5 types of pants every guy should own 2023-24

If you are pocking around for the types of pants that you should own then read this article. After having a look at this article, about the types of pants, it would be crystal clear, which pants would suit your personality.  

If you will visit the market with the intention of purchasing pants for you. You would definitely get bemused. Because there are a plethora of types of pants and stuff in the market. You will get confused. And might be possible, you would purchase pants that will not suit you but you got them just by compelling of the shopkeeper.   

In this way, you will get pissed off and would blame yourself or your body that it’s not fit for such type of stuff.   

Here we will discuss the 5 types of pants every guy should own. The most important point is that it will suit every boy’s personality.  

Just keep on scrolling down and you will get your answer.   

These 5 types of pants are,  

  1. Jeans  
  1. Chinos  
  1. jogger pants  
  1. Sweatpants   
  1. Formal pants  

First of all, we will continue by discussing Jeans.  

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Regarding the domain of Jeans pants, we consider it vital to discuss the history of Jeans.  

5 types of pants every guy should own


Do you know when and how jeans pants were made?  

Don’t worry, we’re here to tell you. Actually, Jeans pants were specially made for the slaves for the very first time. Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss invented Jeans pant sin 1873.   

The slaves of that era used to wear jeans so that they could do their work easily. Because they did the work of stone breaking. So, in Jeans, they used good stuff that couldn’t harm the cloth easily and could last for many years.  

5 types of pants every guy should own

Another interesting thing is that the short pocket in jeans pants was made for coins or watches. The purpose behind that small pocket was, that the slaves could keep their wages in that pocket without any risk of falling down.  

You can experience it by your own self that if you keep a coin in that pocket, it will never fall down.  

As far as the point is concerned about the types of pants that every guy should wear, Jeans are one of them. The material used in Jeans is very impeccable and could last for a long time.  

Don’t tell me that you don’t have jeans. It is the favorite stuff of every guy.  

Super versatile, super stylish, and super durable.  

A Jean can last for years if you take good care of it.  


5 types of pants every guy should own

The converging statement about chino pants is, that chinos are made up of chino fabric. This fabric usually suits men who have skinny legs. If you are still confused about whether you have a chubby leg and which type of pants will suit you then chino is the perfect option to choose.  

These are more comfortable than Jeans.  

Another thing about Chino that I like the most is, that there are tons of color shades in chinos to choose from.   

On the flip side, in Jeans, there are just specific colors like blue, and black.  

What are chino pants?  

Chino pants are made with very lightweight stuff cotton, with visible stitching.   

 The khaki color of the chino makes it more captivating and stellar. That’s why most of the boys choose the Khaki color in chinos rather than to choose other colors.  

Jogger pants:  

5 types of pants every guy should own

In the capacity of types of pants, let me begin by writing on jogger pants. These are super trendy.   

Jogger pants are more comfortable than sweatpants, stylish as chino.   

Jogger pants are also available in denim fabric in the market.   


5 types of pants every guy should own

These pants are really for the persons who like casual dressing. Sweat pants are super comfy. This is the best option to wear if you are at home.  

According to my personal perspective, most of the guys wear sweatpants at home. Because they are comfortable.  

You can also use a sweatpants jogger for the gym or any other physical activity.   

Formal pants:  

5 types of pants every guy should own

Formal pants are also known as dress pants in some countries or maybe all over the world. These pants are for dressing for business or official ceremonies.   

You should have formal pants in your wardrobe.   

You can use these pants for the formal and semi-formal look. Pants can also be paired with tees.  

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