Is Project Free TV Banned and its Top 10 Alternatives

For streaming movies, favorite shows, and dramas, one needs online websites like Project Free TV. Some of them are trustworthy and work amicably while others have a restriction on the selection of movies or series one can watch. Some of the websites have misleading pop-up ads which makes them hardly usable.  

Project Free TV was a trustworthy website, which has a massive traffic of users. However, it became inaccessible on July 24, 2017. Users who loved watching movies and series on the site had to look for alternatives. 

In the article, Best Alternatives to Project Free TV will be discussed, so there is no end to anyone’s favorite movies, shows, or series.  

Why was Project Free TV Blocked?

Why was Project Free TV Blocked?

Project Free TV is the oldest website that offers streaming video services to its users. Therefore, it became quite popular for providing free and safe movies to the audience. The audience of the website kept growing. As a result, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix began losing their traffic or audience and their revenue also lessened. 

As Project Free TV is a pirated and illegal website, the distinguished companies filed a lawsuit against it. The website owner lost the lawsuit and the site was blocked. Although, many are disheartened at the tragic blocking of the best movie-streaming website out there, however, some other sites offer these services as well. 

Top 10 Alternatives of Project Free TV

B Movies

B Movies can be concluded as the top 1 best alternative to Project Free TV as it offers free movies, shows, and series with an option for downloading. The users can download their favorite videos and watch them while offline. 

The design of B Movies is identical to the Project Free TV, hence, one can easily navigate through their vast library and watch content without any registration. One can navigate or search for things to watch through options on the home page including Trending, Movies, Top IMDB, and episodes. 

There’s also a search bar on the screen, from where one can easily search for the movies they wanna watch. After entering the name, the preferred show will appear on the screen. 

Series Free TV 

Series Free TV has a simple user interface like Project Free TV and offers HD-quality movies from old classics to ongoing ones. One can find various features of movies like Genre, Latest, and Upcoming on the screen and can easily search for the preferred content.

Most of its features and algorithms are similar to B Movies, however, it requires sign-up from the user before they embark on a watching spree. This helps one keep a record of their history and favorites as well. 

The Watch Series

The Watch Series has a simple user interface with a vast umbrella of series and movies in several genres. Not only can stream online movies or series, but a downloading feature is also available here. Those who have troublesome internet can download their favorite movies and binge-watch them. 

The simple user interface is another reason why users love flooding the site to watch content. Everything is systematically arranged in different categories on the home page. One needs just a single click to get to their favorites. Moreover, it offers an ads-free experience and has no restrictions on regions. 



Movies4U is another website that offers constant updates on ongoing movies and series as well as classical ones. The user interface of the site is designed particularly to be easy to navigate. Numerous categories of genres are available on the screen including the top pics; horror, action, comedy, animation, and biography with details like summary, release date, IMBD ratings, and the genre of the shows under the title. 

The entire content on Movies4u is contributed by non-affiliated third parties, hence, their server doesn’t save the user’s data. One can watch recently launched shows in HD quality such as 720p, 1080p, and others. 


PopcornFlix is another alternative of

Project Free TV, however, the quality of the videos on the website isn’t very satisfactory. Although, it provides a vast library of viral videos, movies, and dramas, with intricate designs, its low video quality makes one second guess whether they want to watch something on it or not.

PopcornFlix also have created an app for its users, so they can download it on their smartphones or tablets and enjoy smooth video streaming anywhere. 


Vumoo is another video streaming website with all the popular features like categorization of movies and shows, ratings, runtime, genres, and released years. The Vumoo site is simple to navigate with search options, whereas, one needs to watch some unrelated ads on it as well. The quality of the videos is also satisfactory at about 720p.

TV Duck 

TV Duck allows its users to stream premium websites like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, VUDU, and iTunes on its website. One can watch their favorite movies, shows, series, and TV programs on the website and learn more about their trailers, cast, actors profile, episodes, and ratings on the TV Duck platform. 

Moreover, it encompasses a simple, easy-to-navigate design, full-length movies for free, plenty of genre categorization, a search box, and quality streaming. 


CMovies is the best alternative site for Project Free TV and contains worldwide content. One can watch movies or dramas from Japan and Korea on it, as well as Hollywood ones. Hence, this makes it a better choice for those who enjoy Asian as well as Western entertainment. 

The CMovies website functions similarly to other websites and provides quality content with all of the modern features. One can also request for the website to hold their favorite shows on it by submitting a request. 


123Hulu also contains Asian dramas, western movies, and classic shows. Therefore, a diverse community comes to the website to stream HD-quality content. 123Hulu also holds access to numerous cartoons and animated movies. Their website is free from geo-restrictions and has fast streaming speed. 123Hulu also contains an enormous collection of genres. 


123Movies is also an alternative to Project Free TV as it offers HD quality content and has TV series episodes available from numerous countries. The video streaming content on the website includes from countries like the USA, Taiwan, China, and Korea. One can watch their favorite genre according to the specified countries list as well. 


Project Free TV has ceased to exist, however, many other alternatives of the website are quite popular on the web due to high demand of free, high-quality, and easy-to-navigate content on movies, dramas, series, and TV programs. 

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