How Much Does Britbox Subscription Cost?

A spike in most of the series or video streaming platform subscriptions occurred recently and left people to wonder whether they can afford BritBox, or if its subscription plan is no longer comprehensible for them. BritBox has a selection of original series for the UK market, with shows like “Will Bill” (which might appeal to the U.S. or the global audience). 

In Will Bill, Rob Lowe plays a former Miami cop who moved to Boston, Lincolnshire, UK while taking the role of the town’s chief constable. Moreover, the platform provides a whole library of series or dramas to enjoy. Among the mystery-bound crime dramas are “The Responder”, “Grace”, “Why Didn’t They Ask Evans”, “Shetland”, and “Murder in Province”. 

Apart from that, popular classic shows include “Doctor Who”, “Only Fools and Horses”, and “Fawlty Towers”, while costume dramas have “Downton Abbey” and “Sadditon” as the most notable ones. There is also a collection of movies that a user can watch and relax from. 

How Does BritBox Work?

How Does BritBox Work?

BritBox is a joint venture that provides services from the publicly funded BBC TV network and a private company ITV, offering classic and current TV shows from both networks, UK-based Channel 4, and Channel 5. In March 2017, the platform was launched in the U.S. while in October 2020, it garnered over 1.5 million paid U.S. subscribers. 

Moreover, it uploads exclusive original shows from time to time. Anyone can access the website with a computer, smartphone, laptop, tablet, or any other supported device. After that select the show, let it browse and watch it. 

Like other movies or series streaming platforms, it also has a systematic layout in which Drama, Mystery, Comedy, Documentary, and Lifestyle genres are available. Moreover, special content collections are also available from the UK, including “Doctor Who”, “Death in Paradise”, and “Now Collection”. 

Now Collection provides ongoing TV programs, UK soap operas, and news shows. 

The media files on the platform are kept on remote servers. With decent internet connectivity, one can watch their favorite shows without any shutters or pauses. According to the recommendation of Britbox, one must have a connection speed of 3 Mbps while watching content on PCs or Smart TVs. Whereas, iOS or Android users have at least 1.5 Mbps to watch the content smoothly. For HD streaming, 5 Mbps speed is necessary. 

Is BritBox Subscription Worth it?

BritBox subscription is inexpensive, viewers can watch their favorite British shoes, recent TV programs, and movies for just $6.99 a month or $69.99 for an annual subscription. Canadians need to pay a bit higher, $8.99 for the monthly subscription, while 89.99 CAN for a yearly subscription. Whereas, it costs £5.99 in Europe per month. 

Canadians and Americans can also try the 7-day free trial before purchasing the subscription, while Europeans can get a month’s free trial. People living in Europe can also receive a 6-month free subscription after signing up at BT brand. 

The services of the video streaming platform were initiated in the U.S. in 2017, while in 2018, it expanded to Canada. Likewise, the BritBox popularity kept on growing and it reached the UK in 2010 and Australia in 2020. In 2021, it debuted in South Africa. Later in 2022, it expanded to Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. 

What Popular Shows Can I Watch on BritBox?

The U.S. version of BritBox has the following original series that fans love:

There She Goes

David Tennant plays the role of fatheinon There She Goes in a family unit. David is a doctor who helps a young girl with learning disabilities to make her life better. 


In Confession, Martin Freeman acts as a UK police detective who has to solve a mysterious case of a young woman’s disappearance as Detective Superintendent Stephen Fulcher.

The Mallorca Files

The Mallorca Files is a thrilling series that follows a female UK police detective and a German detective, set on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca. The pair team up to solve the crimes happening on the island. 

Isolation Stories

During the COVID-19 pandemic, BBc features a mini-series about the people who have to stay at home during the quarantine period. The series vividly depicted the plight of people when they can’t go out, have to stay inside 24/7, and don’t have a social life. 

Father Brown 

Father is a mystery series with 7 seasons, set in a small town where a Catholic priest solves cases in the 1950s. 


MI-5 is a spy thriller series, delving into a European spy organization. The MI-5 is similar to James Bond; one can watch it if they prefer to watch a series similar to James Bond. 


In Dickensian, a neighborhood having characters from Charles Dickens novels live together. Charles Dickens is a famous novelist, his readers can watch the Dickensian season for lice action of his characters. 


Does Brit Box Features 4K Streams?

Presented, BritBox doesn’t provide 4K streams, however, it might be available later. 

Does BritBox Have a Free Subscription plan?

BritBox doesn’t have any free subscription plan, users need to pay for the video streaming. 

Does BritBox Feature Advertisements?

The platform provides a smooth experience and doesn’t feature any ads on the platform. 

Do Apple TV and Amazon Prime Users Have to Buy BritBox Subscriptions?

Both Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video users can add the BritBox, but they still need to pay for the subscription to access the content. 

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