MacBook 12IN M7 User Review and Buying Guide

If you are a MacBook lover here we have all the information about MacBook 12IN M7. As we know the launch of Apple’s laptops has enthralled the whole market of technology with mesmerizing computer features. And most importantly MacBook’s specifications, resolution, processor, and design have inspired people.  

After the launch of the MacBook 12IN M7, people are very keen on this stellar machine. Especially when it comes to looks as well. If you were thinking of replacing your laptop from Windows to IOS then we have a complete guideline.  

Here in this article, we are going to recapitulate every query you can search by providing the best and to-the-point answers. Just be on the page now to explore more about the MacBooks.  

The launch of MacBook 12IN M7:  

The launch of MacBook 12IN M7:  

This fabulous machine of Apple was launched in 2015. You would be astonished to know that it was the first MacBook with a weight of just 2 pounds. With this lightweight, it is very easy to hold and bring anywhere with you.   

Another feature of MacBook 12IN M7 that you would like the most is, that it was the very first machine that was ever launched without fans. Just with all these updates in the model, this is an impeccable machine to use in this modern clock. All these things are necessary, and Apple knows about the customer’s and time’s requirements.  

As far as the point is concerned about the fan, if you are a MacBook user and you have used it before 2015 then you better know. In old models before 2015, there was a fan, and it was too irritating while using. This fan was creating a problem with the extra noise and heat. So, the company finally decided to remove the fan with extra features in order to make the laptop machine more user-friendly.  

The MacBook 12IN M7 was a great addition to the laptop history that was being made by Apple. Now MacBooks with retina displays are also available after 2019 when the MacBook 12IN was discontinued.  

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Specifications of MacBook 12IN M7:  

Regarding in the domain of its specifications, it is very important to have a look at the complete article before buying. This way you can decide whether this laptop is exactly what you are searching for. We have written a complete quick info for your fast review. 

Quick Info:

Designed By Apple 
Launching year 2015 
Discontinued  2019 
Colors Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, and Space Gray 
Display Retina Display 
Supported Resolutions 1024 by 640, 1280 by 800, 1440 by 900 
Memory 8GB (Extendable to 16GB) 
Storage 256GB and 512GB 
Camera  480p 
Batter Timing 4 to 6 hours with continuous usage 
Operating system MacOS 
Built-in Apps Stocks, Notes, Calendar, Facetime, Reminders, Photos, iTunes, Books, Appstore and many more. 
Processor  Intel M7 1.3GHZ 
Screen Size  12 Inch 
Resolution 2304 x 1440 

MacBook 12IN M7 Storage:  

The first and foremost thing that comes to mind while buying a laptop is “Storage”. As Germane with the storage of this laptop, it comes with two options. The storage options are 256GB or 512GB that you can choose according to your choice and usage.  

Rest assured, there is no option available in this MacBook 12In to upgrade the storage by installing SSD. Although according to our opinion after the use we observe that there is no any need to extend the storage. The given storage is more than enough for the users.  

In this 22nd century, all people use the internet, and they store their data in clouds. A little bit of data that needs to be stored in the laptop will be managed in the given storage of 256GB or 512 GB.  



The second thing that we check in laptops is its processor. In this machine an M7 processor has been installed, provided by Intel that has been designed especially for the latest and slimmest machines. Moreover, the M7 processor makes it equivalent to a core i5 8th generation processor.  

You can use all the heavy applications in this processor very easily. Furthermore, there will not be any problem related to speed and compatibility if you want to use it for heavy load purposes.  

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A laptop’s display plays an integral part in making it more attractive. Most of the users buy a laptop with the display beauty. MacBook 12IN M7 display makes it attractive with the screen resolution of 2304×1440 having a stellar retina display.   

The smoothness of the display makes all the words and things very visible to every person. You even do not need to look deeply into the screen to understand things.  


The price of MacBook M7 12in is $1299 which is very reasonable with these specs and features. You can also find out used laptops from different third-party sellers below $800.

As far as the battery timing is concerned for the MacBook you can check it on How long do MacBook pros last?

If you are a MacBook user do let us know about your experience with MacBook 12IN M7. And how did you find this machine?  

On the other hand, if you want to buy this machine, we have written all the required information one should need before buying any machine.   

We hope this article will assist you in buying a good laptop for you. Do let us know in the comment section below. 

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