This Is How to Get on a Better Sleep Schedule

Surveys show that roughly one-third of people in the UK aren’t getting enough sleep. For most adults, a full night’s sleep lasts about 7 hours, but many of us just aren’t getting that much. The big question here is why is this happening.

There are likely a few different reasons why sleep issues are so prominent. Another important question to ask is how to get on a better sleep schedule. Are there ways to make sleeping easier? 

The answer is very simple it totally depends on the person. We’ll go into more detail about that and other fascinating facts about sleep in this article.

Traumatic Jobs and Sleeplessness

We live in an age where we’re subjected to constant stimuli, and any number of problems could be keeping us awake at night. This is unfortunate because we cannot stress the importance of sleep enough, especially in the case of high-risk, emergency-related jobs.

The people doing these types of jobs, like first responders and police officers, are often among the most sleep-deprived.

Some of this might have to do with PTSD. Those working in policing, emergency response, and other such jobs have staggering rates of PTSD — 21% according to one study — and one of the symptoms of PTSD is difficulty sleeping. Frequent nightmares are another, so the individual often doesn’t want to sleep for fear of nightmares.

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Other Causes

Though PTSD is a factor for some, it’s not an issue for most of us. An issue many of us share, though, is stress, which is often work-related. 

Light is another problem, with blue light being particularly risky. The blue light from our phones, TVs, and computers can stimulate our brain, causing our bodies to stay energized when we should be going to sleep.

One concern many people have is that EMF from cell phone towers could potentially cause issues. Most research seems to suggest otherwise, but the research is still somewhat sparse. If you’re worried about this, continue here to find products that will keep you safe.

Getting Better Sleep

The best way to make yourself sleep is to limit your exposure to lights, noises, and other stimulating activities in the hours leading up to bedtime. Make sure your sleeping environment is free from these things as well. This gives your body the chance to properly relax and shut down.

You should also try to cut back on caffeine and eat a balanced diet. Healthy foods give us just enough energy to be ready for the day.

Finally, try not to nap too much, if at all. Keeping yourself awake during the day makes you more tired in the evening. Try to get up early in the morning. You can turn the lights on to help you wake up.

How to Get on a Better Sleep Schedule: A Guide

Sleep is an essential part of anyone’s life, but not everyone is getting enough of it. Thankfully, practicing good sleep hygiene can help. If you’re wondering how to get on a better sleep schedule, we’ve offered some helpful tips in this article, but there’s always more to learn.

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