6 Basics That Positively Impact How do You Sleep

How do you sleep is our focal topic for today. Sleep is as simple as getting into bed, closing your eyes, and nodding off. In theory, you do not need any extra stuff to help you sleep at night. However, you require some essentials in your bedroom to feel the difference between simple rest and better sleep quality.

This does not mean buying all the sleep gadgets in the market, but what will help you. It is the simple and smart essentials that will help you achieve the quality and quantity of sleep you get every day. Below are some of them and why they are vital in achieving quality sleep. 

1. A comfortable mattress 

6 Basics That Positively Impact How You Sleep
How do you sleep

For quality sleep, a comfortable mattress is a must-have. Most people support that this Sleep Number guide is vital in getting a good night’s snooze. You must replace your mattress every 7-8 years. If you find yourself at night waking up because of the pain of tossing and turning in bed. It may be time to change your mattress. Simply because the mattress is not ideal for you or it is saggy because of age. Start shopping around for a new comfortable mattress. 

Mattress manufacturers usually use polyurethane as foam layers, while some use latex. Other mattresses include both latex and polyurethane. Memory foam mattresses soften when you lie down on them and tend to conform to the shape of your body. Hybrid mattresses have a memory foam mattress top that serves as a comfort layer, cradling your body as you rest and sleep.

It’s also breathable and promotes better spinal alignment. Innerspring mattresses provide firmer pushback which is suitable for stomach sleepers. Its construction design with spaces between coils makes this mattress breathable. The air can circulate adequately inside to avoid generating heat, thus preventing sleeping in soaking sweat. Plus size sleepers can also benefit from this mattress’s firmer feel that can help reduce body ache like arthritis.

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2. Breathable sheets and blankets 

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How do you sleep

Use sheets and blankets made from natural materials like linen, cotton, and wool. Bedsheets and blankets should help keep you warm at night. However, if it is too warm, you will wake up for you will be too sweaty. For this reason, to sleep comfortably without overheating, choose blankets and sheets from natural materials instead of using synthetics like polyester. Also, keep two sheet sets or more at hand to have a fresh set always while you wash the others. 

3. A book 

It is better to read a physical book than one on your phone to help you relax. After a long day, taking time to unwind makes it snooze off fast. Read a carbon-based book before bedtime, for it is vital to cut down stress and help you calm your mind and body to sleep. Choose a book to read at night and not one on your phone, for the blue light on your device will only make you feel more alert.

4. An ideal temperature 

To sleep well, the temperature of your bedroom needs to be cool. However, the humidity levels need to perfect as well. If the humidity is too much, it becomes difficult for you to stay cool. While too little humidity leaves your nasal passage, skin, and throat feeling dry and uncomfortable.

None of any of these is an idea for proper sleep. Sleep experts agree that the ideal indoor humidity level should be around 50%. Thus, if the air in your bedroom feels desert-like or swampy, invest in a humidifier or dehumidifier to get a comfortable balance. 

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5. Environmental blockers 

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How do you sleep

Light and noise make it tough to doze off. Whether it is from stuff going on outside or people around you. For this reason, instead of tossing and turning half the night in frustration, find a way to block the sleep-disrupting distractions.

For instance, have an eye mask handy if there is light creeping in your bedroom, invest in a white noise machine, or wear earplugs to mask any noise coming in your room. Also, you can go high-tech and purchase a sleep phone to help you sleep fast. 

Crystals can also help set your mood for sleep, blocking bad vibrations in the environment. Some of the recommended crystals for sleep include howlite, amethyst, rose quartz, black tourmaline, and Red Tiger’s Eye. Having healing crystals near your bed or underneath your pillow can condition your body and mind to give in to deep relaxation and eventually help you fall asleep.

For instance, you can keep amethyst under your pillow to protect yourself from the bad vibes and facilitate lucid dreaming. These crystals are thought to help prevent nightmares, thereby promoting peaceful sleep.

6. A glass of water

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How do you sleep

Many people sleep for 7-8 hours. This is a lot of hours to go without drinking water. A glass of water before you sleep will help you sleep better.

You do not want to disrupt your sleep at night because you feel thirsty. Plus, if you get up to drink water, it can get harder to fall asleep when you climb back into bed. Remember, even mild dehydration can leave you less energized, crankier, and with less focus, as you wake up in the morning.

To sum up, the above essentials are vital to ensure you sleep better at night. If you are struggling to sleep at night, consider implementing one of the basics above.

This will improve your sleep positively, and you will continuously achieve quality sleep. Also, you will enjoy enough sleeping hours for your sleeping better than before. 

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