9 Fantastic Benefits of Having a Career in Hospital Administration

Did you know there’s been an increase in digital tools in the healthcare industry? Healthcare administration has greatly benefited from these tools, and there are always new advancements. If you want to learn about the benefits of a healthcare administration career, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over why you might want to consider a career in hospital administration. You’ll learn about the impact you can make on your community, and why there’s an increased need for administrators.

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1. You Can Help the Community

Healthcare administrators will provide support and help to the general public, along with other employees.

Most hospitals will have special programs called outreach programs. In this program, the public will learn about various health concerns or conditions.

You can help educate the public on how to lower the risks of potential medication problems. Other programs will teach the community how to stop smoking or become more active.

Make a difference in your community by aligning with some of these programs.

2. You Can Change Lives

People find careers in healthcare administration to be rewarding. A nurse or doctor might see a dozen patients every day. Yet, as a hospital administrator, you’ll impact hundreds or more every day.

You’ll be making a positive difference between the scenes without working directly with patients. For people who want to still work in the healthcare sector, but not as a doctor or nurse, consider this field.

3. What Is the Potential Salary?

The demand for administrators will increase, along with competition for hospital managers.

Medical and health services management changes will occur to meet the needs. The pay for healthcare administrators in the United States was 104,280 in 2020.

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4. There’s a Demand for Hospital Administration Professionals

Hospital administration has expanded quite a bit. People have grown older, and now the baby boom generation will need more health care aid. Hospitals will need specially-trained health care administrators.

The administrators will streamline the different processes and manage various functions. Medical staff will be able to meet the other demands for treatment and preventive care.

Aging baby boomers will end up living longer and healthier lives at home. There will be a need for facilities that will provide care outside of a nursing home.

5. How Will the Field Grow?

People are surprised by the size of the hospital economy in the US. There were over 6000 hospitals in the States recorded in 2021.

In these hospitals, there are almost 1,000 000 staffed beds. Every year, over 36 million patients get admitted.

The expenses will increase, and there’s a significant demand on hospital administration staff. They need to learn how to make the process more efficient.

6. What About Educational Requirements?

To get a job in health services, applicants need a master’s of health administration degree. The prospective administrators will learn about human resources, accounting, law, and ethics in the studies.

The spectrum will help them remain current on new trends in healthcare administration and adapt to the changing technology.

Also, in a leadership role, administrators will need to problem solve, use technology, and be detail-oriented.

Some hospitals will prefer administrators who have a medical or nursing degree. Yet this education isn’t compulsory.

With a combo of experience and training, people who work in hospital admin can help improve how a hospital runs. Consider checking out this healthcare MBA.

7. What About the Responsibilities?

The hospital administrator’s job will be broad and depends on the needs and size of the institution. Most people will take a job as an administrator and won’t get expected to do all the admin.

Instead, they will choose from different positions like insurance, finance, accounting, health information technology, or becoming a medical records administrator.

Depending on the job demands and the hospital, people might have to work irregular or overnight shifts.

8. Certifications

Professional certifications aren’t necessary to get a hospital administrator job. Yet, some certifications will help.

Suppose you want to become an administrator in a nursing care facility. In that case, you’ll need to maintain a license in your state.

You can get certifications from the Professional Association of Health Care Office Management. They will offer health information technology certified manager and certified medical manager certifications.

The latter will act as a healthcare administrator in a single clinic. The former will hold a certification and have experience in different healthcare technology systems.

The American College of Healthcare Administrators will provide two kinds of certifications for nursing care facilities.

You can get the certified assisted living administrator or certified nursing home administrator certification. Use this toward the state licensing requirement.

9. Assess the Field

A lot of professionals will work in a hospital. Yet, some will get positions in private clinics, nursing homes, or even pharmaceutical manufacturing plants.

Others will look at home health care management or become a consultant. You can provide care to different patients with a range of needs.

If you’re interested in this field, consider volunteering at a local hospital or nursing home. Talk to a hospital administrator and ask them questions.

Find out if this particular position would suit you.

Consider a Career in Hospital Administration

We hope this guide on the benefits of a career in hospital administration was helpful. Consider if this area would be the right fit for you. You can make a difference in many people’s lives.

There’s a growing need for healthcare administrators as the population ages.

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