When will Prison School Season 2 be released?

Everyone is looking forward to Prison School Season 2. Prison School is an ecchi anime that incorporates raunchy humor, a gripping storyline, and an impactful series. The anime is adapted from a Japanese manga.

Five years ago, Prison School Season 1 was released and it was a big hit nationally in Japan and globally on the web. However, until now, there’s no update about the sequel of the series. Fans are eagerly waiting for any news regarding Season 2 to get to know the characters and plot better. 

Akira Hiromoto debuted with the Prison School manga on July 11, 2015. For over seven years, the manga remained on the web to the readers. In 2018, the manga was completed. The manga and anime both remained a great sensation among fans, as Demon Slayer, Bungou Stray Dogs, Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece, and Attack on Titans are among otaku. 

Is The Prison School Season 2 Canceled?

Kangoku Gakuen or Prison School Season 2 isn’t canceled yet. However, its director, studio, and writers haven’t given any green signals. This also denotes that there’s no cancellation as well. Weeks are eager for Season 2 to air soon. 

Mizushima Tsutomu is directing the anime series. Mizushima is also responsible for directing some other anime including Another and Shirobako. While J.C. Staff Studio is handling the series along with One Piece, Toradora, Food Wars, and DanMachi. 

Those who are unable to wait for the next season can watch its manga which was completed in 2018. The manga is also available online, one can easily find it on the web. 

What’s Prison School Anime About?

What's Prison School Anime About?

Prison School Anime is about the story of five male students attending the all-girls Hachimitsu Academy and peeping into female students’ female areas. The five male students are; Shingo, Joe, Andre, Kiyoshi, and Gakuto. 

The school has strict rules which bind the students to follow them. The five male students who peeled into female bathrooms were sentenced to one month in school prison by the Underground Student Council. 

If students try to escape from their punishment, more time will be added to their punishment. Whereas, if a student tries to escape thrice, they will be expelled from the school. Rather than being guilty, the masochistic protagonists of the anime take pleasure in diving the punishments. 

Although the anime is quite fascinating and queer, however, weebs loved the plot. Season 1 of the anime ends on a cliffhanger, making the fans want its sequel. If the second season gets released in the future, many anime enthusiasts will binge-watch the series again.

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What Will Happen in Prison School Season 2?

What Will Happen in Prison School Season 2?

The Prison School Season 1 ended with the imprisonment of the Underground Student Council and the release of the five male students. The shocking reversal of the fate of the characters left the fans amazed. The second season of the anime will particularly focus on the life of USC in prison. 

The students are abused by USC in prison, but a new villain comes into the school, the Official Student Council. The Season will deal with the hardships and adversities of the USC under the villain OSCs. Both clubs have interpersonal clashes and rivalry history. 

The first season has 12 episodes and covers only the first arc of the manga. Hence, there’s loads of material for the next arc that can be adapted in the coming season. 

Which Studio will Release the Next Season of Prison School?

Prison School is under the studio of J. C. Staff, therefore, Season 2 is likely to be launched by the same company. Australian Madman Entertainment and North American and United Kingdom Crunchyroll also have the license for the anime. 

Where to Watch Prison School?

Many anime websites like Kissanime, and Gogoanime have Prison School available in their library. Apart from that, one can also watch it on Funimation and Crunchyroll. One can also buy season 1 of The Prison School from Apple TV, Blu-ray, and Microsoft Store. 

Prison School Season 2 isn’t canceled or confirmed, if the author or the J.C Studio provides any updates regarding the sequel, the weeks will be informed through their original social media accounts. 

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