7 Trendy Softball Hairstyles That Will Suit Your Face & Handy Tips

Want to flaunt your fashion aesthetics in the field? Choose the softball hairstyles that can elevate your personality and look comforting. 

If you want to ditch typical boring buns and braiding, here’s your cue to opt for a cute hairstyle while playing that will make the head turn in your next field match.

Believe it or not, having intricate littlest braids to carefree pigtails will look stylish yet practical by keeping your hair strands away from your face during the rigorous game sessions that will sweat you out.

Knowing the right face type and the right hairstyle look ravishing on your face shape will make your opponents do a double-take in envy. 

You must remain mindful that some long game sessions make your hair fussy due to sweating so properly understand your hair thickness and texture beforehand and make the hairstyles accordingly. 

In this guide, we will look deeper into different softball hairstyles, how to choose the hairstyles according to face shape, and some tips and tricks.

7 Popular Softball Hairstyles 

I know looking best is as important as how you play. As the softball season is around the corner and you must be excited to opt for a new hairstyle that will showcase your team spirit by keeping hair strands away from your face. 

You can even use accessories with different hairstyles to elevate the simpler ones.

Here we have compiled some cute yet trendy hairstyles for you to choose: 

1. Fishtail Braid

As the name suggests, it looks like fish bones, you can keep your hair out of the way by making this cute hairstyle which may look complex but is easy peasy.

How To Make It: You can make this fishtail braid by dividing your hair into two sections, take some part of the hair on the left side and join it with a section of hair on the right. 

Alternate side and repeat the procedure, keep doing it until you reach the end of the hair and secure it with a ribbon.

2. Bubble Braids

Another popular braid hairstyle has gotten immense hype in the last few years.

Is it your regular braid tweaked? Yes, it’s exactly that bit adorable. However, you need to have a lot of hair ties or ribbons to make such kind of softball hairstyles. 

7 Trendy Softball Hairstyles That Will Suit Your Face & Handy Tips

How To Make It: To make this hairstyle, you need to make a ponytail, and secure it. Now after each equal length of three inches put an elastic band, and keep doing it till you reach the end.

Now just pull or tease your hair put a bit by your fingers and it will create bubbles.

3. Pony Braid

You may have noticed by now that softball hairstyles are all about tweaking the French braids in some way. Here in this, you combine a ponytail with a French braid. 

How To Make It: It’s all about tying a ribbon where the ponytail begins and where it ends and making the regular French braid then. 

4. French Braid

The most traditional yet beautiful hairstyle you can opt for whether it’s playing in the field or your casual strolling, you just can never go wrong with French braids. 

It suits every haircut, whether it’s layered, long hair or medium-sized hair.

How To Make It: You just have to brush all of your hair back. On the top of the head, gather a 3-4 inches wide portion of hair and make a traditional braid. 

While moving down, keep gathering some strands from the sides. Start gathering from the side and gradually move towards the nape. 

At this point, you will only one-third of your hair remains. Finish off your braid by tying a hairband and ribbon. 

5. 2-Dutch Braids

These types of softball hairstyles usually go with the name, boxer braids, they look similar to French braids but are inside out. 

Inside of tucking your hair inside which you do in French braiding, you rest your braid on top of your head. 

7 Trendy Softball Hairstyles That Will Suit Your Face & Handy Tips

How To Make It: Part your hair into two equal sections. Secure one section while starting braiding on the other side. While you make the braid, take a few inches from the centre and follow the French braiding method. 

But here instead of tucking your hair in the centre, you tuck it under, which makes it prominent. 

Now from the side of the face, gather some strands and move to the head crown. Finish off the braid with a hairband. Now alternate sides, and repeat the procedure. 

6. Mini Braids

These braids offer so many variations, you can do it with either ponytail, bubble braids, or in any other way you like. 

If you have bangs, then such softball hairstyles will look cool and playful. 

Although, they look cute but require effort so keep practicing and completely nail down your next field look.

How To Make It: You have to keep making mini braids like you do the traditional ones and then secure them in the manner you prefer, it could be either a bubble braid or any other one. 

7. Bow/ No-Bow Softball Hairstyles

Some players love the bows and there are ones who hate it. Softball hairstyles are elevated by such bows and give a unique and cool edge to your uniforms. 

But if you don’t prefer them, just secure them with either a ribbon or an elastic band and ditch the bows.

How To Choose the Right Softball Hairstyles As Per Face Shape?

What offsets or enhances your personality? Of course the hairstyling. Choosing the softball hairstyle that suits best your face symmetry should be the priority.

You won’t believe how much it influences your persona. Here are some suggestions for different face structures:

For Square Face: If you have a square face shape, then the stylists may recommend you have waves or sift curls as they soften your face and make you look beautiful.

You must avoid having middle partitions or layered cuts that either offset your jawline or amplify it.

For Round face: Stylists may suggest you have your hair pinned either half-up or half-down or you can make ponytails that don’t make your cheeks prominent. 

However, you can give a little bounce or volume at the top of the head to have a chic look.

For Oval Face: You are dang lucky if you have an oval face as they can make any of the softball hairstyles and those will suit them.

7 Trendy Softball Hairstyles That Will Suit Your Face & Handy Tips

They can pull off buns of different types, braids, and ponytails and look classy. Just remember, that you don’t ruin your facial symmetry. 

For Long Face: You must go against straight haircuts as they extend your face length however making waves or curls can add some width to your face. 

You can opt for bangs as well as they make your face look smaller.In the end, we want only comfortable softball hairstyles for our players despite their face shape. 

But if you want to maintain your aesthetics along with comfort, opt for any hairstyle we have suggested so far, and keep shining!

Softball Hairstyles Tips & Tricks

Softball hairstyles call for comfortable yet neat styles that don’t distract during the game. There are some tips that you can opt for to get through this hassle:

  • The hairstylists emphasize securing hair with strong elastic and excessive Bobby pins. So that the hair remains tightened throughout and Softball players don’t get distracted by loose strands.
  • Players have to jump run and catch the balls which causes them to excessively sweat. Having their hair off the back of the neck and forehead will make them breathe easily.
  • Don’t get extra with hair products as they make you uncomfortable make your hair sticky and weigh you down.

Be confident and comfortable with whichever hairstyle you choose as the goal is to bring practicality into the player’s personality. 


In conclusion, softball hairstyles have become trendy due to the game season arriving shortly. However, you must choose those hairstyles which don’t make your hair fussy.

You must keep your comfort and ease in mind, and choose those that keep your hair strands at the back. Buns, braids, and ponytails are the basic ones which are tweaked in some ways. 

With several variations, new ones are made including bubble braids, boxer braids, and others. 

You must not weigh down your look by adding so many accessories, and keep hair off the neck and forehead to avoid sweating. 

Give it a thorough read and find the latest softball hairstyle that will enhance your playing field look. 

FAQs on Softball Hairstyles 

What is the most popular hairstyle for softball?

The famed one is the fishtail braid, where the hair is secured at the beginning of the braid and when the braid is finished off, the tie at the beginning is cut off. 

What hairstyle should I do for volleyball? 

There is no hard and fast rule for styling your hair while playing volleyball. But making a ponytail keeps your hair secured and makes you look classy.

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