Kanye West’s Spouse-Bianca Censori: Early Life, Education, Family, Career Timeline , Controversies & Bold Fashion Choices

How Kanye West and Bianca Censori have stirred the media with their relationship? The controversial musician and designer was previously married to Kim Kardashian and then dated Julia Fox. The rapper took a short respite and then got married to Bianca in an intimate wedding ceremony. The couple took vows but haven’t officially signed the marriage certificate.

But the news sparked surrounding them are their bold fashion ensembles, they don’t shy away from showing off their acentric attires. Once Bianca went topless with only cushions covering her upper half, which caused quite an uproar among the paparazzi.

The newlywed couple had quite a cliché meetup where Kanye DM her to work for him in his company, Yeezy. The lady packed her bags and landed in his firm. That’s where their love story started and now the lady knows how to keep her hyped in the news. 

Here we will dig deeper into Kanye West’s wife Bianca Censori, her early life, family, educational background, career, and recent controversies. 

Early Life of Bianca Censori

Where does Bianca Censori come from? She came from Melbourne Australia. Her birthday is on January 5th, 1995. She is 28 right now. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn. 

She has Australian nationality and descent from a white race. She has had an artistic bone in herself since childhood. and being the popular wife of Kanye West’s she’s eager to show off all her artistic and aesthetic styles. 

Educational Background of Bianca Censori

Before landing on Kanye West’s company and taking up the role of head of Architecture. Bianca completed her studies in a particular field. 

Where did she get her early education from? Although there is limited information as per speculation, she attended Caray Baptist Grammar School. 

However, she got her bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Architecture from the University of Melbourne. We have delved into her LinkedIn profile, which screams about Bianca’s extraordinary achievements. No wonder Kanye approached her himself. 

Family of Bianca Censori

Do the aesthetics just end on Bianca Censori? Not at all, Censori has two sisters who are equally stylish and flaunt themselves with elegance. 

Her family has an uncanny resemblance with the Kardashians her siblings Angelina and Alyssia along with their mother Alexandra all share a striking resemblance. Aside from being lookalikes of Kardashians, what made Bianca’s family popular? 

She has gangster roots along with her family being involved in a legal feud. Her father ‘Leo Censori’ has been jailed and accused of possessing ammunition and a fully-jacked pistol. Both of her uncles,  Eris and Edmondo have been accused of murder and violence, respectively. 

Bianca’s father has been involved in a family fund with his sister, Elenia Censori where two are at each other’s necks to get Brunswick property. We assume that’s the reason, Bianca claims Los Angeles her home and avoids coming back to Melbourne.  

Meet-up of Bianca Censori And Kanye West

When does the duo meet for the first time? There isn’t an exact time we can speculate. But as far we have guessed Bianca joined Yeezy for the first time in 2020, and that’s when she would have met Kanye. 

The couple initiated their relationship but kept it private. Before Bianca Censori, Kanye was married to Kim Kardashian, but it didn’t work out for them. The couple parted ways in November 2022. He indulged in a relationship with Julia Fox. 

But one thing common in all the companions of Kanye West is their weird dressing style. Kanye loves to make each of his partners his fashion mannequin.

Meet-up of Bianca Censori And Kanye West | Whatsmind.com

The couple officially tied the knot in January 2023, when they revealed their relationship. Bianca’s family was over the moon and supportive of her choice and wished her blessings. 

People have observed drastic transformations in Bianca Censori’s wardrobe after her association with Kanye. People are associating her change with Kim and suggesting she’s being her wannabee version. But is it so? 

Profession of Bianca Censori

Bianca has initiated her career when she was a university student. She opened her jewelry line named ‘Nylons Jewelry’. 

She was quite enthusiastic about her accessories label and when interrogated, she replied,

“I try (to) keep my studies and Nylons fairly separate. I’m always thinking of both and am always inspired by both, but I separate them so they can grow separately,”

Bianca Censori

Is she pursuing the same profession? No not at all. She left Melbourne and took the flight to Los Angeles. Kanye West sent her request to take hold of the head of architecture at his company. She didn’t bat an eyelash and landed straight in his company from her hometown.

Currently, she’s recognized as the Head of Architecture at Yeezy. Her LinkedIn profile says all about her career endeavors. 

Besides that, she worked as a design consultant at Kelektiv in the past. So, we can say Art runs through her veins. 

Controversies Surrounding Bianca Censori

Bianca has been surrounded by many controversies since she got into a relationship with Kanye West. People are wondering if is it Kanye’s influence.

People have now become familiar with Bianca but as we look back at her old photos she has now donned a drastic transformation. The change came not only in her hairstyle but in her dress as well. 

Her wardrobe has become extremely bold and provocative. The couple went into summer break in Japan and visited Italy as well. They wore some daring ensembles which caused havoc in the media. 

She wore see-through jumpsuits and skin-tight dresses that left nothing to the imagination. Italian locals were traumatized to see her flaunting her modesty all over the streets. She even taped her bikini line and breasts while exposing all her body. Some are horrified by her eccentric style. But we believe all of Kanye’s partners have this thing in common among them. 

She later came out beside Kanye in brunette locks. She even adopted a pixie blonde cut in one meetup with Kanye. People are left wondering what other looks she will come up with. 

Bold Fashion Choices of Bianca Censori 

What’s the motive behind Bianca donning the extravagant and extremely bold avatars? As per the industrial insiders, it has been concluded it might be due to be on the media’s radar.

Her wardrobe is quickly gaining huge popularity so it’s safe to assume she dresses up boldly to maintain her publicity and both Bianca and Kanye West might be planning a broader scheme to get the limelight and strengthen their brand image with such eccentric styles. 

A CEO of the PR agency, Grace McCormick shared her thoughts about Bianca’s over-the-board dressing style,

“PR experts perceive Bianca’s outfits as meticulously orchestrated rather than spontaneous,”

she further said,

“They believe these headline-grabbing ensembles are part of a strategic plan to capture attention and reinforce her brand image.”

Grace further pointed out that her dressing style is getting bolder day by day by saying,

“Observers note a progressive escalation in the flamboyance of Bianca’s attire over time,”

she added, 

“There’s speculation that Ye purposefully intensifies the drama with each appearance, strategically pushing boundaries to maintain relevance and create buzz.”

Both Bianca Censori and Kanye West don’t like living low-key that’s what we are certain by now, recently the duo stirred another buzz when Kanye’s Porsche 911 was being towed away from there on a truck, and Bianca was noted lying absent from the entire scene.

Both the couple hadn’t publicly spoken about it which suggested it might be just a strategic move to get attention. 


Concluding the life history of Bianca Censori, who is the wife of Kanye West. The duo took vows in January 2023 but hasn’t officially signed papers. There is little authenticity to their marriage. Bianca has quite a controversial family, which has a resemblance and even a connection to the Kardashians family.

She is the head of architecture at Yeezy and has been into arts since the time she initiated her professional endeavors. But what made Bianca hyped was her drastic transformation in her wardrobe, all thanks to her designer husband.

Give a thorough look at Bianca’s biography and share what you think of the latest news about her.

FAQs on Bianca Censori

Why is Bianca wearing a pillow?

She donned a skin-colored body suit and even paired it up with skin heels. But to keep her modesty to some degree she put a purple pillow to her chest. 

Who does Bianca secretly marry? 

She married Kanye West after his divorce from Kim Kardashian. It shocked the world as people didn’t see this coming. 

Is Kim jealous of Bianca?

A source has revealed Kim is jealous of all the pretty girls, and Bianca is pretty. Kim also said in an interview she has always suspected there was something between Bianca and Kanye during her marriage. 

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