Romantic Killer Season 2: Expected Storyline, Trailer, Launched Platform, Production House, Cast Members

Does Romantic Killer Season 2 delve deeper into the backstory of the characters? Yes, the second season of Romantic Killer arranged the theatre for the sequel of Anzu Hoshino’s journey to form heartfelt connections with her romance partner while dealing with the pending suspenseful ending involving Kate and Yukana. 

The second season is expected to provide a lively and new approach to romantic comedy, engaging fans who desire for unique story plot. During its first season, Romantic Killer gained extra fame due to its capability to blend elements of shadow with comedy and cheerfulness. 

The unsettled ending of season one involving Kate and Yukana adds a layer of excitement for fans. Lastly, the second season of Romantic Killer provides a chance for Anzu Hoshino’s character building as she carries on her pursuit of building romantic connections with her possible romantic partners such as Tsukasa, Junta, and Higiri. 

In this guide, we hunt through complete information about Romantic Killer Season 2, expected story, trailer, launched platform, production house, and cast members.

What Is The Expected Story Plot Of Romantic Killer Season 2

Are You also curious to know what the story of season 2 could be? If yes, then let’s dream up together: 

Specified the accomplishment of the manga transformation and the unsureness encircling a second season of Romantic Killer, it isn’t easy to predict the actual plot probability for a possible continuation. 

But the anime series creators have two choices, the first one is hoping for mangaka Wataru Momose to proceed with the story or developing their special storyline. The second choice is, if they wait for Momose to move forward with the manga plot, then the second season pay attention to Anzu’s forming bonds with her romantic partner at the same time discovering Kate’s looking for love interests for Yukana. 

This may lead to clashes and difficulties for Anzu and her friends as they explore their love stories in a virtual reality without their favorite belongings. In contrast, if the developers select to create their unique storyline, they would have more liberty to uncover different story directions. They may investigate more into Anzu’s character and create her journey to understand love and affiliations. 

It is also possible to present new characters and insert twists and turns to keep audiences involved. The expected storyline provides exciting insights for a second season that would fascinate viewers into Anzu’s romantic journey.

The Trailer Of Romantic Killer Season 2

Is the trailer of season 2 released on Netflix? No, the official trailer or any expected date for the second season of Romantic Killer is now unveiled. 

Romantic killer lovers are anxiously waiting for the progression of this series and hang on for new updates about any advertising material for season 2. Trailers of any season are usually released near the launch date or when an official release news is produced.

Where Romantic Killer Season 2 is Premiered

If it gets picked up for another season, Netflix will likely be delivered the second season. The only possible choice to watch season 1 of Romantic Killer is on Netflix, so, understandably, a second season would also be launched on this famous online platform. 

Romantic Killer Season 2: Expected Storyline, Trailer, Launched Platform, Production House, Cast Members

Netflix has a broad and worldwide audience and making it the best choice for watching anime series like Romantic Killer, Classroom Of The Elite, Lookism, My Deamon. Tell me what’s your favourite anime series on Netflix?

Which Production House Is Producing Romantic Killer Season 2

Many individuals are wondering which studio will produce season 2. Are you also one of them? The production house charge of Romantic Killer Season 2 has not been formally disclosed. Although it is obvious that the first season of Romantic Killer was vibrant by DOMERICA, accomplishing it their most viewed project so far. 

DOMERICA has formerly worked on anime series including Flying Witch Petit and The World Ends with You. Their production style and focus on detailed information of different characters got positive feedback from audiences. Considering the success of the first season and DOMERICA’s engagement they may carry on to work on Season 2 if it is revived.

Expected Cast Members Of Romantic Killer Season 2

CastRole Play
Riri/RioMikako Komatsu
Saki TakamineManaka Iwami
Yukana KishiYoko Hikasa
Hijiri KoganeiNatsuki Hanae
Tsukasa KazukiYuichiro Umehara
Makoto OdaHiro Shimono
TsuchiyaKenjiro Tsuda
Junta HayamiGakuto Kajiwara
Anzu HoshinoRie Takahashi
Arisa KazukiMarina Inoue
Saki TakamineManaka Iwami


In conclusion, the release date of the most demanding anime series Romantic Killer Season 2 is not been publicly disclosed. Additionally, there is no press release yet, the first accomplishment and finalization of four manga volumes offers a prospective story for the second season. 

Anzu’s building relationships and Kate’s look for dating possibilities for Yukana, deliver clashes for Anzu and her friends. Like the first season, this season is also released on Netflix, and people expect another exciting season packed with suspense, mystery, and warm romance. 

For instance, in a speculative case history, one thinkable story plot could involve Anzu exploring a hidden truth about one of her love fascinations, leading to significant outcomes that test her relationships with her friends.

Finally, you get the complete information about second season of romantic killer in this article. Did you find it interesting?

FAQs On Romantic Killer Season 2

1: How many episodes can we expect in second season of Romantic Killer?

The total of episodes for this serial has not been officially revealed.

2: Does Anzu fall in love with Romantic Killer?

At the end of season 1, Anzu is uncommitted but has developed a very close bond with Tsukasa. Because he expresses that he loves Anzu as more than a friend to her other possible love Junta.

3: Is Romantic Killer a Netflix series?

Yes, you can watch this manga serial on the official website of Netflix.

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