The Europe

The grandeur has state-of-the-art 11 bedrooms, and a media room with a ventilation system to expel cigarette smoke.

Additionally, it has a pool, a story guard house, and a basketball court. 

But as far as I have observed the NBA player hasn’t lived in a single home which he didn’t customise as per his preference.

He spent an additional $7.6 M to renovate it to his liking. He is living in this mansion with his wife and twin daughters and has a popular neighbourhood in the entertainment industry.


In conclusion, the legendary basketball player, Michael Jordan has amassed huge popularity in basketball as well as in entrepreneurship. 

His real estate business is where he owns properties worth $60 M in Florida, Utah, and North Carolina. Currently, people have become curious to know, where does Michael Jordan live? So his current residence is at The Bears Club Florida.

Give it a thorough read to know the impressive real estate moves and share which one had awed you the most. 

FAQs on Where Does Michael Jordan Live

Where is Jordan now? 

He took the position of co-owner of basketball operations in Charlotte Hornets in 2006, then bought interest in 2010.  He sold his majority stakes in 2023 though. 

Where is Michael Jordan’s original home? 

He was born in Brooklyn, New York but his family migrated to North Carolina when he was just a toddler.

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