1MoviesHD: Introduction, Download, Features, Merits, Safety, Legal Concerns & Top Substitutes

If you have to keep your budget in check but still want access to your favorite movies? 1MoviesHD will be a game-changing platform for you. 

It has taken entertainment to new heights as it charges not even a single penny like other popular streaming platforms do, including BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Netflix. 

The platform has versatile movie collections from various genres which are all neatly organized. But despite its convenience, it still poses some harm which you must be cautious of. 

Besides that, it goes down quite frequently in some regions, which asks you to go for its alternatives in that case. 

In this guide, we will delve deeper into 1MoviesHD, how to download the application, its distinguished features, its merits, and the Substitutes you can go for.

What Is 1MoviesHD?

Want thousands of movies in one place? 1MoviesHD will be the perfect choice for you as it allows you to stream plenty of TV shows and movies all from different categories and regions. 

It’s way easier than streaming movies on cable TV or satellite and no need to register an account, just make up your mind about which movie you want to watch and simply click on play. 

You will be amazed to access even the latest releases which aren’t streamed easily on other free streaming sites. 

You must be curious to know whether it’s legal or not. It’s legal only if you download this copyright-claimed content. However, streaming it online is illegal, therefore,  it goes down rather frequently. 

But again, it comes back at the same speed with different domain names as mirror and proxy sites.

How To Download 1MoviesHD Mobile App?

Although, it’s way easier to access the website on the browser. But if you feel the need to download its mobile application. Here you can find the guide in steps below:

  • Begin by downloading the 1MoviesHD App from the browser, you will most likely find the link on the official website. 
  • Once it’s downloaded to your device, move to the security settings.
  • Enable access to unknown resources, locate where the APK file is, and launch the app.
  • Now follow the instructions given at the time of downloading and it will be ready to start.
1MoviesHD: Introduction, Download, Features, Merits, Safety, Legal Concerns & Top Substitutes
  • Now you can open the app and start searching for your favorite content and begin streaming. 

Excellent Features of 1MoviesHD 

Wondering what are the features setting it apart from other streaming sites? Here you go:

  • Versatility: You can access hundreds and thousands of different movies and web series on this platform.
  • Downloadable: All the movies, TV serials, and web series you want to stream can be downloaded without paying a dime.
  • Easy Navigation: The content featured at 1MoviesHD is neatly organized and allows quick navigation with its user-friendly interface and design.
  • Abundant Collection: The movies aren’t limited to just genres you can even find a whole lot collection of Bollywood, Hollywood, and Telugu movies. 
  • Excellent Quality: Free streaming sites often give compromised quality in the content but that’s not the scenario with 1MoviesHD. You can download HD quality either 480p or 720p, whichever you prefer.
  • Customizable: You can download movies and other stuff in different sizes and formats according to your device’s storage and compatibility. 

Merits of 1MoviesHD 

There are several reasons which may be compelling enough to get started with this website, such as: 

  • The website has been active and running rather smoothly for a long and despite rumors claiming it to be down, it’s not. 
  • The owner has claimed the website’s names which says a lot about its authenticity.
  • The website receives heavy traffic due to its free-of-cost services and easy-to-navigate interface. 
  • The SSL certificate of this website is still valid and is safe to explore.
  • It has been approved by security checking websites and has excellent streaming quality that is hard to ignore. 
  • You will find a huge library of movies and TV shows both classic and latest releases. 

Is 1MoviesHD Safe?

According to websites surveying the safety of websites, 1MoviesHD has a good reputation and claims to be a safe and secure site. 

A website evaluates this platform’s safe performance based on several factors including the company’s location, which technology is being used to run the site, and what other websites are running on the same web browser accompanied with several other factors by taking almost 40 internet data scoring.

If the scoring falls to 80%, then the website is deemed to be safe, if it’s 100% then exceptionally safe and you can explore the site further.

Do your satisfaction by thoroughly searching sites before using them as fraudulent sources and scammers have already woven their way into healthy sites.

Legal Consideration of 1MoviesHD 

If the legal implications of 1MoviesHD bother your mind then let me clear it out for you.

The website is lawful and unlawful depending upon the website’s terms of conditions.  

There are copyright protected and free-of-copyright content available for you to stream. If you prefer streaming the former one, then you need the permission of the website’s owner otherwise it will be considered illegal and falls into copyright infringement.  

But if you are in favor of streaming free of copyright content, then go for it. It’s legal and won’t make you suffer through any undesirable legal consequences. 

Top Substitutes For 1MoviesHD 

Streaming content that isn’t authorized may lead to copyright infringement and therefore we have other options for you to choose from. 


If you are looking for a site that streams content the way 1MoviesHD does? Then we have got YesMovies for you. It features more than 9k different movies, TV shows, documentaries, and other online stuff. The content is segregated according to release time, language, and genre. 

There’s no need to make an account beforehand,  simply browse the website, select the content you want to watch and play. 

You won’t have to suffer through the hassle of watching unnecessary ads which saves a lot of time. 


Another platform that beats 1MoviesHD in its services, although the origins site shut down in 2016. But several proxy and mirror sites of Solarmovies have resurfaced after its blockage.

Solarmovies offers you a variety of options to choose and cherry on top, all are free without even registration and sign ups. 

But let me warn you, the site comes with many ads that can hinder your entertainment and may take you to other sites whenever you click. 

It’s recommended that you use a reliable VPN for better access. Again it contains pirated content so beware of legal repercussions.  


Why you should go for MoviesJoy instead of 1MoviesHD? One reason, it’s easier to navigate, secondly, it gives a plethora of options to choose and thirdly it comes without advertisements.  

You don’t need to rely on just the browser, you can download mobile applications as well and proceed with your streaming. 

There’s no need to register which makes it more secure as you aren’t sharing any personal information. It streams content in HD quality i.e., 1080p.

But still, be cautious asthenia data is pirated and leads to copyright infringement.  


We have got another alternative for you, Vumoo. It’s known to be the best streaming sure with unlimited movies and TV shows to stream in your leisure time.

It features classics as well as latest releases and doesn’t ask you to sign up either. However, pirated content should be a matter of concern for you. 


Another amazing alternative to 1MoviesHD is MyFlixer because it allows you to explore the latest movie and TV serial releases. The content is categorized per region, genre, and ratings. 

The content loads without signing up but comes with redirect advertisements making it a bit sceptical.

But the good part is it updates its library regularly which will never cease to entertain you.


In conclusion, streaming has gotten to new lengths with the user-friendly interface and plenty of content in 1MoviesHD. You can access legendary yet newest releases which are just a click away. 

The platform is comparatively safer than other free streaming sites and has SSL certification. Although its Legality is conditional, if you download copyright-protected content and have taken the owner’s permission, then it’s legal otherwise while online streaming it’s not. 

Give it a thorough read to Know all about the intricacies of this platform and share your experience with us. 

FAQs on 1MoviesHD 

Is there a streaming site like 1MoviesHD?

Yes, there are numerous alternatives available including, Vumoo, YesMovies, Popcornflix, MyFlixer, Solarmovies, and others.

How can I watch movies for free? 

You can stream movies fid free at different sites and apps including, Freevee, Crackle, Pluto TV and YouTube you will have to bear with ads.

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