Joyce Dahmer: Early Life, Career, Family, Spouse, and Net Worth

Is Joyce Dahmer the mother of a serial killer? Yes, Joyce Dahmer’s son “Jeffrey Dahmer” is a brutal serial killer. Joyce got their identity on social media as the mother of Jeffrey Dahmer. Joyce was a teletype instructor and case manager at the Central Valley AIDS Centre. She is also a founder of Living Room, an HIV community.

Joyce’s husband Lionel Dahmer claims that she used prescription drugs during the birth of Jeffrey Dahmer. This is the reason for Jeffrey’s mental illness. There was a documentary released on Netflix called “Monster” which featured Joyce and her son Dahmer’s story. 

In this article, we discuss Joyce Dahmer’s Biography, Career, Family, Divorce, cause of death, and net worth, So stay with us!

Joyce Dahmer & and Her Early Life 

When and where she was born? Joyce Dahmer was born on February 7, 1936, in Wisconsin, United States. Her complete name was Joyce Annette Flint before her marriage. She changed her last name to Dahmer when she married Lionel Dahmer. Joyce Dahmer’s nickname is “Rocky “. 

Her height is 5 feet and 8 inches, and her weight is approximately 60 kg. Her eye color is brown but her hair color is blonde. Joyce Dahmer had two siblings, one named Donald Flint, and the name of the other sibling is unknown. What is her ethnicity? Joyce has American nationality. But she has mixed ethnicity of Norwegian and Irish origin.

Joyce Dahmer Education

Joyce Dahmer had a great educational journey. She completed her graduation in counseling from an esteemed university. She is a financially independent woman.

Joyce Dahmer Career

What is the profession of Joyce Dahmer? She had a various and fulfilling professional journey. she worked in various places and had a career as a teletype machine instructor after completing her graduation from an esteemed university.

After her divorce from Lionel Dahmer on 24 July 1978, she worked as a case manager in an AIDS center. Joyce has a kind and compassionate nature. She provided counseling to HIV patients in a caring and supportive way.

Joyce Dahmer Family & Spouse 

Is she married? Yes, Joyce Dahmer got married to Lionel Dahmer on August 24, 1959. Her husband was a research chemist. Unfortunately, their relationship was not very good because Joyce was an attention seeker and always wanted attention. 

Her husband claims that I had spent most of my time away from home because of my research study. But when he was home, he spent a lot of time helping Joyce with her mental illness. 

Joyce and Lionel had two sons, Jeffrey Dahmer and David Dahmer. The profession of David Dahmer is not known. He moved to another country and changed her identity. But her son Jeffrey Dahmer is a serial killer.

Joyce Dahmer Family & Spouse 

Lionel Dahmer wrote a book in 1994. The title of the book is “A Father Story “ in which he describes his son’s mental condition. Joyce and Lionel both love their son Jeffery Dahmer. They said in an interview “He is also a human being, he is not a monster”. He is suffering from Borderline personality disorder. He needs some therapies and counseling sessions.

Joyce Dahmer Divorce 

Joyce and Lionel went through a divorce in 1978. The reason for divorce is Joyce’s mental condition and she is also involved with another relationship. Joyce obtained custody of David Dahmer and Lionel obtained custody of Jeffrey Dahmer.

Lionel Dahmer remarried with Shari Dahmer . Separation from her mother and brother Jeffrey led him to start drinking alcohol.

Joyce Dahmer Death

According to medical reports, Joyce Dahmer suffering from depression and chronic schizophrenia. She experiences symptoms of restlessness, nausea, muscle pain, postpartum psychosis delusion, and hallucination. She takes laxatives and sleeping pills.

Joyce also attempted suicide and wrote a suicidal note “I love my sons Jeff and David”. But she died at the age of 64 age, on 27 November 2000 in  California, United States. The reason for death is breast cancer.

Dahmer’s Net Worth 

Joyce Dahmer’s net worth is estimated to be 300-400k dollars. Professionally she is working as a case manager and teletype machine instructor.


Concluding the biography of Joyce Dahmer, his life was noticeable by huge challenges with mental health struggles. And the anxiety of being the mother of a serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Instead of her difficulties she is always open to helping others and loves her son a lot.

Furthermore, you can find anything about Dahmer in this article. Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding Dahmar’s biography, feel free to mention them in the comments.


1: Did Joyce Dahmer have children?

Yes, Joyce had two sons, Jeffrey Dahmer and  David Dahmer.

2: Where did  She die?

Joyce passed away in Fresno in 2000, because of breast cancer.

3: Who is the husband of Joyce Dahmer?

The name of the husband of Joyce Dahmer is Lionel Dahmer. She is married to Lionel on August 22, 1959.

4: How old was she and when she died?

Dahmer died at the age of 64.

5: Is Dahmer’s son a serial killer?

Yes, her son who is named Jeffery Dahmer is a serial killer.

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