Everything You Need to Know about Iran’s Attacks on Israel

After several months long Israel violence against Palestine, Iran finally took action and launched 300 fire missiles on Israel. Iran’s attacks on Israel and the impact will be imminent on various countries, especially the Middle East regions and the United States of America. 

Joe Biden says that the outcome of the Middle East conflict is something he wanted to avoid. After the attack, the oil prices will increase once again globally. Biden is once again in a tenuous position while trying to prevent a new conflagration with the States involved in the conflict.  

Since October 7, Hamas Istael retaliation and Palestinian genocide have been found. As Joe Biden didn’t release a statement for an immediate ceasefire, therefore, he’s facing multiple issues in the upcoming elections. Likewise, he’s in the bind presently as well due to upcoming elections in November. 

After Iran’s Attacks on Israel, the Israeli government pledged to attack Iran with the same intensity. American officials regard their attacks as entering uncharted territory. The next steps to this conflict will add a new layer of unpredictability. Proxies might also join Iran and further escalate the tension in the Middle East. 

Reaction of Joe Biden to Iran’s Attacks on Israel

Reaction of Joe Biden to Iran's Attacks on Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu and Joe Biden talked about Israeli desire for containment. Iran’s attack on Israel has been deemed as successful as they were unable to destroy the Israeli territory as expected. In turn, it showcased Israel’s superior military capability. 

At first, Biden administrators said that they would not participate in any offensive operations against Iran. However, the USA decided to not intervene in the Iran-Israel conflict. Whereas, Donald Trump rebukes Biden for his cowardice and inability to attack Iran as an Israel ally. 

Israel officials have yet to determine whether they want to “break all the dishes” or they want to take some drastic measures against Iran. According to Yaov Gallant, Israeli Defense Minister, their confrontation with Iran is not over yet and they’re discussing the responses in detail over the Israel war cabinet meeting. 

Whereas, Hossein Salmani, Commander of the Iran Revolutionary Corps, released a statement that they won’t be tolerating Israel’s retaliation. Tehran will respond directly to Israel’s attacks and they won’t cease attack.  

Israeli strike in Syria killed the top Iranian commanders. As a response, Iran is once again gearing up to attack Israel to balance the losses. American authorities are trying to analyze when, where, how, and the exact location of Iran’s retaliation. The possible threats are imminent inside Israel’s and American personal regions. However, nothing is certain yet. 

How did Iran Attack Israel? 

How did Iran Attack Israel? 

Iran’s attack on Israel is news reporting everywhere, yet, the reality behind the magnitude of the attack is unknown. According to some sources, Iran has launched over 300 blastic missiles including more than 120 blastitiv missiles and 170 drones. The immense Ariel attack happened overnight kn Israel. 

Almost 99% of the missiles and drones were intercepted by the Israeli defense forces and only a small number of them reached Israeli land causing little damage (as per Israeli sources). The Iranian missiles targeted the Nevatin airbase, located in the south of the country. 

Where did Iran Attack Israel?

Israel and Iran are long-standing enemies due to the conflict over Palestinians. Both have been engaged kn a shadow war for years since the militant group attacked Hamas, Gaza, Palestine. Over time, the tension has escalated. 

Until Israel’s attacks on Gaza will not cease, Iraq, Syria, and other Iran-backed forces won’t stop attacking Israeli and American military bases. Iran leaders have Barnes Israel and its allies to gear up for receiving the attacks if they attack them. Hence, the fears of WWIII and spiraling regional war had heightened further. Iran also accused Israeli forces of bombing their diplomatic complex in Syria. 

Now, Iran deems them as equal to Israel as they have taken their revenge on Israel after the Israeli attack on the Iranian bases in Syria on April 1st. 

Are Iran and Israel Sworn Enemies?

Israel and Iran weren’t sworn enemies since the beginning, but they used to be allies until 1979. In 1979, an Islamic revolution came in Iran and an Islamic regime came forward that directly opposed Israel. Opposing Israel is a fundamental part of their ideology as well. 

Iran recognizes Israel’s right to exist, however, doesn’t support it as their Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei calls Israel a “cancerous tumor.” the supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei wants to eradicate, uproot, and destroy it. 

Moreover, Iran is restoring and collecting their military weapons for the purpose and also supports anti-Israel organizations, such as the Lebanese Shia militant group Hezbollah, and the Hamas militant group.

If there’s any confusion regarding Iran’s Attacks on Israel, ask away in the comments section. 

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