Myopia Management and Control

Myopia is a condition that affects the eyes; when you have a situation, you hardly see things at a far distance or even read. In other words, it is referred to as near-sightedness or short-sightedness.

As discussing about Myopia Management and Control. Objects from a far distance appear obscure for a myopic person. For the object to appear blurred, the light is focused ahead of the retina and not on it.

Causes of Myopia

Myopia condition exists from a couple of factors that are: Environmental and genetic.

The drastic advancement in technology has led to an increase in electronic gadgets, and the human eye is not prone to change with technology. Researchers have now concluded it to be an epidemic among people. The condition is intense for young adults and children; they use computers and tablets for studying, and much time is spent on the activities, causing a higher risk of getting infected.

Myopia is also passed from one generation to another, just as in other kinds of diseases. It can be a significant risk, and it is not easy to eradicate it. A child is at the risk of being myopic if one or both parents have the same condition and from this causes, we are able to know what is myopia control spectacle lenses

Degrees of Myopia

Myopic condition is classified as per the degree. The control lenses prescription is required to control the dim vision; hence, different myopia degrees require different lenses. Increased myopia causes an increase in elongation. Myopia degrees include Low, moderate, high, and extreme myopia.

Myopia Treatment and Control

There are medical responses improvised to control myopia; in medical terms, they are referred to as myopia management or myopia control. Over time, children are the most affected since there is a drastic progression in worsening their vision. The first solution to control and correct myopia in children, that is, primary care on eyes is prescribing spectacle lenses.

In most cases, just as patients are not able to understand the underlying condition and how to administer prescribed medication, you may as well not be conversant with the different lenses for myopia control: information is shared before the lenses are issued. There is also a specially designed spectacle lens for myopia control that offers the same results as a contact lens

Types of Spectacles Lenses

There are different types of lenses for each prescription, just as there are different degrees of myopia. Lenses are prescribed for both adults and children in need of focusing close or far distances. The lens types are discussed below.

1. Bifocal Spectacle Lenses

The lenses are designed for both close & reading and far distance vision; hence, it appears to have lenses stuck together. It is known to control muscle fusion and focal problems in children.

Few cases have shown a decrease in myopia. Bifocal spectacle’s disadvantage is that in the lenses, it shows a line at the middle.

Myopia Management and Control
Myopia Management and Control

2. Progressive additional lenses

PAL lenses are in another term known as multifocal spectacles. They may be seen similar to bifocal, but it lacks the line at the middle.

They are for both children and adults; for the adults, it serves for both reading and far & close vision-saving the use of two pairs to keep on switching to the other. PALs spectacle lenses are prescribed to children when the myopia control effect is minimal. PALs lenses have proved myopia decrease.

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3. Specific lenses design

This type of lens has been developed to enhance more effective control of child myopia than the progressive design and bifocal spectacles.

Practitioners in eye care are the best guides for particular lenses required to control the degree of myopia affecting you or your child. Sometimes, the recommended prescription may not always be spectacle lenses; some conditions may require atropine eye drops or contact lenses. Hence, before purchasing spectacles, it is advisable to enquire from a specialist.

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