Factor Meals: Understand, Function, Cost, Benefits, Drawbacks

Are Factor meals healthy or nutritious? Yes, all meals are prepared on dietitian guidelines and loaded with high nutritional quality components. 

They serve a wide range of dietary needs and preferences, with multiple options including Keto, low calorie, Chef’s Choice, Vegan, and rich in Protein. 

The company enhances its menu options every week and provides new ready-to-eat meals that are verified to be free from hormones, chemicals, antibiotics, and GMOs. 

Factor provides its services worldwide, with the special case of Alaska and Hawaii. Meal shipping services can overcome the stress of meal planning and preparation, making them a famous choice for busy people. 

It is not just time saving but is always serving in balanced portions of food that facilitate to reduction of food waste and the possibility of digesting more than one serving. 

It offers you various types of foods but most dishes are American, Italian, and Mexican. My most liked meals are Baja Shrimp, Sweet and Tangy BBQ Ground Pork, Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken, Sweet Potato Grits, and Sage, Chicken Alfredo Pasta Ground Pork Chili, and Cheddar Mac. I enjoyed the entire week. Tell me your favorite meal.

In this guide, you look over the comprehensive details about Factor Meals, understanding, function, cost, benefits, and drawbacks.

Understanding Of Factor Meals

Understanding Of Factor Meals

Does Factor provide you healthy or balanced diet food? Yes, Factor Foods offers an easy way out for busy people who are seeking to continue a healthy diet. 

It also provides you with ready-to-eat meals that are planned by certified dietitian. What is a Factor? Factor is an Illinois-rooted firm that was founded under the shelter of the worldwide meal kit service Hello Fresh. 

In 2013, Factor presented a selection of subscription plans that supply health-forward, ready-to-eat meals to their customers. 

The company recruited a staff of chefs and dietitians to ready its dishes, which spread warm and fuzzy food from comfort cuisine classics to universal creative cooking. 

This firm provides meals that accommodate various dietary selections, such as keto, vegetarian, and “calorie aware.” They have a seasonal menu of 35 dishes every week.

How Does Factor Function

How does Factor run our services to customers? When you select your ideal plan and conclude the sign-up procedure, you can pick the number of meals you desire every week. 

For instance, you can select 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, or 18 meals and several extra meals such as smoothies, breakfasts, health boosters, rich protein foods, or desserts every week. 

Everything depends on your zip code, your selected food items will be shipped on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. 

Additionally, Factor also schedules extra nutritional value for every meal, and many can be located in food databases of famous meal-monitoring applications. 

After receiving your first order you will be established to receive an order each week on your appointed day. Customers also make corrections before the expiry date, which is about a week before your booked delivery date to change, cancel, stop, or rearrange your order. 

According to my personal experience, Factor facilitates me to choose six meals and add-ons to taste out and give feedback.

Which Food Was Received In The Temperature Danger Zone?

Cost Of Factor Meals

How much does Factor food cost per week? The factor does not raise the cost for particular meal plans. On the other hand, the cost of meals per week is based on the cost per meal.

Per Week MealsCost Of Meals Premier For
Six meals per week 13.9 DollarsIt is premier for those people, who prefer convenient, healthy food in whole weak.
8 meals per week 12.99 DollarsProfessional partners
10 meals per week12.49 DollarsDual-income families who want meals for the whole workweek
12 meals per week11.99 DollarsJobian parents or other family members with small kids


What are the perks of Factor Foods? This food company provides you numerous benefits, it helps to save your time and effort in preparing meals. Let’s unveil the additional benefits in detail:

Mouthwatering Flavor ( Score: 4.5 out of 5)

Mouthwatering Flavor ( Score: 4.5 out of 5)

The meals of Factor are very delicious without being overpowering. Everyone highly esteemed every meal that had a hearty portion of serving vegetables. For instance, the Herbed Quinoa Pesto Bowl distinguished itself as my favorite. 

Because the quinoa was delicately tender, the sweet potatoes were super soft but not overcooked and the pesto sauce was tangy and mouthwatering without being over salty.

Sustainability ( Score: 3.5 out of 5)

This food company made our delivery packages, food cases, and laminated wrapping all zero waste. In addition, the thermal gel parcels are utilized to retain the food items refrigerated during delivery time. 

The other way in which Factor aims to be more sustainable is by using high-quality, organic sourced components in all its meals. All foods are unaffected by genetically modified organisms (GMOs). 

The facility also uses sustainably sourced proteins such as free-from-antibiotics poultry and grass-fed pork.

Easy Preparation

It requires roughly 3-4 minutes to pull the food box out of the fridge, heat it in the microwave oven, and enjoy your favorite meal. 

For instance, the chicken grilled corn and Cilantro Chicken with healthy Brown Rice, Black Beans & Spicy Corn Esquites was mouthwatering and you must enjoy every bite.

Menu Option

The best thing about Factor is it provides you with a variety of meal options. If you are on a Keto diet then select a Keto meal plan. Food offers you 35 menu options for the entire week. 

I love the options of add-ons such as breakfast, evening snacks, and low-calorie lunch options to meet your needs for the following week.


Does Factor provide us with expensive food? Yes, the meals are expensive as time passes.

  • It is not a viable choice for large family members.
  • Some meals of Factor are loaded with saturated lipids or high in salt, which is dangerous for blood pressure patients.
  • ⁠This food company has a delivery charge of 9.99 dollars on every order which is too expensive.
  • There are not enough options for vegetarians.
  • Mixed contamination is feasible by Factor’s shared cook spaces.


In conclusion, Factor Meals is an excellent food delivery service for having nearby, flavourful, and nutritious diet food that is ready to eat. It is worth experimenting if it is budget-friendly. 

After savoring six meals during the week, I was amazed at how satisfying and appetizing the food was. It is entirely stunning that the aroma and taste of the meat and vegetables were dead on, even after being reheated in the oven. 

Almost every meal is always healthy and embraces a balance of nutrients. It is particularly for those persons who are on dietary constraints like low-sodium or low-saturated fat.

Finally, you gain total knowledge of Factor Meals in this article. Are you ordering your meals on Factor? If yes, then please share your experiences with us. Thank You!

FAQs On Factor Meals

1: What is the business model of factor meals?

Factor runs on an annual subscription-based model. It facilitates individuals to select meal plans based on the number of CTOR foods they wish to collect every week. Every meal is completely ready for a single serving, mandating only heating in the microwave oven. 

2: How do Factor meals come packaged?

Our ready-to-eat meals are all the time fresh, never frozen, and are handed over in thermal boxes packed with chilled gelatine packs customized to keep your meal boxes at refrigerated temperatures through transportation. 

3: Did anyone famous to lose weight with Factor meals?

Yes, Factor is a supportive factor in your weight loss journey for most individuals. There are no famous people at present but no public figures advertisement for the shipping service particularly for weight loss.

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