List of 7 Most Famous Movies Like Bullet Train in 2024

Do you like to watch action and thriller movies? If yes, then I must say you never neglected the release of the Bullet Train movie. Bullet Train is sometimes funny and sometimes an action-arranging masterpiece. After watching this amazing movie now people are searching for Movies Like Bullet Train.

The 2022 action funny, crime drama and suspenseful movie observes Brad Pitt (Ladybug) play the role of a hesitant hitman who suffers from anxiety and thinks that he is an unlucky person. 

He housed a bullet train on a joyful mission to get back a briefcase only to discover the train loaded with life-threatening individuals who wish it as well. Bullet Train hit unexpectedly and a show-stopper ride with a celebrity-filled cast to reinforce Pitt’s comical leading role, its adventure left many viewers craving more.

Particularly the character of Ladybug (Brad Pitt) a hitman appointed on his way to his brand-new mission. Ladybug is locked on the world’s speedy bullet train in Japan as he travels across his way with another hitman who all carry grudges against each other. 

This movie is directed by David Leitch and the leading roles of Brad Pitt, Joey King, and Kotaro Isaka. Bullet Train covered every aspect such as funny, action comedy, suspense, tense, computer graphics, and captivating moments. 

So after delighting Bullet Train, everyone desires more action, thrilling, or funny movies like this. In this guide, we will talk about many amazing movies like Bullet Train.

7 Movies Like Bullet Train

Movies like Bullet Train catch the fascinating talent and innovation that made it such a long hit with Brad Pitt. If you seeking other movies that have a level of excitement and crime drama then please read the whole section carefully.

The Magnificent Seven (American Western Action Film Release In 2016)

This movie is not limited to one location but like Bullet Train, this movie is all about armed forces or professional gunmen or in this case, professional soldiers are work together. The Impressive Western Gunmen follows the story of seven gunmen who joined armed forces together to try to stop a private army from demolishing a single town. 

Rose Creek is recently held prisoner by a single industrialist’s private solider and the local workforce of the earth to protect them out of necessity. Starring Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, and Ethan Hawke, the story of Admirable Seven represents fascinating action scenes that every fan of this category will love.

Snatch (Comedy-Crime Film Release In 2000)

Snatch movie is all about crime, comedy, hurt, or revenge. It describes the narrative of numerous groups of troublemakers who trying to come out and lead the next guy in a chain of illegal acts. The leading actor Jason Statham’s character name is Turkish and Brad Pitt’s character name is Mickey. 

List of 7 Most Famous Movies Like Bullet Train in 2024

It’s an action-packed movie about a fight promoter and his partners who find themselves in trouble with underground crime bosses. The movie has some intense moments and a lot of humor too.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Action, Comedy Film Released In 2005)

The favorable result of this movie and other movies like Bullet Train recall viewers are the best movies that captivate the hearts of people who love the combo of action and fun. Brad Pitt is not particularly an actor as an action star, Pitt’s action roles are undoubtedly comedic turn is another accession in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. In this movie, Pitt’s relationship is with his co-actress Angelina Jolie. 

The director of this movie is Doug Liman, who arranged the cinema screen with fireworks shows behind the two stars’ headlines and made onscreen chemistry. The two stars play a husband and wife who find that the other has been living a private life as an assassin, and both show their talents for comedy as well as action choreography.

John Wick (Action, Thriller Movie Released In 2014)

Our initial record on the list of movies like Bullet Train kicks off with a topic similar to Bullet Train. This movie was released in 2014 and the latest 4th chapter of this movie was released in 2023, directed by Chad Stahelski. It tells us the tale of a retired gunman named John Wick (Keanu Reeves). 

List of 7 Most Famous Movies Like Bullet Train in 2024

The former gunman is on his mission to destroy the person who murdered the last gift his late wife gave him – a puppy. In his investigation for revenge, John Wick carries on to entertain us and holds us at the edge of our sofa in this bright action thriller.

Runaway Train (Action, Thriller Movie Released In 1985)

Runaway Train is a super intense and thrilling movie. In this movie, different characters with diverse backgrounds come together in a high-stakes situation like a speeding train with no brakes. It is suspenseful to see how they navigate the challenges and form alliances out of necessity. Last but not least this movie is also added to the list of movies like Bullet Train.

Ava (Action, Thriller Film Released In 2020)

Ava is an Action Thriller film about armed espionage in operation. Ava whose contract-killing job went extremely wrong, the same subject that the movie shares with Bullet Train.

List of 7 Most Famous Movies Like Bullet Train in 2024

Like Bullet Train Ava strives to resolve the old scores and battle for her resilience through every difficult minute of the movie while a bunch of other gunmen are on her trail.

Nobody (Action, Thriller Film Released In 2021)

Undoubtedly, Nobody film is included in movies like Bullet Train and every single person enjoyed this movie. Hutch Mansell (Bob Odenkirk) is beneficently engaged in the role of a husband and father.

Everything is interchange when one day two robbers break into his picture-perfect suburban home. To stop violence, Hutch determined not to fight for his family members. Everyone including his wife and son is astonished and disappointed in him. The reality makes him go postal and along the way, Hutch’s private past and powerful abilities will be explored.


In conclusion, movies like Bullet Train such as Nobody, Ava, Snatch, Mr & Mrs Smith, and Runaway Train display the talent and innovation that made it such a blockbuster hit. 

If you are searching for similar movies that deliver that same level of stimulation and amusement. These films not only feature magnificent action sequences and intense storylines but also highlight the expertise of their talented actors. 

Lastly, you get deep insights about wonderful movies like Bullet Train in this article. Let us know if you have seen any of these films or if you’d like more suggestions.

FAQs On Movies Like Bullet Train

1: Why do people like bullet trains?

People love this movie because of its fascinating concept of the wonderful Bullet Train. It is such a pleasant ride, and it has some absolutely funny moments and extravagant and substantial action scenes.

2: What movie is similar to Bullet Train?

The Bullet Train’s exceptional action and fun movie style mark out but here are other films with the same concept that offer an enthralling experience. Amazing movies like Bullet Train are action-packed, funny, and keep lively energy, making them completely entertaining popcorn movies. For instance Ava, Nobody, Snatch, Smokin’ Aces, and Mr.

3: What happens at the end of the bullet train?

The end of the movie is very suspenseful and exciting. The conclusion of Bullet Train glimpse Prince’s silly master plan efficiently works. The White Death employs her fixed gun to shoot at Ladybug, it backfires, and the White Death has his head broken off. The best part of the climax is that the White Death is still manifested to be a very superior fighter who wins against the Elder.

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