What’s New York Times Connections, Tips, Strategies, Color Scheme and Winning Tricks

New York Times Connections is a puzzle game that can be laid once a day on the New York Times website or application. Test your brain with the addictive games, and test your strategy skills while playing the famous puzzle game. 

In the article, you will find information about how to play New York Times Connections, tips and strategies, color schemes in Connections, and how to win the puzzle easily. 

How to Play New York Times Connections?

How to Play New York Times Connections?

New York Times Connections have a grid of 16 words, which arrange the array of blanks into four groups of four. You need to figure out the links between the four boxes and their four blocks. After guessing the words through different strategies, you need to fill them up in the correct order. 

The groups you need to fill might contain things like horror movie franchises, a type of verb, rappers, pasta shapes, NFL teams, mild oaths, movies, or other similar things. Each puzzle has only one solution, hence, you need to add the correct letters in each group. 

Remember that you have to select four words that have something similar in them. All four words must connect, you need to figure it out. Moreover, you need to match the four words into four specific categories. You will only get four chances to guess the correct categories. 

Be careful while placing the words onto the puzzle, as one word might fit in multiple boxes. However, you need to add them in a particular place to get the correct answer. If you are unable to get a correct answer, you can just shuffle the words to observe the links among them. 

For instance, you can take the understand the categories from the two examples:

  • FISH:
    • Bass, Flounder, Salmon, Trout
  • FIRE:
    • Ant, Drill, Island, Opal

What Does Different Colors Indicate in New York Times Connections?

Each group in the puzzle contains specific colors, and they symbolize different aspects. The colors meaning in NYT Connections are:

  • The yellow group is the easiest puzzle to solve 
  • The blue and free groups have an intermediate difficulty level
  • Typically, players find it tough to guess the correct answers to the purple puzzle
  • Purple group often involves wordplay, hence, you need to learn some tricks to solve it 

How many Changes are in the New York Times Connections?

Select four words you think will go together, and add them to the puzzle box. After being certain, click on submit. If your guess is incorrect, you will lose a chance (life). If your answer is close to the correct answer, or only has one word wrong in the puzzle, the window will show a message. The message will indicate you are only one step away from the correct answer, or only one word is in the wrong place. 

Even after getting the hints from the message, you need to figure out which word to swap on your own. In Connection, you have three chances to find the correct answer in the puzzle. If you submit wrong answers four times, the games will finish and you will lose the game. 

Like Wordle, you can play Connections only once a day. If you win the puzzle, you can share your victory on social media. After submitting the guess, if you win, a message will appear on the screen with colored squares. Apart from that, a countdown to the next puzzle will drop at the top of the screen. 

If you want to share your results online and celebrate the victory, you need to click “Share Your Results.” Twitter (now X), threads, Facebook, and a few other social media platforms are available for sharing the win. 

Tips for winning Connections

To succeed at Connections, you need to try different strategies and tips. Employing different tips while playing the game will increase your chances of success.

  • Find obvious matches in the first try 
  • Spot connections from your first lives and observe the different links 
  • Leave the words you are stumped on for the last try
  • Look up words if you don’t know any, then make your guess
  • Use the “Shuffle” button, and rearrange words to make a match 
  • As there’s is no limit to shuffling on the board, you should take the most benefit out of it 
  • Closely follow the clues to form links when you make a mistake 
  • Try your first best guess on the first try to make the best out of the chance and make words off 
  • Before grouping words, strategize according to the group color 
  • Don’t be afraid of making the first guess, it’s ok to lose a chance as it gives you direction and new clues 

Share your favorite puzzle and experience of New York Times Connections in the comments.

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