How to Play Wordle UK?

Looking for tips or strategies to play wordle as a pro or have you just heard of this puzzling game and want to try your luck with words, Wordle UK is the most famous word game. 

Josh Wardle sold Wordle UK to the New York Times, amid its growing popularity, for a seven-figure amount. Wordle mania swept the whole world with its first word guesses. Hosts and influencers couldn’t hold themselves from boasting about their first word guesses.  

Josh Wardle created this game for his girlfriend, however, it has become one of the most popular word games nowadays. If someone is new to this amusing guessing word game, fret not as this article will explain every detail about Wordle UK. 

In 2022, the word “Wordle” has been searched the most globally and the Times Magazine also featured the game in their journal due to its soaring popularity. 

What’s Wordle UK?

What's Wordle UK?

Wordle is a guessing game, in which 5 letter spaces are to be filled within 6 guesses. If all guesses are finished and one can’t find the correct word, the game will end in failure and vice versa. 

While solving the tricky game, one only needs 3 minutes to play this game regularly per day. However, if the puzzle contains a tricky word, it might take 4 minutes. Hence, one can easily play this game anytime in the day. 

The word is changed daily by the creator and the green color represents correct answers. If the whole word is in green, that means one has won the game. Although many word or puzzle game maniacs have streaks of months or 100 days, however, many find it challenging. 

People who aren’t good at playing Wordle try to look for alternative apps or websites for Wordle cheat codes to easily finish the game without meeting a dead end. 

How to Play Wordle UK?

In Wordle UK, the most significant thing is the color of the letters after writing them. 

  • If the letters have a yellow color, it suggests that the word is placed in the wrong position. Hence, one needs to change its position only, as the yellow letter includes the correct answer. 
  • If a letter is grey, it means that the letter is incorrect and isn’t found in the correct answer. 
  • If the letter is green, it indicates it is correct and included in the answer. 

While adding words into the blank spaces, it’s necessary to use guesses adequately to find the correct word. The more guesses one uses, the clearer the direction becomes while searching for the correct answer. The more hints from guesses, there will be better the chances of winning. 

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How to Find Correct Answers for Wordle UK?

Puzzles and word games follow a certain strategy. Hence, one needs to understand their rules and put the strategy into action to win such games. 88% of the top 20 players use numerous strategies to win the Wordle challenge. 

To win the wordle daily challenge, employ the following strategies;

Common Vowels

Common Vowels

Starting with common vowels like A, I, and O is the best strategy. As most words include these vowels, hence, it makes it easier to form words if they’re included in a word. 

Common Consonants 

Just like common vowels, there are common consonants as well that are found in numerous 5 letter words. Utilize A, N, S, T, and R as common consonants in the blank spaces to find hints about the correct answer. 

About 2309 words are included in the words dictionary of Wordle UK, in which 1229 times the letter E appears in the words list. Likewise, A occurs 974 times, R about 896 times, O about 752 times, and approx. 728 times T. 

Starting Words

There are numerous starting words including ORATE, QATER, QUEST, PAVER, MARRY, and TAXER. Starting words include the most commonly used letters in the Wordle daily puzzles, hence, starting with them generates the most correct letters or hints for the player. 

50% of the letters of correct answers are formed from the starting words. 

Standard Words

Wordle rarely employs words that are rare or difficult. In dictionaries, about 1500 to 2000 5-letter words are included. The 1500 words are common in them, while the remaining ones are rare. Hence, one shouldn’t focus on hard words as they’re not included in the correct answers normally. 

Therefore, one can easily play this game with the words they already know. One doesn’t need to enhance their vocabulary or learn new words to play this game. 

Proper Suffixes

Utilizing proper suffixes while guessing the answer is the key to winning. Suffixes are letters that are used at the end of numerous words and they’re quite common in the English language. Hence, one can use them to find the winning clue. 

Popular or most used suffixes include:

  • ES (shoes, cries, toes, bushes) 
  • S (crops, news, yields, tops, mops, caps)
  • ED (needed, crushed, fixed, jinxed, picked)
  • ER (dinner, boxer, tricker, under, trier, mixer)
  • IES (copies, toffies, jerkies, series, fries)
  • ITY (piety, city)

Don’t Use Uncommon Letters 

Uncommon letters like X, Z, Q, and J aren’t commonly used in most of the letters and are used least among English words. Keep those letters in your mind, and avoid them generally. However, if no other words work, one can utilize them as their last resort. 

Take help from a Wordle Cheat

Take help from a Wordle Cheat

Wordle Cheat website is a platform that gives possible answers if one has some guesses. Type the guesses or hints into the blank spaces and search for possible solutions. Numerous words will appear on the screen containing those letters. Use them to find the feasible one to win the challenge.

How to Use Wordle Cheat to Guess 5 Words Letter?

Open the Wordle Cheat website to look for possible words for the daily challenge. However, one should use standard words or common vowels to get some hints. Then the hints should be placed symmetrically in the blank spaces of the cheat website. 

The browser will reload and numerous words containing those hints will appear on the screen. 


Does Wordle UK Letters Repeat in a Word?

The green or yellow letters can be repeated in a word. Hence, if someone’s guess doesn’t work, they can repeat the already written letters to get the right answer. 

Does Wordle UK Contain Ads?

Wordle UK doesn’t have any ads as this game was made specially by its founder for his wife. Therefore, it’s not a business-flourishing game, but a game genuinely designed for people.

Does Everyone Gets the Same Word as Correct Answer?

Everyone in the world, no matter the region, or location, every person gets the same answer for daily word challenges in Wordle UK. 

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