Top 52 Voodoo Movies of All Time Review

Voodoo Movies synonyms of fear and scary characters. These movies have their level, but not everyone can see these Voodoo Movies. 

In other words, you can say watching Voodoo Movies is not less than going to the forest at night and playing with devils. 

This article, whatsmind, makes it so easy to get all the Voodoo Movies at a place with their unique reviews. 

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Here is the list of Voodoo Movies below. 

Top 52 Voodoo Movies of All Time Review-Whatsmind
Voodoo doll with needles and two burning candles

List of Voodoo Movies: 

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011):
Voodoo Movies

Captain Jack Sparrow’s (Johnny Depp) past catches on when he encounters Angelica (Penelope Cruz), a handsome pirate whom Jack once fell in love with and then leaves.  

Angelica forced him to avenge Blackbird’s (Ian McKinnon) ship, Queen Anne. Accompanied by zombie crews, the three travel to find the legendary Fountain of Youth.  

However, Jack’s rival, Barbosa (Jeffrey Rush), also finds the spring as a ship arrives from Spain. 

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The Princess and the Frog (2009): 

While discussing the Voodoo Movies, Tina (Anika Noni Rose) is hardworking and ambitious, dreaming of opening the best restaurant in New Orleans.  

His dream is shattered when he meets Prince Naveen (Bruno Campos), who has been turned into an amoeba by the devil Dr. Falier. Making a mistake for the princess and hoping to break the spell, Naveen kissed poor Tiana, turning her into a frog.  

The pair also hop on an adventure through the base to seek the help of a powerful voodoo priest. 

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Angel Heart (1987): 

As we are discussing Voodoo Movies. Harry Angel (Mickey Rawrick) is a private detective hired by Louis Cipher (Robert De Niro) to track down the famous singer Johnny Favorit.  

However, everyone who questions the angel faces a tragic death. The trail eventually leads Angel to New Orleans, where she learns that her favorite black art has been transformed.  

As Favorite’s whereabouts and true identities become clear, Angel realizes that hiring Saif was not a random choice. This Movie can be in the category of Best Voodoo Movies. 

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Live and Let Die (1973): 

Voodoo Movies

In these Voodoo Movies, When Bond (Roger Moore) investigates the murder of three fellow agents, he finds himself a target, escaping from the evil killers when he is locked up on the mighty Kananga (Yaft Koto).  

Known on the streets as Mr. Bug, Kanga is linked to a global threat of using self-made heroin in several regions.  

As Bond tries to uncover Mastermind’s plot, he meets Solitaire (Jane Seymour), a beautiful tarot card reader whose magic is crucial to the master of crime. 

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil: 

Voodoo Movies

In this adaptation of John Berend’s book, a young journalist, John Caso (John Cossack), is going to Savannah, Ga, to cover the city’s Christmas festivities in the background eccentric characters. 

He falls in love with a foreign singer, Mandy (Allison Eastwood), and is embroiled in a murder trial. Jim Williams (Kevin Spacey), a wealthy man, has been accused of shooting his boyfriend, and the question is whether he was in self-defense, as he claims. 

Child’s Play (1988): 

Voodoo Movies

Mike Norris (Chris Sarandon) Killed the assassin Charles Lee Ray (Bradford). He used black magic to transfer his soul into a doll called a mill.  

When the mill kills Andy’s son Betty, the boy finds out that the doll is alive and tries to warn people, but she goes to the institution.  

Before Andy Chucky becomes the next victim, Karen must now convince the spy to kill the doll. This Movie is one of the best Voodoo Movies all the time. 

Voodoo Dawn (1990): 

Voodoo Movies

A group of migrant Haitian farmworkers fights a priest of a Haitian voodoo priest who tries to kill them and use their body parts to form a zombie army. 

White Zombie (1932): 

Voodoo Movies

Considering the Voodoo Movies, Murder Legendary (Bella Logos) is Haiti’s designated zombie master. He has when the charge goes to Beaumont (Robert Fraser) when he needs help with a twisted project.  

Immersed in marriage by Madeleine Short (Madge Bellamy), Beaumont has decided on a simple solution: kill Short and bring her back like a zombie.  

Then she can be his forever. The only trouble comes when the legendary fetch keeps the girl for herself – and her new husband (John Heron) comes to Madeleine’s rescue. 

I Walked with a Zombie (1943): 

In the category of Voodoo Movies, I walked with a zombie is an awesome movie. Canadian nurse Betsy Connell (Francis D.) was hired to care for Jessica Holland (Christine Gordon), a woman in an abnormal Caribbean sugar plantation condition.  

Mysterious trouble befalls Betsy, but when he goes to Jessica’s husband Paul (Tom Conway), he decides to treat his wife and make her happy.  

However, in her quest, Betsy has been drawn to the island’s dark culture of Voodoo and zombies, exposing the Dutch family’s scandalous secrets. 

The House on Skull Mountain (1974):

Shortly before her death, Voodoo Queen Pauline Christoph (Mary J. Ted McKenzie) instructs her butler (Jane Durand) to send a handful of letters in voodoo movies.  

Various recipients know that they belong to Christoph and are requested to travel to Skill Mountain in Georgia to study his will. However, they will arrive soon, instead of being killed one by one by a mysterious bandit.  

Unable to leave home, the survivors are afraid to fight together. 

Sugar Hill (1974): 

When nightclub owner Langston (Larry D. Johnson) refused to sell to local mob boss Morgan (Robert Connery), he was beaten by thugs on the job.  

Her grieving fiancee, Diana “Sugar” Hill (Marquee B), vowed to avenge her murder and turned to the elderly Walk Mama Maitrisi (Zara Kelly). 

Together, they end the evil spirit of Baron Smydy (Don Pedro Cole), who agrees to help Sugar. They raised an army of zombies and assigned them to Langston’s assassins. 

Needle (2010): 

It is a story about a college guy between the age of 22. He got an 18th-century machine with super destructive powers.  

When it suddenly disappears, and his friends start to die, the student and his stranger brother catch the thief before most people die. 

Voodoo Possession (2014):
Voodoo Movies

Talking about the Voodoo Movies, imagine a proud devil who feeds on blood, thrives in pain, and torments the living outside the grave for believers and skeptics, anything in this world or beyond. No one can fight the endless evil of voodoo occupation. 

Burdened with a sense of courage since childhood, the wretched Eden Chase travels to a crazy Haitian refugee searching for his missing brother. Upon arrival, he finds all the prisoners, and the hospital administrator (Danny Trejo, McKitty) encounters a fierce voodoo spirit.  

Now, Eden must abandon the truth and enter the world of a terrible spirit to try to save his brother – or both of them will be punished forever. 

Jessabelle (2014): 

Voodoo Movies

Returning to her childhood home in Louisiana to recover from a horrific car accident, Jessabelle is confronted with a long ordeal trying to get her back – and she has no intention of escaping. 

The Plague of the Zombies (1966): 

A mysterious epidemic in a small village in Cornwall is killing young workers. Dr. Thompson is helpless and seeks help from Professor James Forbes.  

The professor and his daughter, Sylvia Thompson, travel. Horrible things happen quickly, beyond imagination or reality. The finished look closer to an old, unused mine. Late people suddenly look alive.  

Professor Forbes believes that black magic is involved and that someone has extraordinary power. He doesn’t know how close he is: the dead are resurrected because of the magic ritual, and so he has to serve his master as an intelligent zombie.  

In voodoo movies, death mysteries play an important role in making them captivating. 

Venom (2005): 

Ray (Rick Kramer), the gas station owner, rescues an old voodoo priest trapped inside a wrecked car, but then he opens the mysterious suitcase and falls prey to the evil spirits inside. 

Ray turns into a murderous zombie, who frightens and kills a group of teenagers, including his son, Sean (D.J. Cotrona), who crosses his path.  

With the help and charm of voodoo priests, Shaan, and their friends fight for survival as they are chased by bio. 

Voodoo Black Exorcist (1974): 

In all the voodoo movies, black magic is on the start. Galindo, the long-dormant but powerful Caribbean voodoo pastor, survived like a giant buffalo boy on a luxury South Sea liner and proceeded to terrorize passengers.  

Gatinbo beheaded several people, occasionally returning to his skinny friendly state, and the destructive Sylvia, which reminds him of Kenya’s old flame. 

King of the Zombies (1941): 

During World War II, James “Mack” McCarthy (Dick Porcel) was piloting a plane over the Caribbean when he was forced to crash on the island.  

Along with Bill Summers (John Archer) and his attendant, the traveler arrives at the Mac Dr. Sangri (Henry Victor) mansion, where the group is offered accommodation.  

Visitors soon uncover Sangria’s horrific secret when they see him performing Voodoo on a group of zombies in the basement. The men must flee with Sangria’s niece (John Woodbury). 

Voodoo Island (1957): 

 As the name represents, this Movie belongs to Voodoo Movies. A wealthy industrialist hired the famous Hawksbuster Philip Knight to prove that Voodoo is not a curse on the island. 

However, upon arriving on the island, Knight soon learns that Voodoo is present when he discovers his ancestral tribe of man-eating plants and strange powers. 

Survival Island (2005): 

Jack and Jennifer travel privately with friends, such as Captain Richards and his wife, Maggie. Manuel is a member of the crew who catches Jane’s eye.  

A series of incidents between Jack and Manuel’s dispute led to a fire, and the plane exploded and sank.  

It seems that Jane and Manuel have just been washed on an island … but a long time ago, Jack finds out from the shows lying in a rock pool … and this is where the story revolves. 

Zombi Child (2019): 

In Haiti in 1962, a man was resurrected to do the work of planting sugarcane. Years later, a teenager reveals his family’s secret to his friends, no doubt forcing one of them to commit irreparable harm. 

The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988): 

In a time of social and political unrest in Haiti, anthropologist Dennis Allen (Bill Plummer) travels to the affected country to study the voodoo medicine used in religious practices to turn victims into living zombies.  

The witch discovered the deadly mystery with a witch doctor’s help (Brent Jennings) and a fellow researcher (Kathy Tyson).  

But since Dennis has uncovered the secrets behind the mysterious powder, he should back off from Haitian authorities who see his research as a potential threat. 

Voodoo Man (1944): 

Here also, the name shows the category of Voodoo Movies. Using a combination of voodoo writ and hypnosis tips, tries to revive his beautiful but long-dead wife, conveying the essence of the lives of many vain young girls who locked him in a closet under his mansion. I am imprisoned. 

VooDoo (2017): 

When Dani, an innocent southern girl, is vacationing in Los Angeles to escape her increasingly complicated life, she realizes that escaping from her past is not as easy as she had hoped. 

This is also regarded as the best Movie in Voodoo Movies. 

Child’s Play 2 (1990): 

Two years after serial killer Charles Lee Ray (Braddorf) put his life into the mill doll, a toy company is trying to recreate the doll, bringing Ray back into action.  

The doll, intending to claim a human body, makes its way to former owner Andy (Alex Vincent), who now lives in a foster home.  

Andy’s foster sister Kill (Christine Ellis) tries to protect him, but her foster parents think Andy is just a disturbing survivor. And the mill’s murderous path continues. 

Lockjaw: Rise of the Kulev Serpent (2008): 

Loving husband, Alan Cade (Louis Hartham) broke up when his wife died in a hit-and-run accident. However, when he goes after the teenagers responsible for his death, he quickly turns his grief into a desire for revenge.  

Using his magic cleavage stick, Cade summoned a giant snake that would annoy reckless teenagers. But, when the snake gets out of Cad’s control, it needs the help of a military expert, Nick (DMX), to avoid catastrophe. 

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (2006): 

When the ghostly pirates Dewey Jones (Bill Nehi) come to borrow blood, Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) must find a way to escape his fate so that his soul is not always suspicious.  

Face However, Willie succeeds in thwarting Jack’s friends Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swann (Cara Knightley). 

Bride of Chucky (1998): 

After being cut by the police, the killer doll mill (Brad Duffer) was revived by Tiffany (Jennifer Tully), the serial killer’s ex-girlfriend, whose soul is inside the toy. After an argument, Chuckie killed Tiffany and transferred her soul to the bride’s doll.  

To find a magical amulet that could restore them both to human form, Chuckie and Tiffany manage to travel to New Jersey with Jesse (Nick Stabile) and Jade (Katherine Hegel), unaware that Their belongings are alive. 

The Believers (1987): 

Recently, widow psychologist Cal Jamison (Martin Shane) moved to New York City with her young son, Chris (Harley Cross), in an attempt to get back on track after his wife’s tragic accidental death.  

The call is like an assignment and assists the police in investigating the bizarre formal double murder.  

As the nail gets closer to reality, he realizes that he and those close to him may be the target of supernatural and deadly forces and that the enemy knows better. 

Wide Sargasso Sea (1993):

After escaping from Jamaica, French colonists Annette Cosway (Rachel Ward) fell into poverty and married the racist Englishman Paul Mason (Michael York).  

But when Annette’s youngest son died in a fire started by ex-slaves, Mason left his grieving wife and his Creole daughter Antonati (Karina Lombard) behind and fled to England.  

Antonito soon learned that she had to get married to claim her inheritance and kept an eye on Rosenter (Nathaniel Parker), an Englishman who easily matched Mason. 

Zombie 2 (1979): 

A zombie belonging to a famous scientist has been found aboard a boat off New York’s coast. Peter West, a journalist, travels to the Antilles with the scientist’s daughter Ann.  

Along the way, they meet Brian, an ethnographer, and Susan. When they arrived on the island, they found Dr. Maynard and discovered a terrible disease that makes the island a horrible zombie that eats human flesh and seems irreparable. 

Dèmoni 3 Black Demons (1991): 

Three American college students, Dick, his sister Jessica, and her British boyfriend Kevin, traveled from Brazil on vacation when Dick, after attending a bizarre voodoo event, develops strange powers.  

When his jeep crashed near a small plantation in the woods outside Rio, the site of a former slave revolts a hundred and fifty years ago, Dick used his six powers to kill six hanged Negro slaves who were college children. And target tree planters. To avenge his death. 

2: Voodoo Academy (2012): 

The hot young tourists are tied to the road’s side by falling trees and stop for a night at the mansion belonging to Sexy Sebastian.  

The house has a history of Voodoo, destruction, horror, and fresh meat for the newly arrived hungry house … 

Black Mamba (1974): 

Dr. Paul Morgan was stunned by the discovery of witchcraft and the practice of magic in the 20th century.  

Dealing with the citizens of a small village in the Philippines, Morgan falls for the beautiful young widow Elena, who becomes the target of a black witch who has exchanged a precious ring from Elena’s late husband’s grave. 

Ouanga (1936): 

When a white planter insisted that she marry someone else, the light-hearted Haitian called on Voodoo’s powers to avenge her broken heart. 

From a Whisper to a Scream (1987): 

Below the outskirts of Oldfield’s small town, there is a history of tan, shocking violence, and horrific events, as recorded by local historian Julian White (Vincent Price).  

In the ’80s, an office worker (Chloe Gulger) was nursing a fatal crash. In the 1950s, a witch doctor (Harry Caesar) kept life a secret.  

Fighting erupts in the traveling carnival in the ’30s. Finally, in the 1860s, Union troops discovered a group of orphans. 

Voodoo Tata (2018): 

In the Voodoo movies, Voodoo Tata is a 2018 independent Polish comedy film. The plot revolves around the protagonist, a 35-year-old man who fought his father freely.  

The father is fed up with the lazy son and tries hard to influence him. 

The Zombie King (2013):

Heartbroken Beauhader Samuel made a pact with Kalu, the god of immorality. This allows Samuel to live like a zombie with his dead wife and wreaks havoc on the underworld. 

The Skeleton Key (2005): 

Caroline Ellis (Kate Hudson), a nurse living in New Orleans, an elderly woman whose husband, Ben (John Hart), is unwell, quit his job at a hospital to work for Violet Duraux (Gena Rowlands). Is.  

When Caroline begins searching for the couple’s departing Bao Haveli, she discovers strange patterns and discovers that the house has a mysterious past.  

As he continues his investigation, he realizes that Violet Bean is hiding a strange secret about the cause of his illness. 

Dead Men Don’t Die (1990): 

A reporter investigating a drug dealer was killed. He is revived by the voodoo magic of a clean woman, he chases after his killers. 

Weekend at Bernie’s II (1993): 

Following the murder of their corrupt boss, Bernie Lomax (Terry Kaiser), Larry Wilson (Andrew McCarthy), and Richard Parker (Jonathan Silverman) was charged with Bernie’s embezzlement and fired.  

Desperate to find the stolen 2 million and clear their names, the couple learns that the lucky one was hiding in the Virgin Islands and travels in pursuit. Burney’s body has been partially revived at a Voodoo event in search of money. 

Ritual (2002): 

Dr. Alice Dodson (Jennifer Gray) has had her medical license revoked following a patient’s death.  

When she accepts to be the nurse of a young man with syphilis named Wesley Claybourne (Daniel Lapine), she faces the possibility of not getting a job. In addition to the illness he suffers from, Wesley believes he has been “touched” by the voodoo sect.  

While in Jamaica, Dr. Dodson will feel uncomfortable because he has learned that Voodoo is not just a “mental state,” and can be a real threat to his life and well-being. He will have to find out why he and his patient Voodoo are cursed. 

French Quarter (1978): 

Voodoo cited the story of a 1900 New Orleans robber (Alisha Fontaine), her madam (Virginia Mayo), and a high roller (Bruce Dawson). 

Hot Afternoon (1988): 

One hot summer afternoon, two boys try to earn money for a movie in this beautiful childhood landscape. 

Macumba Love (1960): 

As in the Voodoo Movies, Thi film focuses on an author who ends his book on sectarian beliefs on a South American island to find out if the local voodoo queen has more plans for him.  

Wealthy landowner Venus de Vyas, in particular, warned against provoking the locals, saying any attempt to tarnish the image of the ruling Wood Queen Mama Rata Louie.  

The arrival of Wales’ daughter, Sarah, and her husband, Warren, on their honeymoon, the pot boiling, and the locals seem to be upset, with Queen Mama Rita Louie, who appeases Warren and her friends (including Peter), wants to do She has her own sexual appetite and lust for blood. 

Voodoo Woman (1957): 

A mad scientist in the middle of the forest uses the Voodoo of the locality people. He is doing this to create an invisible power to serve him with the need of him.  

When a group of gold-seekers stumbles upon their village, the scientist realizes that Marilyn, the expedition’s demon leader, is the best subject of his work. 

Marked for Death (1990): 

Duty Enforcement Administration Agent John Hatcher (Steven Siegel) has admitted to his old Paul Max (Keith David), a high school football coach, decided to retire.  

Then the Chicago drug lord, Lord Scriffs (Basel Wallace), influenced Hatcher’s family. Now, this vengeful man, thirsty for revenge, returns to the field fearlessly, and when Scott Scurry runs towards Jamaica, Hatcher and Max are in quick pursuit. 

Belly of the Beast (2003): 

At the start of Voodoo Movies, Jack Hopper (Steven Siegel) retired from the CIA, hoping to enjoy a quiet, peaceful existence.  

But then he is badly affected by the bad news: while on foot in Thailand, his daughter, Jessica (Sarah Malakol Lane), was abducted by a group of Islamic fundamentalists, Abu Karl, an Islamic terrorist.  

As the CIA launched its official response to the abduction, Hooper remained vigilant and flew to Thailand, where he would kill as many people as he could to ensure his daughter’s safe return. 

Voodoo Academy (2000): 

Young Christopher is still enrolled in the prestigious Carmichael Bible College, which was run by the somewhat extraordinary Mrs. Bower.  

After some unknown disappearances, Christopher made some inquiries and found that Mrs. Bower and Reverend Carmichael had some very rude intentions for the young people at their school.  

Will Christopher’s graduate while maintaining his body and soul? 

Voodoo Academy is One of the best voodoo Movies of its time. 

Keiner liebt mich (1994): 

On the eve of her 30th birthday, Fannie feels she is closing the door on marital happiness.  

She has been the victim of death, she even visits dying classes, so it seems appropriate that she encounters a skeleton in the apartment building’s broken elevator.  

Skeleton is her neighbor Orfeu, a black, gay, self-made man who convinces her that she will meet “him.” But is Luther really the new UP apartment manager …? 

Voodoo Apocalypse (2018): 

White Chocolate is a rogue police officer assigned to hunt down notorious drug dealer Jimmy Vanilla.  

Charlie Vargas has assigned an operation to investigate the death mystery of his friend killed by Vanilla.  

Together, the two teams embarked on a wild journey to catch the drive smuggler who takes them into the world of black magic—Mexican wrestling, kung fu, magic swords, and songs that turn listeners into zombies. 

Vengeance of the Zombies (1973): 

An Indian mystic uses magical slogans to resurrect women from the dead, then sends them to avenge. 

Conclusion of Voodoo Movies:

Last but not least about Voodoo Movies. In a nutshell, these are the list of voodoo movies of all the time. Every Movie has its own charm and attraction. 

In these Voodoo Movies, unusual and fictional characters are making them distinctive to watch. Try to watch Voodoo Movies in Night if you can bear the fear attack of imaginary characters. 

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