Shaquil Barrett Wife: Early Life, Physically Attributes, Career, Marriage, Net Worth

What was the message of Shaquil Barrett wife after her daughter’s death? She conveys her message through her Instagram story. She wrote,

“Our world will never be the same. Arrayah was the apple of my eye, and my heart will forever be with hers. I love you so much And I am so sorry”.

Jordanna Barrett

Jordanna Barrett, came into the limelight when she married Shaquil Barrett. 

She is a philanthropist, social media personality, and celebrity wife. They were best friends before starting their relationship. After developing an understanding, they got married.  Her husband Shaquil Barrett is a talented football player. He is known for his exceptional skills and has achieved great success in his career. 

Jordanna Barrett has a keen interest in fashion and luxury items. Together with her husband, she runs the fifty50 Foundation. They have four children, but sadly, they lost one of their daughters. Jordanna’s journey is truly inspiring, and she loves her family a lot.

In this article, we discuss Shaquil Barrett wife journey, early life, family, career, marriage, children, and net worth.

Quick Facts About Shaquil Barrett Wife

Full NameJordanna Busch
Date Of Birth24, November 1992
Age31 Years Old
Place Of BirthOmaha, United States
MotherAngie  Busch
FatherJeff  Busch
SpouseShaquil Barrett
childrenFive Aaliyah, Braylon, Shaquil Jr, late Arrayah Barrett, Allanah Ray
OccupationEntrepreneur, Social worker
Net Worth2 Million Dollars

Who Is Shaquil Barrett Wife

Jordanna Barrett is the wife of a famous American football player. Jordanna herself is also a famous American entrepreneur and social worker. Jordanna and Shaquil are both very famous as a couple in the media. Because they support each other in every aspect of life. 

When and where she was born? Jordanna Barrett’s date of birth is 24 November 1992. According to her date of birth, she is a Scorpion. Her birth country is Omaha, Nebraska where she grew up. What is her Ethnicity? Jordanna belongs to American nationality, as well as she follows the Christian faith. Her mixed racial-ethnic background adds to the diversity and richness of her identity.

How Shaquil Barrett Wife Becomes Famous

Before her marriage, Jordanna Barrett was not famous. She gained name and fame when she married an NFL player. However, Jordanna is also famous as a social worker. She supports Shaquil Barrett in his football matches, and they both have a loyal fan base.

Physical Appearance Of Shaquil Barrett Wife

Jordanna Barrett looks stunning with her height of 5 feet and 7 inches. Her balanced weight of 68 kg adds to her attractiveness. 

Jordanna Barrett is not only a glorious wife but also a big-hearted mother. She has beautiful brown eyes and long, dark black hair that complements her stunning skinny body.

Shaquil Barrett & His Wife Jordanna Expanded Their Family With The Arrival Of Their Fifth Daughter

After the tragic death Of their 4th daughter Arrayah, in less than 2 months Jordanna is expected to have a fifth child. She wrote in an Instagram story:

“A few weeks after our sweet girl’s heaven day, Shaquil and I found out we were expecting! | Just know Arrayah had a special hand in picking this sweet girl to add to our family.”

She said we are deeply grateful that God chose to grant us another little angel. She shared her emotions:

“We miss our Arrayah every second of every day, but I rest in knowing she’s going to be the best big sister angel to little miss Allanah! …”

She always expressed Arrayah provided me confidence, she has modified countless lives with the limited two years she enriched this world, and God works in such unseen forces, but l will never misgive his plans for my life. His plans are significantly improved than my own and forever will be. The name of the fifth little angel is “Allanah Ray.”

Shaquil Barrett Wife Family Background 

Shaquil Barrett wife has a wonderful family. Her father’s name is Jeff Busch, who is a graduate, and her mother’s name is Angie Busch. Who serves as a Christ servant for the City International. They got married on August 26, 1998. 

Jordanna also has a brother named Zachary Smith, and she has a deep love for him. They enjoyed their childhood together. She feels that her life would be incomplete without her brother.

Shaquil Barrett Wife Professional Career

Jordanna Barrett is not only the wife of Shaquil Barrett. But also a social media influencer with over 12 thousand followers on Instagram. She regularly shares pictures of her lifestyle, husband, and children. She connects with her followers and gives them a glimpse into her life. 

Jordanna Barrett also does brand advertisements. Jordanna Barrett is also a philanthropist. She does social work and helps needy people. She is also a co-founder of the Fifty50 Foundation. The foundation is based on a mutual partnership with her husband. 

Shaquil Barrett Wife Professional Career Fifty50 Foundation | Whatsmind.com

The foundation aims to help needy children and strengthen the care system for them. Jordanna works hard to fulfill the needs of these children. She also truly enjoys her work of helping them. She is making a positive impact on children’s lives.

Who Is Shaquil Akeem Barrett 

Shaquil Barrett is indeed a well-known American football linebacker. He currently plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the National Football League. He was born on November 17, 1992, in Maryland. Shaquil Barrett began his football journey at the University of Nebraska during his college days. 

In 2014, he transferred to Colorado State University. Where the Denver Broncos signed Shaquil Barrett as a free agent. After completing five seasons with the Broncos. His journey in the NFL and success with different teams made a positive impact on his life.

Meet Up Of Shaquil Barrett And His Wife 

Shaquil Barrett and his wife first time met in high school. Both started dating when they were teenagers. Their romantic relationship lasted for a long time. Later they spent quality time together during their school years. 

Jordanna has always been a supportive partner for Shaquil Barrett. In 2011, Shaquil proposed to Jordanna, and she joyfully accepted. A few months later, they married while Jordanna was expecting their first baby.

Shaquil Barrett Wife Marriage 

Shaquil Barrett and his wife decided to get married. After dating for a few years they wanted to start a new chapter in their lives. They got married on February 2, 2012. Their marriage has been 11 years now.

Children Of Shaquil Barrett And His Wife 

Shaquil Barrett and his wife are optimistic parents. They enjoy their journey of parenthood. They have been blessed with four children together. The beautiful names of their children are Aaliyah, Braylon, Shaquil, and Arrayah Barrett. Jordanna Barrett’s first time pregnant after completing high school. 

Their first child Shaquil Barrett Kr was born on 8 March 2012. The second child was born on 29th May 2013. The third child and first daughter was born on 31 March 2015. Their fourth child and second daughter Arrayah Barrett. Sadly, she passed away at a young age due to drowning in a swimming pool. She was only 2 years old at the time of her death.

Shaquil Barrett Wife Net Worth 

How much is Jordanna Barrett’s net worth? Jordanna’s net worth is estimated to be 2 million dollars. She is a successful Instagram influencer and entrepreneur. 

She also does brand advertisements and promotions. But her husband Shaquil Barrett’s net worth is estimated to be 30 Million dollars.


Conclusion The history of Shaquil Barrett wife has had an inspiring journey. Her story shows the power of love, friendship, and resilience. Despite facing challenges, Jordanna and Shaquil have built a strong foundation. They have also used their platform to make a positive impact through their fifty50 Foundation. 

Jordanna’s story teaches us the importance of cherishing our loved ones. Staying strong in the face of adversity, and using our influence for good. 

Furthermore, in this article, you read the complete journey of Shaquil Barrett wife. Which celebrity information do you want next?


1: What happened to Jordanna Barrett’s second daughter? 

Heartbreaking news, her second daughter died tragically. She passed away due to drowning in a swimming pool.

2: How many pro bowls were played by Shaquil Berret?

Shaquil Berret performed two times in Pro Bowls. First time in 2019 and second time in 2021.

3: Is Shaquil Barrett wife got a tattoo for her late daughter?

Yes, Shaquil Barrett’s wife got a tattoo for their daughter. It’s a touching tribute to remember their daughter.

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