Smart Business Icon Of The World Jeff Bezos

Today we are going to put the light on a very prestigious personality in the history of E-commerce, Business icon Jeff Bezos, the most elevated influencer for modern youth. And too many folks see him as their paragon. Just to get motivated or to get business ideas so that they can also take effect over their country or nation.   

Regarding the domain of the successful career of Jeff Bezos, it was just his luck. Or maybe his parents, society, and teacher’s support made him successful. But not at all! He confronted many failures at an early age but the point which motivates and gives a kick of enthusiasm is, that he never gave up.   

He tried and tried again and again until he succeeded. This was the most vital point which helped him to achieve his dreams. If you want to explore the life of the world’s wealthiest person Jeff Bezos then you are in the perfect place. Here we will discuss Jeff Bezos’s life from his first day to the day when he achieved his every desire, whatever he wanted in his life.  

Business Icon Jeff Bezos Biography, Carree, Business, and Life History

In the capacity of the business icon, let me begin by telling you that God sent him to this world of competition to influence this world with dreams and ideas on January 12, 1964. In the state of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Another astonishing thing that would make you crazier about him is that his mother was still in high school when she gave him birth at the age of 17.   

Jeff Bezos said that his mother and father tied the knot but their marriage didn’t last. Then at the age of four, he moved to Houston, Texas. His mother remarried and he was given the name of his stepfather’s surname. When he was four, his life and identity took a whole new corner. Later, he moved again to Miami, Florida, looking forward to the new opportunities and an easier life for the rest of their lives.   

Business Icon Jeff Bezos’s First Job

Bezos claimed he wasn’t the gentry person in modern history. Whereas, he was compelled to give up his youth in high school by working at McDonald’s as a line cook. Just for the sake of making extra money to bear expenses. Jeff never assumed it was better for him because it wasn’t enough. Jeff put his best in school, even enrolling in extra courses in the student science training program at the University of Florida. 

Part-time Jobs and High School Life 

Moreover, regarding the business icon Bezos, he did part-time jobs just to meet expenses and used every free minute to study. As a result of this hard effort, he graduated valedictorian of my high school.

Even after spending too much time on part-time jobs, he never compensated for his studies and always prioritized it. At least, he received the reward for that effort.     

Jeff Bezos’s Dream 

The most integral part is, at 18 years old when the internet wasn’t even released, folks thought it was nothing at all more than just a teen’s dream of discovery to have the internet. When he entered college it was a farrago moment for him to choose a specific course to pursue.  

After messing up various times, he finally decided to attend a university and graduated from Princeton University with a degree in electrical engineering, and computer science. Both were his cup of tea at that age. After graduating, he began working for several companies. After some time, he started his professional career in telecommunication banking.  

Smart Business Icon Of The World Jeff Bezos

That was the most part and parcel experience of his life. From those firms, he learned a plethora of valuable knowledge about the inner workings of Wall Street as a business icon. Then, he was making more money than he ever had in his entire life.  

Growing up destitute, he has always been using a small amount for himself, money was just a tool for him and never the end goal. I think this perspective helped me to innovate more captivating things. I had my business icon.

Jeff Bezos’s Leadership Style

Regarding the realm of his career, Bezos wanted to innovate something that had never been done before in modern history. Something that just belonged to him. By 1994 (30), he was the Senior Vice President for one of the world’s largest investment management firms. 

After getting that position which was the dream and aim of numerous people, the remarkable business icon didn’t agree with that. In other words, he wasn’t even happy with that designation. Because I had a business icon on which I had to work.  

At that time, he had to decide whether he would continue this path or take a huge risk to follow up my dreams emphatically of creating or inventing something that wouldn’t be endemic. It was a byzantine decision for himself as he had to do something giant. At last, after writing a business plan, he resigned from the job while searching for investors for my company.  

Smart Business Icon Of The World Jeff Bezos

You would be deplored by hearing Jeff Bezos warn all of the investors before they invest. He told them there was a 70% chance that his business could fail. The focal reason behind this is the idea of blending the internet and commerce had never been done before in history. Jeff Bezos, the business icon, was thinking of changing modern history. All the investors gave him a shot in the arm because they all were as motivated and ambitious as he was.  

From Garage Startup to the World’s Biggest E-commerce Marketplace

On July 5, 1994, business Icon Jeff Bezos doggedly launched his business from his home garage. From the beginning, he was ready to sell everything that people wanted and was determined to make shopping easy even. So, one can buy anything with just a single touch.  

It was always crystal clear to him; that the internet was going to revolutionize the way people lived. The physical bookstore seemed like one of the more obvious things that would change.  

The converging statement is that it didn’t take long until people began ordering all types of books from his website. When we observed that he was getting worth in the market. Then, he eventually began selling music and videos. 

If we look at the nostalgia of his childhood, he installed a bell to notify everyone when he got an order. But after a couple of weeks, he had to turn it off because he received some complaints and the bell became annoying. Just as he began selling things beyond the books. In 2000, the company hit rock bottom.  

A combination of fierce competition and the dot com bubble burst led the company to bankruptcy. All the online companies were closing around him. Jeff borrowed and incredibly raised nearly 2 billion dollars. Various investors and banks waited weeks for the burst and he was able to ride out the turmoil.  

Amazon Leadership Principles

During this time, he followed our three foremost principles as a Business icon:  

  1. The customer first.  
  2. Stay innovative and remain inventive.  
  3. Be patient.     

A humble online bookstore turned into an online e-commerce store where anyone can find everything regarding the books from category A to Z as the logo shows.  

Do you know? It wasn’t always called Amazon from the beginning, though. In the start, he wanted to name it “Cadabra” or “Relentless”.     

Then after ruminating on it, he finally chose Amazon after the world’s largest river by volume. That name made sense. It was a very pondering moment because choosing the name was a very difficult task.    

As I told you earlier, Jeff always wanted to do more and more even though he got some special designation that was the aim of too many people. Bezos is the perfect example of the quote, “If you don’t like your position then move on, you are not a tree.”

Then we bought Blue Origin, a human spaceflight startup company in 2000 and flagged his victory as he always did in his life. Jeff did all of these things because he had a very clear business icon from the beginning.

Why Did Jeff Bezos Step Down from Amazon’s CEO Position?

Jeff Bezos stepped down from the position of CEO in Amazon 2021, the company he founded in 1994. The business icon owns less than 10% of the shares of Amazon and has become the executive chairman of the multinational company. It was an unexpected decision that left the world amazed. 

In a recent episode of Lex Fridman’s podcast, Bezos was invited and they talked about various things. Bezos spoke about his departure from being the CEO of Amazon as well. After pondering extensively, he decided to step down from the CEO position, as he wanted to focus more on Blue Origin which he founded in 2000.

What’s Blue Origin and When Did Jeff Bezos Went to Space?

Blue Origin is a rival of Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, all forces on the manufacturing of spacecraft and aero-projects. Until now, Blue Origin has developed three spacecraft: Blue Moon, New Shepard, and New Glenn. 

In July 2021, Jeff Bezos fled to space for a short time through his spacecraft. The third richest billionaire and business icon Bezos boarded a reusable rocket to space. The rocket was the one he funded and dreamed up. However, he flew for a few minutes in space and landed on Earth instantly. 

When Did Scott McKenzie and Jeff Bezos Get Divorced?

Jeff Bezos cheated on her wife with a TV anchor, and the couple got separated after 25 years of marriage. The pair has four children: three sons and one daughter. In July 2019, there were various rumors about Jeff’s affairs. The couple filed for divorce, and it was finalized in July 2019. 

Smart Business Icon Of The World Jeff Bezos

McKenzie receives a $38 billion settlement after divorcing the business icon, including 25% of Bezos’s Amazon stake, a 4% stake, and voting control of her stares. Presently, she’s married to Dan Jewett. Jewett is a chemistry teacher at the children’s school of McKenzie. The pair tied the knot in March 2021 and filed for divorce in September 2022. After a year of marriage, the pair got separated finally in January 2023.


As you read, Jeff Bezos was very ambitious as well as confident with his dreams. He always wanted to do more and more as if never satisfied with the position that he had. In other words, we can say he wanted to do something so incredible that would make history after finding the purpose of his life.  

Jeff Bezos, the business icon, first found himself then he recognized the capabilities that he had and then tried to do his best. Jeff never gave up in his life even after great failures.  

Strive for success and make an effort for your dreams, no one can stop you from making a new history. The person who wins without any hurdles in life is victorious. But always rest assured that the person who wins with too many hurdles in life makes history.  

Did the story of business icon Jeff Bezos inspire and motivate you to initiate your business and put everything on the line to achieve your goal, comment below.

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