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Make America great again is an unfathomable slogan. America is a country with a plethora of opportunities for people with talent and skills. The United States is considered a land where anyone from around the globe starts their career. One vital thing that is required is just ability and skills to survive in the market.  

If you have a good idea and are really passionate about it then the United States is a country for you. America has been considered a land the people much passionate and sincere about their careers and dreams.   

The slogan Make America Great Again! Has been made by the former president of the United States Mr. Donald J. Trump.  

As the USA is the most powerful country in all aspects. Still, there are various things that need to be changed. Especially, after the political disability.   

When Donald J. Trump got elected as the president of the most powerful country, he was expecting to put his best foot forward. In order to make it the most valuable country in the world. But there were some snollygosters who were trying to thwart his political journey. And that was also affecting the country’s economy.   

Make America Great Again |

There are a lot of unstable things that still need attention. Otherwise, the country will be denuded. A lot of factors like unemployment, post covid effects, racism, economy, student loan, and political disability have been affecting the country a lot.   

To some people, America has a largely negative impact on the globe while many would believe that it is the country that affects the whole world’s economy and law orders. While others would say that America can be a more powerful and stable country in the coming time.   

So, the Government must take action to Make America Great Again.   

According to our opine, these are the things that need to be focused on by the officials and Government to make the country rise again.   


The first and foremost catastrophic reason behind the unhappy people of the USA is Unemployment. According to a survey, approximately 3.4 percent of people are unemployed in the United States. And this is a rough estimate.  

Unemployment in USA |

But the fact is Covid-19 has largely affected the whole economy of the country. During the pandemic, a lot of people were losing their jobs daily. On the contrary, some big companies like Amazon, SpaceX, Microsoft, Apple, and Alphabet offered work from home to their employees.     

Here another bitter reality is these companies also terminated employees in bulk due to the lack of revenue. Facebook is also one of them, forgot to discuss it.   

Now, at the very first priority Government should take some serious actions in order to provide better employment opportunities by creating and developing new projects.   



Politics play an integral part in the development of any country. The more stable politics is the more stable the economy. But after 2016, when Trump got elected, politics got unstable. Most of the youngsters were not supporting him. Because of his puerile attitude, like he used to behave in public. Despite all the facts, he was making good policies for the country.

Politics in USA |

And after the 2020 elections, Joe Biden got elected. So, Trump did not accept him as a president. This was the very first time in the history when new president of the United States was not welcomed by the former president.   

This political grudge has impacted me a lot. And the whole nation pays for this. In order to Make America Great Again there must be political peace in the country.  


Education is a part and parcel thing for the growth of any nation. In other words, if I would say education is a double edge sword that would not be wrong.   

There is no doubt that the USA has the best education system around the globe. Moreover, a lot of international students come every year to join colleges and universities to pursue their higher education.


USA has world's best universities |

Furthermore, the USA has produced the world’s best engineers, doctors, pilots, businessmen, entrepreneurs, lawyers, IT experts, and many more professional experts.   

Another thing that makes America great on the list of the world’s best countries is its universities. World’s most popular, top-ranking, and old universities are in the United States. Like, Harvard, Stanford, MIT, University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, and many more.   

These are the universities where students want to get admission from across the globe. The focal reason behind the avid to get admission in these universities is the research and education level that they deliver.   

The mere thing where Government needs to pay a little bit of attention is student loans. No doubt, America is a country full of skilled and passionate youth who have the dream to lead the nations and brighten up their country’s name.   

But the only fork they have is money. They can’t pay enough fees for the universities or for the research so it is the responsibility of the Government to provide them enough resources. Or to forgive student loans.   

It is a very crystal-clear opinion from the people of the USA that there must be fixed student allowances for an individual students to cover their study expenses. This is how we can Make America Great Again!

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