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List of Movies Like Swimming Pool Movie:

Swimming Pool (2003):

Let us talk about the swimming pool movie. Sarah Morton is a very renowned British puzzle author.  Sick and tired of London and trying the exact inspiration on the new book, ” she takes the deal of her publication, John Boslod, to keep at her own household in LeBron, south of France.  

It truly is offseason, also Sarah comprehends the gorgeous nation’s unpredictable and local tempo is simply the tonic because of the.  

Julie’s reckless, sexually charged lifestyle has influenced Sarah’s primary and metal English reservations.  

Their dialog commenced an exact disturbing chain of activities, as Sarah’s creative procedure and also a possible real murder started to unite dangerously.

Under the Sand (2000):

The next film on today’s topic swimming pool movie. For many years, Marie and Jane have happily spent their holidays together in western France’s Landis area. 

But this summer, when my beach is buzzing, her husband went for a swim and disappeared without a trace. 

Strictly and painfully, Marie keeps her husband’s memory alive, often talking about him as if he had never disappeared. 

An excellent study of the grieving process will prove true for everyone who has gone through such personal loss.

5X2 (2004):

As the young French couple Giles (Stephen Freis) and Marion (Valeria Bruni-TDC) are officially parting ways. 

We see a milestone in their relationship: Giles reveals his infidelity at a tense dinner. Do Million is giving birth to her premature son while Giles is elsewhere. 

As we are discussing on swimming pool movie. Giles and Marion’s happy wedding And, finally, the tragic moment when they meet as acquaintances at an Italian beach resort, and their love affair begins.

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Basic Instinct 2 (2006):

Regarding the realm of the swimming pool movie. Who gets illegal drugs? Prosecutors in charge of the case sent a psychiatrist to see Michael Glass (David Morrissey). 

Glass determines that Termal, a novelist whose books deal with sensational murders, maybe a dangerous person in his own right. 

But her discovery doesn’t stop her from having sex with a clever cougar.

Angel (2007):

The next came about the swimming pool movie. At the age of the angel D’Aurel Edwardian Cheshire, she knew she would be a great writer. Rising above her class (her widowed mother owns a grocery store), Angel finds a publisher and a broad audience for her crazy novels. 

With royalty, she buys a property and then sells it to Exim. Hiccups, this is a stain on the local elite and an artist with a dark temperament. 

She hires Nora, ESM’s sister, who works as her assistant and chases ESM. Angel loves himself with great glory, coloring his world as if it were a novel. 

When World War II begins, and reality begins to affect his will, can an angel restrain his man and his people?

The Refuge (2009) is like a Swimming pool movie:

Moses and Louis are young, beautiful, rich, and in love. But drugs have invaded his life. One day, she died of an overdose. 

The mouse survived but soon found out she was pregnant. Feeling lost, Moses ran to a house far from Paris. Several months later, Louise’s brother joined her in her shelter.

Water Drops on Burning Rocks (2000):

Germany, 70s. Leopold, a smiling, still hunter, 50-year-old businessman, picked up and seduced 19-year-old Franz with a fresh face, quickly moving to his bachelor pad. 

Their quiet relationship soon spreads to Leopold, a kind of seed Dirk Bogarde’s mad and controversial. 

When Franz’s dazzling blonde girlfriend appears, and then Leopold’s beautiful and passionate ex-girlfriend, things get funny, steamy, and more complicated.

Dans la Maison (In the House) (2012):

A 16-year-old boy enters a fellow student’s house in his literature class and writes about it in his French teacher’s essays. 

After suffering from this skilled and extraordinary pupil, the teacher regains his enthusiasm for his work, but the boy’s interference will continue a series of uncontrollable events.

These are the adventures of the swimming pool movie.

Basic Instinct (1992):

Mysterious Catherine Tremble (Sharon Stone), a gorgeous offense novelist, becomes questionable as it regards the brutal demise of the rock celebrity.  

Catherine who had been interrogated by the murderer of Nick Korn (Michael Douglas), was curious.  Meanwhile, even whenever there tend to be far more financial deaths, even the murder scenario grows harder. 

Also, Nick’s psychologist and buff, Beth Garner (Jean Triple Horn),” seems to become the following defendant.

L’Amant Double (Double Lover) (2107):

Top 24 Charming Films Like Swimming Pool Movie-Whatsmind
swimming pool movie

The next focal point of the swimming pool movie. Frustrated with the modeling world’s glamor, Chloe, a frail 25-year-old Parisian woman, believes she suffers from severe and persistent abdominal pain, mainly due to a psychiatric condition. 

As a result, safe beauty will soon be found in the bed of charming physician Dr. Paul Meyer. However, the mutual and inappropriate sexual attraction between them will make it impossible to continue this therapy. 

Long ago, cheerful yet unveiled lovers would gather; however, the pool’s obscure past would inevitably lead Chloe to conclude that she had more than just eye contact. 

Is the two-eyed woman attracted to a world of illusions and dreams?

Time to Leave (2005):

Top 24 Charming Films Like Swimming Pool Movie-Whatsmind

When useless young photographer Roman (Melville Powder) is diagnosed with a brain intolerable brain tumor, he refuses treatment and does not tell anyone about the diagnosis. 

Roman is backing away from his partner Sasha (Christian Sanjeevald) but trusts his earthly grandmother, Laura (Jane Morro). 

She urges him to re-examine himself before he leaves the living world. ۔ Roman soon meets Jenny (Valeria Bruni-TDC), a waitress who offers him the fantastic opportunity to die meaningfully.

In the Cut (2003):

Top 24 Charming Films Like Swimming Pool Movie-Whatsmind

Upcoming on the topic of the swimming pool movie is in the cut. Frankie Avery is a New York City teacher who has a relationship with NYPD spy Malloy, who works with her partner to investigate the murder of a young woman whose body was found in a garden outside Frankie’s apartment. 

Miller believes the murder was the work of a serial killer. Beyond the murder investigation, he continues his friendship with Millame despite being caught lying, which could have dangerous consequences. 

As he plays a crucial role in the relationship, he discovers more evidence that he is a serial killer.

8 Women (2002):

Top 24 Charming Films Like Swimming Pool Movie-Whatsmind

In a separate mansion in France’s icy regions in the 1950s, a family gathers during the holiday season. 

But there will be no celebration – their beloved dictator has been killed! The killer could be one of about eight women in the household. 

Humorous situations arise with the revelation of domestic secrets. Eight women, Everyone is a suspect. One of them is guilty. Which one is it?

Jeune & Jolie (2013):

Top 24 Charming Films Like Swimming Pool Movie-Whatsmind

Isabelle, a young Frenchman, is spending her summer vacation in southern France with her middle-class family and decides to lose her virginity to German teenager Felix. 

She then returned to Paris with her mother Sylvie, her stepfather Patrick and her younger brother Victor. 

Isabelle then works as a call girl, using the nickname Lena to meet the elderly. She falls in love with her client Georges, who is married to a daughter. 

When Georges dies of a heart attack while having sex with Isabelle in a hotel, she runs away, but the police investigate and identify her. 

Detectives in charge of the investigation told Selvi that the victim was devastated.

Beloved (2011):

Top 24 Charming Films Like Swimming Pool Movie-Whatsmind

In London, a mother and daughter revisit their novels: Madeleine rekindles her commitment thirty years ago, while her daughter Vera is caught between a musician who can’t commit. And its predecessors, who are still pins for it.

Passion (2012):

The Catastrophic Murder and Reconstruction of a 15-year-old Iraqi woman by US soldiers at Samarra in 2006.

Les Grands Esprits (The Teacher):

Franواois Foucault, an experienced professor of French literature at the famous Henry IV Institute, after accepting a position at a government school on Paris’s outskirts in a troubled area. 

A little prejudiced and prejudiced, Franئسois must adapt to a new social reality in which the desire for culture and knowledge is not a priority for his students.

Summer of 85 (2020):

What was your dream when you were 16 and in a beach resort in Normandy in the 1980s? A best friend? 

Lifetime Teenage Contract Traveling on adventures on a boat or motorbike Living at dangerous speeds? No, you dream of death. 

Because you can’t get a bigger kick than dying, and that’s why you save it to the very end. The summer holidays are just beginning, and it tells the story of how Alexis grew up inside.

The New Girlfriend (2014):

Claire and Laura have been friends since elementary school. Now, in their adult lives, happily married to each other, with Giles and David, respectively, they are as close as ever. 

Then Laura dies after an illness, and Claire’s world suddenly becomes empty. As Laura’s baby’s mother goddess, Claire met David and Lucy to find out she had a startling secret.

Potiche (2010):

When her striking employees take her husband hostage, the trophy’s wife (Denio) takes over the family business and is a remarkably effective leader. 

Business and personal complications come from his ex-girlfriend (Depardieu), a former union leader.

Femme Fatale (2002):

Lore (Rebecca Romegen Stamos), a member of the crime ring, picked up an extravagant set of jewelry from a model at a red carpet-event. 

But instead of sharing the loot with her companions, Laura escaped. Running away from the deceitful thugs, she approaches Lily (also Romejin Stamos), who is the same woman as herself. 

When Lily kills herself, Lauren regains her identity and begins a new life. But Paparazzi Nicolas (Antonio Banderas) is searching for it and can reveal all its dark secrets.

The Medusa Touch (1978):

John Marler (Richard Burton) watches British television broadcasts when an anchor reports that American astronauts have been trapped in orbit around the moon. 

Suddenly, a man in Morar’s room pulls one and hits him repeatedly on the head. His blood spreads on the television screen. 

French Detective Inspector Brunel (Lino Ventura) arrives at Morar’s apartment to begin the investigation. 

At first, he thinks Morler is dead, but soon he hears her breathing. Marler leans on the life support system at the hospital, especially a machine that monitors the activity of the brain in its abdomen. 

Brunel found that Morar had been in psychological analysis because of his history of observing many disasters, and other people’s disasters. Dr. Zonfeld (Lee Remick), Morar’s analyst, explains that Morley’s delusion began in childhood. 

He thought he had caused the death of a hateful bunny. Morar’s childhood delusions were reinforced at a resort when he heard from his parents.

Sitcom (1998):

The last words about the swimming pool movie are the following. The adventures of a high-class suburban family suddenly encountered the younger brother’s discovery of homosexuality, the older sister’s suicidal tendencies and seductive tendencies, and the intervention of a highly independent, enthusiastic maid and her husband. 

And all this with the arrival in the family of an innocent-looking rat.

Based on a True Story (2017):

Although she is facing her crisis, one writer joins the passionate fan.

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