How to Deal with Bowel Movement Problems Using Natural Remedies?

While diarrhea is a nightmare for many people, constipation is a more daunting experience. More than 20% of people in the United States deal with constipation regularly.

You may experience bowel movement issues due to the food you eat or avoid. Our body needs certain nutrients to run the digestive system, and your diet may lack those. 

If constipation kills your buzz, productivity and mood, you are at the right platform. This article has some killer tips to help combat bowel movement problems using natural remedies. The time for you to have a healthier lifestyle and metabolism is here. Follow along to feel light as a baby! 

Easy Home Remedies to Regulate Your Bowel Movements 

Are you tired of sitting on the toilet seat for too long and still not feeling satisfied? We got you! Constipation is a common issue, but it is uncomfortable and painful for some people. Follow along with these tips if you want to get rid of this nasty issue: 

  1. Have Dietary/ Soluble Fiber 

Dietary fiber is crucial and pivotal in regulating your bowel movement. It acts like a lubricant for your inner digestive walls to push the stool without hindrance. However, our regular diet does not have enough fiber, which can overburden our digestive system. 

Include fruits, green vegetables, lentils, beans, etc., in your diet to increase your metabolic rate. Soluble fiber is important; hence, it should be a significant part of your diet. If you don’t have enough dietary fiber in a day, you can also get its supplements available in the market. 

Have Dietary/ Soluble Fiber 

  1. Get Your Body Moving 

You may notice that despite having healthy foods, you can get constipation sometimes. Do you ever wonder what you are doing wrong? You are probably not moving your body enough which can also negatively impact your digestive system. 

Working on the computer all day restricts your daily activity, contributing to constipation. Hence, working out for at least 20-30 minutes daily or at least walking is best. If you can’t go to the gym, the least you can do is move around or go for a small hike. 

Get Your Body Moving 

  1. Add Elderberry to Your Diet 

Elderberry health benefits are quite few, but people also use it for relieving constipation. It comprises multivitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help your body function optimally. It is best to have elderberries in syrup, as raw ones are not that great for your health. 

Elderberry for constipation works best, especially due to its high antioxidant content. If you can’t find elderberry in raw form, you can easily find its supplements in any pharmacy. Using it makes a huge difference in your immune and digestive systems. 

Add Elderberry to Your Diet 

  1. Keep Yourself Hydrated 

Do you drink carbonated drinks more than water? For some people, frizzy or carbonated glasses work effectively to provide temporary relief from constipation. However, excessive intake of carbonated beverages can cause constipation and dehydration. 

It is essential to have enough water a day to hydrate your body. Water also helps reduce dryness from within and your digestive tracts relieve constipation. Apart from plain water, sparkling water is also a great thing for constipation. 

Keep Yourself Hydrated 

  1. Make That Coffee Stronger 

We all love our morning coffee; its aroma is enough to awaken your senses. For various reasons, coffee may not have a very good reputation, but we cannot ignore its impeccable benefits. Besides providing energy, coffee or caffeine is great for regulating your bowel movements. 

Coffee has soluble fiber, which is great for digestion and improving your gut health. Some people need to go to the bathroom as soon as they have coffee. However, depending on coffee for your bowel movements is not best. 

Make That Coffee Stronger 

  1. Eat Foods with Probiotics 

Over time, our digestive system becomes slower; hence, avoiding complex carbohydrates and sticking to simple foods is best. Probiotics are one of the best things to regulate your bowel movements. You may have heard many health enthusiasts rave about probiotics and how revolutionary they are for your digestive system. 

If you have been running away from yogurt and fermented foods, it is best to include them in your diet. Many probiotic products, such as kimchi and kefir, are available in grocery stores. It is best to pick up these products every time you go to the grocery store. It helps in improving your digestion significantly and provides instant relief. 

Eat Foods with Probiotics 

Final Verdict 

What you put in your body is important in speeding or slowing your digestion. If you have a sensitive stomach, adopt a healthy lifestyle and have nutritious food. Add a lot of veggies, dietary fiber, and probiotic foods to your diet for easy bowel movements.  

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