Vanessa Villanueva: Biography, Family, Acting Creer, Divorce and Again Marriage, Henry Soliz, Ex-Wife, Net worth

What are the reasons behind the popularity of Vanessa Villanueva? Well, every person has their perspective regarding the fame of famous actors and actresses. Some people said she gained the popularity of her ex-husband Chris Perez who is a very famous guitarist and singer.

On the other hand, some people said Vanessa has own separate identity. She is a very famous American actress, model, and entrepreneur from Mexico. She pursued acting and played numerous roles. But her famous movies and TV shows are Memphis Rising, Elvis Return, and Forgotten Memories. Her charisma and on-screen presence have also contributed to her popularity.

Additionally, She always shows a huge interest in yoga, hiking, and cardio. She has two kids but she managing her career and kids successfully. 

In this article, we will highlight everything about Vanessa Villanueva like her biography, acting career, divorce, children, net worth, and early life. So, stay with us.

Quick Facts About Vanessa Villanueva

Full NameVanessa Villanueva
Nick NameNessa
OccupationFormer Actress, Businesswoman
Age55 years old 
Date Of Birth & Place1971, Corpus Christi, Texas, 
Nationality American 
Sexuality Straight
Height5 feet and 6 inches 
Marital Status Married 
Ex Husband Chris Perez
Current HusbandHenry Soliz
KidsDaughter, Cassie PerezSon, Noah Parez
Spouse NameHenry Soliz
Net Worth 100 Thousand Dollars
GraduationEnvironmental Economics & Policy

Who is Vanessa Villanueva?

Vanessa Villanueva: Biography, Family, Acting Creer, Divorce and Again Marriage, Henry Soliz,  Ex-Wife, Net worth

 Vanessa is a talented American actress, who gained more fame after marrying famous singer and guitarist Chris Perez. She started her career as a model after modeling she appeared in Hollywood pictures. 

She was born in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1971. She is 52 years old in 2023.  Vanessa is 5 feet and 7 inches in height and her weight is approximately 55 kg. 

Her parents are from Mexico but they moved to the United States for a better life. Her astrological sign is Gemini and she follows Christianity.  Vanessa Villanueva graduated in environmental economics and policy. But she leads her life as a successful businesswoman.

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Vanessa Villanueva and her Husband Chris Perez

Vanessa Villanueva: Biography, Family, Acting Creer, Divorce and Again Marriage, Henry Soliz,  Ex-Wife, Net worth

Chris Perez is a well-known American guitarist and songwriter. He is very famous in his career and started his band with the name “Los Dinos”. 

Are you guys also wondering about their married life? Before we say that Chris first time married Selena Quintanilla in 1992. she was murdered in 1995 by Yolanda Saldivar

First Meet-Up Of Chris And Vanessa

Vanessa and Chris Perez first met in 1998 when Chris was very sad and upset due to the murder of his first wife. A mutual friend introduced Vanessa and Chris to each other. Then, they formed a strong connection with each other. Both were married happily in October 2006. 

They had two children with the name of Cassie Gabrielle Perez and Noah Perez.

 Vanessa Villanueva’s Divorce

The reason behind the separation of Chris and Vanessa is clear when the book “To Selena with Love is released after her death. He proved to Vanessa’s fans how much Chris loved Selena. 

The second reason is Chris Perez is suffering from substance abuse disorder. After her divorce, Vanessa Villanueva became less active on social media and kept her personal life private.

Vanessa Villanueva’s Acting Career

A very talented American actress appears in many movies, TV shows, and modeling. But her most famous Hollywood movies are 

1: Forgotten memories 

2: Elvis Returns 

3: Memphis Rising 

Additionally, to her acting career, she is an assistant director of admissions and international student services at the City University of New York.

Vanessa Villanueva Tied The Knot Again

Who is the current husband of Vanessa? Her current husband’s name is Henry Soliz. Her ex-husband Chris Perez, never tied the knot after their divorce, but Vanessa embraced change with her life. She came across a man named Henry Soliz back in the 2010s. 

Then both officially start dating in February of 2012. After developing a good understanding their connection has only grown deepened. After a deep relationship of six years, both finally tied the knot on 17 Feb 2018 in Portland, Texas. 

She also changed her last name to Soliz, and now her full name is Vanessa Soliz. In 2024, Vanessa and Henry stayed together for more than 8 years and married for almost 6 years.

Who Is Henry Soliz

What is the profession of Henry Soliz? Vanessa’s husband Henry Soliz, is a 51-year-old bike lover. He is primarily interested in Helicopters and motorbikes and enjoys the brand, Harley Davidson. 

He is a native of Texas and currently residing with Vanessa in Portland, Texas. He has completed his graduation from Ingleside High School. Currently, he is working at Corpus Christy Army Depot.

Current Whereabouts Of Vanessa Villanueva

After the separation from her husband, Chris Perez, she has almost disappeared from the public eye. It is revealed that she has had her preferences for years that been chasing them professionally.

She is a beauty buff and successfully managed and relied on it for an income. Now she is residing in Portland, Texas, and controls a nail salon. The name of her salon is “V’s Day Spa”. She is an expert beautician and handles her talent along with her best employees.

Vanessa Villanueva: Biography, Family, Acting Creer, Divorce and Again Marriage, Henry Soliz,  Ex-Wife, Net worth

This salon provides the services of manicures, pedicures, nail arts, scrubbing, waxing, and other best services. She managed her professional and personal life very well.

Vanessa Villanueva’s Net Worth

Vanessa net worth is estimated to be 100,000 £ dollar. She earned it from her acting career. She also has a famous Nail salon, Vs Day Spa in Portland.

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Concluded the journey of Vanessa Villanueva. She is a very famous American actress who started her career as a model. She is not like those stars who already have a strong background. Her hard work determination inborn talent make her a famous Hollywood face.

Later on, she appeared in movies, but everyone loved her acting in forgotten memories. The first time she tied the knot with famous guitarist Chris Perez. She has two kids Noah and Cassie. After getting a divorce from Chris Perez she remarries with Henry Soliz. 

Furthermore, you can find anything regarding Vanessa Villanueva’s biography in this article. Please mention in the comments which celebrity information you want next time we come up with this celebrity.

FAQs On Vanessa Villanueva:

1:Where is Vanessa now ?

After their divorce from Chris Peres, she is living with her second husband Henry Soliz in Portland.

2:How old was Vanessa when she had her first child?

She well balanced her family and acting career. She gave birth to her first child at just a young age of 24.

3 Are Vanessa and Chris Perez back together?

No, they are completely separate and enjoy life in their own style.

4:In which movies did Vanessa Villanueva appear?

Vanessa Villanueva appeared in many Hollywood movies such as Forgotten Memories, Elvis Return, and Memphis Rising.

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