Unveiling The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1: Review and Details 

Are you looking to read a manga with a badass, headstrong, and powerful female lead? Or do you love reading webtoons, mangas, and manhwas with beautiful characters and good plots? If yes, then reading The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1 is a good choice. 

With just an episode, it grabs the attention of the reader and the reader can’t wait to read the next chapter. There will be a short review of The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1 below and other information about it. 


Manga: The Flower of Veneration 

Genre: Fantasy, Secret, Romance, Royalty and Thrilling

Illustration: Sayosae

Writer: Magma 

Chapters: 50

The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1 Review 

The first chapter of The Flower of Veneration introduces Lady Cecylia who barges into the room filled with servants with a sharp razor in her hands. Her surprising entry into the room makes everyone anxious and the servants try to stop her. However, she moves forward toward a body lying on the bed and sheds the cloth on the face of the body. 

Then, the protagonist, Lady Cecylia gets her voice to narrate the setting and the inflation of the plot. Her father’s body is lying on the bed and the servants are hiding it from her as they’re afraid of something. Therefore, she inspects the body and realizes there’s something uncanny about his death, and it’s not natural. 

The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1 Review 

Later, she asks the butler if there are any signs of murder or if is it because of some kind of curse. The butler replies that there are no signs of poison or murder, however, his death could be due to some kind of curse. None of the servants were looking at her, all were looking away like they were hiding something or they couldn’t dare to say something. Even the Butler was avoiding to meet her eyes while she ordered him to prepare for the funeral at midnight. 

Upon coming out, her knight Chris was laughing that the servants thought she murdered her cold-blooded and eccentric father, Illyd Zi Saryan. The head and leader of Saryan, a royal and aristocratic family. Illyad Zi Saryan always did what he wanted to do, irrespective of others’ opinions. He never stopped himself due to the influence of society and always followed his will. No one in the estate could rival him. 

Illyad brought up her only hier, her daughter Cecylia in the same manner as his demeanor was. Cecylia didn’t follow the conventions and did as she felt pleased, however, she had to face the backlash, disapproval, and contempt of others. Females and their blood were thought to be inferior to males and women weren’t supported. 

Due to this disparity, Cecylia hated her father’s attitude, however, she was still proud of him as he chose the path he could accept and she wondered if he had accepted his death as well or not. 

Chris and Sophie (knights of the lady) were bickering about her father and she started laughing. They asked her why she was laughing and she replied it was because they were acting the same, like nothing happened, and weren’t avoiding her eyes. Moreover, she also remarked that Sophie was from the village and an orphan who was raised in her house, but is still naive. 

Cecylia told them that the servants in the home were avoiding her because they were afraid that if something was found in the investigation of her father’s death, they would be implicated and would have to face punishment. Henceforth, they’re afraid of her. Secondly, it is because she is a girl in her twenties and not a boy, hence, she can’t be the heir of her liege. At the same moment, they hear the servants gossiping about her. 

Chris and Sophie get angry at their sensitivity and Cecylia says that she’ll have to deal with her Saryan relatives. All of the Saryans were eyeing the position that was rightfully hers. The younger brother of her father didn’t let her marry into any family as he said that she could have a son, whose blood wouldn’t be sacred Saryan. Therefore, her son can’t be an heir to the family. They didn’t want anyone else to take the position, as they wanted it for themselves. 

Until Illyad was alive, he could make them shut up at once and they couldn’t date to argue. However, it wasn’t the same for Cecylia, as they pounced on her like ferocious wolves. Therefore, she felt the urge to ask her father to get married and have a “child” of himself. So, he can be an heir and she could get away from this fuss. In short, she wasn’t interested in the inheritance and wanted to make something of her abilities. 

Whereas, her father told her she was the only child, the only daughter, and his only heir. Therefore, she is set on investigating her father’s death and becoming the heir of Saryans and doesn’t let the hyenas take what’s rightfully hers just because she’s a girl, not a boy. 

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Where Can I Read The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1?

The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1 is full of action and thrill, however, the story has much more to it. If you love fantasy, thrill, strong characters, engaging plots, and romance, then this manga is for you. Read The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1 online on Chrome, the Manta website. Other pirated manhwa and manhua sites might have unlimited access to the comic as Manta has some restrictions on the episodes. 

However, one can easily read it after getting the premium episodes or reading it one after another episode every day. 

If you want to know how Lady Cecylia will find the murderer of her father and take the throne while putting down her bloody lecherous and misogynist relatives, read the full manga on Manta. Also, share your review of The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1 in the comments section. 

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