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List of 15 Tanforan Movies You Shouldn’t Miss 

Here is the complete list of the 15 tanforan movies you shouldn’t miss:

Inside Out 2 (2024)

Inside Out 2 is an animated movie about Riley who’s growing into one of the crucial phases of her life. The adolescent life brings all kinds of emotions to Riley: joy, sadness, anger, fear, disgust, depression, and isolation.

In the movie, you can watch the physical forms of her emotions, Joy, sadness, Anger, Fear, Anxiety, and Disgust. Watch Inside Out 2 to see whether Riley will be able to survive the adolescence phase or not. 

Bad Boys: Ride or Die (2024)

Bad Boys: Ride or Die is an action thriller film featuring Miami’s finest detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett played by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. In the movie, the iconic duo faces themselves being framed for corruption.

Tanforan Movies: 15 Captivating Complete Movie Reviews-Whatsmind

They are forced to go rogue to clear their names and the real culprits behind the conspiracy. Hang on to the tanforan movies theater to watch the signature high-octane action and hilarious banter between Miami’s finest partners. 

Bikeriders (2023)

Bikeriders is an action thriller and crime drama film. Nicholas wrote the script for the movie and directed it starring Tom Hardy (Johnny: engineer club leader), Austin Butler (Benny: a new member of the club), and Jodie Comer (Kathy: a sharp woman acquainted with Benny).

Bikeriders follows the story of Vandals, a Midwestern motorcycle club that is transforming into a dangerous gang. The fictional motorcycle club in Bikeriders is inspired by real-life Outlaws MC. 

If you are looking for a movie with a close-knit plot, brotherhood, crime, allure of dangers, and a biker lifestyle, watch the slow-burn Bikeriders. 

The Exorcism (2024)

The Exorcism, like its name, is a horror and fantasy movie currently featured at tanforan movies theatre. The psychological horror movie blurs the line between reality and delusions featuring a troubled actor, Anthony Miller. Academy Award winner Russell Crowe is starting as Anthony Miller, playing the role of a star in a film.

Tanforan Movies: 15 Captivating Complete Movie Reviews-Whatsmind

While watching the movie, you will have trouble analyzing what’s real and what’s the delusion. Even his daughter Lee (Rusn Simpkins) wonders whether he’s shipping into addiction due to his frighteningly unclear mental state. The film follows the themes of deception, obsession, and the power of suggestion.

The Garfield Movie (2024)

The Garfield Movie is an animated movie about a street cat owner. The Garfield movie has genres of family and comedy. Cat lovers be ready for the Garfield family who have a world-famous feline. A street case dad Vic takes the lasagna away from Jon where he enjoys a comfy life.

The Vic’s character is voiced by your favorite Samuel L. Jackson while Chris Pratt voiced for Garfield. A cat adventure, are you ready to watch the movie to see whether the feline will get back to his luxurious life with Jon (Nicholas Hoult)? 

Tom and Jerry (2021)

In general, films like tanforan movies, Tom and Jerry is one of them. When Jerry went to the best hotel in New York City on the occasion of the wedding of the century, a famous feud broke out, forcing the frustrated event planner to save Tom’s life.  

Tanforan Movies: 15 Captivating Complete Movie Reviews-Whatsmind

As a result of the catastrophe, the growing cat-and-mouse war soon threatens to destroy her career, marriage, and possibly her hotel. 

Nobody (2021)

Considering the tanforan movies, Emmy winner Bob Odin Kirk (better known as Saul, The Post, Nebraska) stars working as Hutch Mansell, a less neglected father, and husband, carrying life’s grievances on his chin and never backing down.  

One night, when two thieves broke into their home, Hutch refused to defend himself and his family, hoping to prevent further violence. His teenage son, Blake (Gage Monroe, The Shake), is disappointed, and his wife, Becca (Connie Nelson, Wonder Woman), seems to be just pulling away.  

The incident is followed by Hutch’s long-running rage, which mobilizes the proud mountains and sets him on a brutal path that will bring him to the level of dark secrets and deadly skills. With fists, bullets, and tires, Hutch has to save his family from a dangerous adversary (the famous Russian actor Alexei Serbryakov, Amazon’s Mac Mafia). And make sure he never falls short again. 

Chaos Walking (2021)

Not far in the future, Todd Hewitt discovers a mysterious woman who crashed on his planet. It’s a vibrant world where all women are gone, and all men are victims of a force that puts their ideas on display.

According to his commitment to safety, the two will have to navigate dangerous paths as Todd discovers his inner strength and reveals the planet’s dark secrets.

The Courier (2020)

While discussing tanforan movies, courier is a thrilling real-life detective film, the story of a restless British businessman, Gary Well Van (Benedict Cumber Beach), one of the most significant international controversies in history.  

Tanforan Movies: 15 Captivating Complete Movie Reviews-Whatsmind

At the request of Britain’s MI-6 and a CIA operative (Rachel Brosnan), he had a secret operation with Soviet officer Oleg Pankowski (Mirab Nandze) to provide the intelligence needed to prevent a nuclear confrontation and to thwart it. , Establishes dangerous partnerships. Cuba Missile Crisis. 

Boogie (2021)

Alfred “Boogie” Chen, who lives in Queens, New York, dreams of playing basketball one day at Phenom, the NBA.  

Although her parents pressure her to focus on getting a scholarship to Elite College, Boogie must find a way to find a new girlfriend, high school, court rivals, and the burden of expectation. 

The Father (2020)

Regarding the domain of tanforan movies, Anthony (Academy Award winner, Anthony Hopkins) is 80 years old, naughty, and lonely, and introduces him with the encouragement of Care, Ann (Academy Award and Golden Globe winner, Olivia Coleman).  

They can no longer be found daily, and Anthony’s grip on reality is illegitimate. As we experience the flow of his memories, how much of his identity and past can Anthony cling to? How can she mourn the loss of her father when she is still alive and breathing? The father is warmly embracing real life, reflecting his undying love for the dynamic human condition. 

Heartbreaking and uncompromisingly violent, a film about the truth of our own lives. 

Nomadland (2020)

After the economic collapse of a company town in rural Nevada, Fern (Frances McDormand) packed her van. She set off on the road in search of a life outside of traditional society.  

Tanforan Movies: 15 Captivating Complete Movie Reviews-Whatsmind

In director Klu Zhao’s third feature film, Linda May, Swanki, and Bob Wells, the original nomadic nomads of New Zealand, are introduced as Fern’s teachers and companions in search of him through the vast landscape of the American West. 

City Of Lies (2018)

In addition to tanforan movies, Based on the Plutzer Award-winning author Randall Sullivan’s book, Labyrinth, the coercive crime follows the investigation into the infamous murder of thriller film rapper Christopher Wallace aka the infamous B.I.G.

Oscar nominee Johnny Deepstar as LAPD detective Russell Poole, who spent nearly 20 years trying to solve the murder, and as Oscar and primetime Emmy winner Wild Whitaker Jack Jackson, who Searching for the accused.  

The truth Together, they explore why the case stays cold – and why the secret division of the LAPD is used to keep it that way. 

The Marksman (2021): 

Arizona farmer Jim Hansen (Liam Neeson) wants to be alone because he blocks eviction notices and tries to live in an isolated part of the borderland. But that all changes when Hansen, a former Marine, testifies to 11-year-old immigrant Miguel (Jacob Perez) that he was fleeing drug cartels with his mother, Rosa (Teresa Reyes), who led the ruthless Mauritius (young Pablo Riba).  

Trapped in a shootout, a dying Rosa begs Jim to take his son to his family in Chicago. Denying his police officer Sarah (Catherine Wink), Jim snatched Miguel from the local U.S. Customs and Border Patrol station and, together, hit the road in pursuit of the gang of killers.  

Jim and Miguel slowly begin to overcome their differences and form an unstable friendship, while Mauricio and his fellow killers blow up the cold-scratched trail, which is hot on their heels. When they finally meet on a Midwestern farm, the battle of death ensues as Jim uses his military skills and code of honor to avoid his fight.

Minari (2020)

Considering the tanforan movies, A trendy and straightforward story about what we are rooted in, Minari follows a Korean-American family moving to a small Arkansas farm searching for their American dream.  

The family home changes entirely with the arrival of his intelligent, rude, but surprisingly loving grandmother. Amid the instability and challenges of this new life in rugged tools, Minari shows the family’s undeniable resilience and what makes a home. 


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