How To Cancel Planet Fitness Membership? 2 Methods, Options Besides Cancellation, Charges & Appropriate Time To Do It

‘Discover how to cancel Planet Fitness membership in 2 ways that aren’t remote and why you must do it before the billing cycle ends?’

Modernism doesn’t come with reliability, right? Like today’s franchises have huge customers but still can’t keep pace with the latest technology. That is what made us wonder how to cancel our Planet Fitness membership. 

Even in the records, the number of members estimated around were more than 15 million but still people aren’t certain how to cancel their membership plan even when everything has made its way to digital platforms Planet Fitness still couldn’t embrace modern technology. 

It runs rather classically where you can close your account only if you either visit your nearest home club and talk personally to the front desk staff or you send an email via postal service. 

There are approx. 2,400 gym locations across 50 U.S. states and 18 million regular members who can conveniently work out at any time they want. 

Although it is a popular and reliable choice still people have faced issues with timings, basic facilities, and financial problems and prefer trying out other options in a more convenient location. 

In this guide, we will learn how to cancel a Planet Fitness membership, its price, when it should be canceled, and what other options you can choose besides cancellation.

How To Cancel Planet Fitness Membership? 

How To cancel a Planet Fitness membership officially if it isn’t possible via any e-method? You can only do it manually by just two methods: 

  • It’s either you cancel it in person, visit the neatest fitness club front desk ask for a cancellation form, or fill in the important details and your membership will terminate. 
  • Or you can do it through the mail, write a letter, and explain your reason for canceling membership including your name, phone number, address, and Planet ID membership number. Post it to the home club you joined. Make sure to send a follow-up to be sure that your application has been approved or is still in processing. 

What To Do Besides Cancelling Planet Fitness Membership? 

Cancellation might not be your priority so you can easily halt your membership for some time. How to cancel a Planet Fitness membership requires quite a struggle so you can put a pause on it, transfer your membership to another club, or simply downgrade it if advanced features don’t fancy you.

Freeze Your Membership

Do you have a medical issue and aren’t in a position to continue your membership? No worries, you can put it on hold but you must speak with any team member of the club you had joined. When it’s halted, your annual fee which you were supposed to pay will be postponed. 

Transfer Membership 

If you are relocating somewhere else, then you can easily transfer your membership to another club which will be near to the new place. But for transferring, you must have joined the club three months earlier and you already have paid your transfer fee charges.  

Downgrading Membership 

If the upgraded facilities are too much for you to afford, you can easily downgrade your Planet Fitness

Membership is comparatively low and pretty much affordable.  

Cancellation Fee In Planet Fitness Membership

The Cancellation charges apply when you have a minimum term and you want termination before the term expires, then how to cancel your Planet Fitness membership, you will be obliged to pay $58 buyout charges. 

When You Should Cancel Planet Fitness Membership? 

How to cancel Planet Fitness membership by considering its possible time frame? The processing may take up to 7 business days before the cancellation is approved and your charges halt there.

If you are doing it by visiting the club’s front desk then it’s easier but if you are doing so by sending mail, then you must consider the delivery time. 

Make sure your mail is received by team members at least 7 business days before your next charges are due. 

If you do the annual billing then make sure your cancellation is approved before the 25th of the due month. 

How Much Is the Monthly Membership of Planet Fitness?

Well the prices vary, so the charges don’t need to be the same in pretty much every club. The prices depend upon the club’s location and the facilities you have access to. 

The classic membership fee for members is $10 a month as per the official website.

But if you have a Planet Fitness Black Card, you will have access to hydromassage, tanning beds, massage chairs, and other stuff and it costs around $24.99.

Some customers prefer annual subscriptions as well where you have to pay your charges on an annual basis. 

Is It Not Possible To Cancel Your Membership Over the Phone Or Online? 

I know typical members can’t cancel their Planet Fitness memberships over the phone or online. Some privileged members have access to the cancellation online but it’s entirely dependent upon the type of membership and home club’s location. 

But still, Planet Fitness hasn’t categorized which members are eligible for online cancellation so contact customer services to know whether you are eligible for that or not. 


In conclusion, there are concerns about how to cancel a Planet Fitness membership, so it’s only possible via mail service and personally visiting the home club. However, few privileged members got access to remote cancellation but that’s dependent upon club location and the membership plan, but still having a talk with customer services beforehand is recommended.  

The recommended time for the cancellation is when your billing plan is going to end so you don’t get charged with the next one. If you don’t want cancellation, you can simply freeze the account, transfer it to another place, or downgrade it to accommodate limited facilities that are affordable. 

Give it a thorough read to understand all about the cancellation process and proceed with caution.

FAQs on How To Cancel Planet Fitness Membership 

How to avoid the Planet Fitness cancellation fee? 

You can do it by making sure you’d cancellation letter request reaches the club on time and making sure the request arrives at least seven business days beforehand as the cancellation processing takes 7 business days.

Can I tell my bank to stop paying Planet Fitness? 

Yes, you can do it but ensure certainty that your bank is considerate enough to accept your request. The bank will stop Planet Fitness’s auto charge, and sometimes Planet Fitness itself will let go of the auto charging because it wouldn’t want multiple rejected payments.  

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