Google Layoffs Tracker; When will Google Layoffs Second Round Take Place?

Google layoffs in 2023 led to protests from the workers proclaiming Google being evil is not a strategy; it’s unnecessary, brutal, and unfair. The protestors are soliciting the respect they deserve while questioning the hostile treatment by the multinational company.

 In January 2023, the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, announced the discharge of 12,000 employees. As if it wasn’t enough, more positions in the company are at risk of being vanquished in the second phase of layoffs.  

Workers in Google specializing in Cognizant and Accenture in the tech giant have been impacted vastly by the recent Google layoffs. Sundar Pichai mainly fired the employees that mainly supported YouTube services, including maintaining YouTube TV and its social media platforms. 

Google Layoffs Tracker |

At the start of May, Cognizant employees of the company started hearing about the new layoffs, “with effective end dates ranging from 31st May to the final of July.” The reports also cited that Austin workers will be the most impacted by these dismissals. 

During the time Cognizant goes on, it is uncertain how many employees will be in the multi-billion corporation. However, Accenture reported the expected number of layoffs is between 120 to 150; these many employees may lose their position in the company to this round of job cuts. 

This news of Google layoffs in 2023 came after a group of Cognizant workers supporting YouTube services and YouTube Music voted anonymously 41 – 0 in approval of unionizing with the Alphabet Workers Union. Alphabet Workers Union stimulates Google as it was formed by Google workers. After their unionizing votes, the company announced the dismissal of contract or remote-time workers.  

The union is associated with a larger trade union, Communications Workers of America. In addition, its publication asserted that Cognizant revealed that the contract of Google with YouTube to support YouTube TV is ending soon. 

Pichai Led Google Plans for Future 

Google Plans for Future |

Pichai said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that they are quite focused and trying to improve from the set of functional opportunities. Although the company is making progress and there’s a vital inflection with AI. However, they have a lot of work remaining to do. 

Presently the corporation is prioritizing some specific individuals and moving them to specific areas for better efficiency, Pichai said. Later, the host of The Wall Street Journal asked him how he would expand the efficiency to 20 percent. Pichai replied that they’re working on it, and the ongoing progress is satisfactory. 

They are trying to accomplish it in different ways while noting every minute aspect of what they do. The company is also thinking about how to re-engineer costs most durably. 

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12,000 Google Layoffs in January 2023

In January 2023, Google announced layoffs of about 12,000 worldwide employees. The news didn’t come as a shock, as since 2022, large corporations have been cutting out on their employees due to the economic crisis and the introduction of AI-powered management. 

Netflix, Vimeo, Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet, Spotify, Paypal, Pinterest, Dell, Zoom, GitLab, Yahoo, GitHub, Twitter, and various other multi-billion companies have announced furloughs of various employees. This hasn’t been set yet, and people are losing their jobs without any notice as time goes by due to the introduction of AI. 

In the same month, GoogleBard AI also made its debut amid the chaos among the workers losing their jobs. Google’s valuation dwindled by $100 billion fur to factual inaccuracy caused during the presentation. 

To adapt to the loss, the company started to make adjustments by delaying modifying, cutting on staff, fewer laptop updates, and contracting on incidentals like snack staplers for managing the expenditure. 

Other titans of the internet, Meta and Amazon, have also announced second layoffs recently. Many tech breadwinners have been facing stuck-off from companies. Google CEO Pichai is also considering a second discharge. However, he had not made any implications on whether this news was trustworthy or not.  

“For becoming a stronger and more nimble organization,” it’s exemplary to focus on talented employees and provide support once to particular areas of the company. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta and Facebook, also asserts the need for layoffs, and Pichai might comply with some notions as well.   

How are Google Workers Taking the News of Second Layoff?

Google layoffs caused mistrust among its employees as they had to turn in letters to Alphabet Inc. and demand rights from the company before the second dismissal. They are anxious about their access being terminated at midnight without any notice.

The workers demanded consideration and demanded various terms;

  • Freezing new hires
  • Seeking impromptu redundancies before compulsory ones
  • Giving priority to laid-off workers while hiring if there are any new vacancies 
  • Workers that are on paid time leave for bereavement, parental, or another issue should be given time to finish their scheduled periods. 

In the last 12 months, about 200,000 workers have been laid off in the United States of America. Critics have termed the missive firing and contradiction of hobs in the tech industry as “loud firing” as compared to the “quiet firing” amidst Covid 19. 

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Will Google have more layoffs in 2023?

Google layoffs don’t seem to cease. It’s expected that the multinational company will go for a second layoff and dismay about 120 to 150 employees. Moreover, the specifics haven’t been shared about when the job cuts will happen and how many workers will be fired. 

Why did Google layoffs 12,000 in 2023?

Google is making tough decisions to become a stronger and nimble organization. A statement was released from the company that they are sad to part with talented people that they loved working with during the dismissals. However, for a glorious future amid existing economic conditions, they’re forced to make such decisions. 

How many people were Google laid off in 2023? 

In January, Google laid off 12,000 workers, and more are at stake.  Among the 12,000 people who lost their position in the company, 7 of them came together to start their own company.  

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