How to Block Ads on AnimeSuge? And Alternatives

AnimeSuge is a website for otaku, weebs, or anime fans. The site offers ongoing anime series and movies for the fans in English subtitles and dubbing. If someone wants to watch recently released or ongoing animes, they should search for the site in the search bar and enjoy watching the content. 

The animes are free to watch for every fan, however, there are various ads on the site. Like other anime apps such as Kissanime, Asiananime, and Gogoanime, there are various ads on the site. Whenever one clicks on their page, an ad opens. This is quite irritating as it disrupts the flow of watching and interrupts their leisure time. 

Apart from interrupting the mood, they’re also a threat to the security and privacy of the user. The ads generally contain malware or phishing links, which can be used for exposing private information or changing phone settings, like adding an application on a mobile phone without the user’s permission. 

Is AnimeSuge Safe to Use?

Is AnimeSuge Safe to Use?

AnimeSuge is safe to use, if one doesn’t engage with the ads and provide any personal information to alternate links on the website. One can use an ad blocker to remove the ads and make it much safer or more comfortable to watch a favorite anime. 

Every otaku needs access to animes to keep their life pleasant. Apps like Crunchyroll offer the smooth experience of the animes, however, not all animesmes are available for free to everyone. Crunchyroll has a subscription free for its VIP users who can access its premium features. Whereas, AnimeSuge provides all that anime for free. 

On the website, there are more than 10,000 anime (subbed and dubbed). One can also find popular animes like Jujutsu Kaisen, Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, Demon Slayer, Attack on Titans, Spy x Family, Tokyo Revengers, One Piece, My Hero Academia, and numerous others.  

How to Block Ads on Anime Websites?

If one doesn’t like ads on AnimeSuge, Kissanime, Gogoanime, and their alternatives, one can block ads by using various extensions or apps on the device. Different applications or software are required to remove ads on different devices. 

Use Ad Blocker to Block Ads on AnimeSuge

Through using an ad blocker, one can block most of the malicious and deceptive ads. Through this ads won’t appear as frequently as they usually do and there won’t be any irritation for the viewer while watching their favorite series on the site.

A blocker is an extension utilized by the browser to restrict ads. Popular ad blockers are AdGuard, uBlock Origin, or Adblock Plus. One can also use any other as a blocker if they prefer it over these. 

How to Add Ad Blocker Extension?

Open the extension page in the Chrome Web Store and choose the blocker that you prefer. After choosing the one, click on Add to Chrome. A dialogue box will appear on the screen and push on the Add Extension. 

Likewise for other browsers, open their designated stores, addons.mozilla.com for Firefox, addons.opera.com for Opera, Ede Addons Store for Microsoft, and App Store for Safari MacOS. 

Use Custom Service DNS for Blocking Ads

A DNS server (Domain Name System) translates different Romans into IP addresses. For instance, the domain name AnimeSuge.com will change into digits such as Everyone uses the DNS provided by the internet service provider (ISP) and it might not be quite secure. 

For this purpose, one can use DNS software to change their default ones. Such as AdGuard DNS. This has better performance and security. One just needs to download the AdGuard app or AdGuard VPN and adjust its settings. One needs to select AdGuard DNS over the default DNS in the settings after installing the app and enjoy its perks. 

This can block ads as well, hence many use it for this purpose too. 

Alternatives to AnimeSuge

Some various apps and websites provide free anime content online and some of them are described below;

  • Zoro Anime
  • Kissanime
  • Gogoanime
  • All Anime
  • Animation

Zoro Anime, Kissanime, Gogoanime, All Anime, and Funimation, all are websites specially designed for otaku kr anime fans all over the world. Each of the above websites has similar features and one can block their ads with the methods mentioned above. 

Can I Use AnimeSuge for Watching Anime?

Can I Use AnimeSuge for Watching Anime?

AnimeSuge is a popular streaming platform among otakus and weebs that offers free access to anime movies and TV series online. However, watching the videos on the site has several drawbacks and perks. The perks are free subtitled and dubbed anime content. 

The drawbacks include illegal content, low-quality videos, ineligibility of download options, and annoying ads. The article provides information about blocking ads on AnimeSuge to enjoy a better viewing experience, one can employ a  blocker extension, a VPN service, or a custom DNS server. 

Hope this blog post about AnimeSuge was beneficial and informative.

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