Bringing Innovation in Automobiles by Unveiling the World’s First BMW Color-Changing Car

What if you could change the color of your car with just a button press?

An amazing and fascinating idea. Isnt it? Breathtaking inventions and technologies are changing the surface of the planet.

 In 2022, a leading German carmaker, BMW launched a concept car that could change color in seconds. It was a captivating innovation in the automobiles. Imagine you are driving in cloudy weather as soon as the sun shows itself your car begins to change its color automatically. You can also do it by pressing a button on the car’s dashboard. 

And in 2023, BMW launched a new model that had 32 colors at a time. These concept cars created a buzz all around the world. In this article, we will explore the idea behind these concept cars how BMW color-changing cars are affecting the automobile market, and what technologies are going to be launched in the future.

Stupendous Technology Behind This Color Play

Stupendous Technology Behind This Color Play

The awe-inspiring technology of changing the color of cars by BMW is mind-blowing. You would be amazed to know that it’s no magic, but a collision of technology, engineering, and aesthetics. The astonishing technology behind the BMW color-changing cars is not paint, but the use of  E-ink. The same technology is used in e-readers, smartwatches, or Kindles. Surprised? You must be. Most people believe that it’s a paint.

Have you ever thought of such magical features in your cars to make them out of class? BMW is taking you a step ahead in grandeur and comfort. 

The E-Ink color coating contains millions of electrically charged microcapsules thinner than a single human hair. When signalled these microcapsules start working and change the color of the car according to your mood and desire. 

 In your BMW color-changing cars you can function The MY Mode technology through a mobile app or by pressing a button on the car dashboard. 

In the future, you can control this function only by a hand gesture while sitting in your luxe BMW color-changing car.

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BMW Color-Changing Car- iX Flow SUV 

In 2022, BMW introduced its first-ever color-changing car iX Flow SUV. It was BMW’s first version of the E-Ink technology with only two electrically charged colors;  black and white.

Once you choose your desired shade the electrical field stimulates the black or white microcapsules to change the color according to your command. Besides speed and temperature, changing the exterior color while sitting in the car is a wonderful idea. Don’t you get goosebumps by imagining this stupendous feeling? 

iX Flow SUV represents the advanced research and collision of technology and design. Apart from its color-changing technology, it offers other features; it can display charging, status, and other messages, and the ability to blink. If you are unable to find your luxe car in crowded parking, press the button for blink technology. 

BMW’s i Vision Dee

The new concept car “I Vision Dee”, is an electric sports sedan with color-changing panels. Dee stands for “Digital Emotional Experience” as the new car follows the same color-changing technology but in a wider range. In BMW’s previous design, you had only two choices of black and white color, but this new model is designed with a wider range of colors like a rainbow. 

In 2023, BMW showcased this new concept car stating it the “ First Color Chnaging Car” that can cycle between 32 colors with just a button press. 32 colors… Sounds a jaw-dropping magic!  Doesn’t It? It has the same E-Ink technology with 240-panel segments allowing you to change the exterior color of the car according to mood.

This version includes ultra-modern features like a wide dashboard covering the whole windshield, a touchscreen, and a Reality Slider. The comfort and ease of these color-changing models make you feel at home. 

Eco & Energy Efficient

How is it possible to leave the environment behind while working on comfort? With all the futuristic technical and artistic features BMW color-changing cars are both eco and energy-friendly. Under a hot sun, you can change the exterior color from black to white as white reflects the sunlight and helps in a cooler interior by reducing the energy of the airconditioner inside.

Similarly, imagine you are driving in cooler weather, by switching to a black or darker color you can feel the noticeable warmth absorbed by the exterior color of the car. The E-Ink exterior color-changing technique is energy-efficient as it does not need continuous electricity to maintain the color-changing process. It draws electricity or power only by changing the basic color not by maintaining it.


BMW is giving innovators and a colorful future to the roads. The color-changing technology and the further ultra-modern features of the BMW concept cars are a step ahead not only in automobiles but also in giving a glimpse of aesthetics and luxury.

Have you ever thought of such rapid innovations by BMW within just a year or two?

Though it would take time to see these color-changing cars on roads still you can expect much more than these futuristic exterior and interior luxuries.

Which color-changing car did you like the most? Tell us in the comment section.

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