Smart Business Icon Of The World.

Today we are going to put the light on a very prestigious personality in the history of E-commerce, Business icon Jeff Bezoz. The most elevated influencer for modern youth. And too many folks see him as their paragon. Just to get motivated or in order to get business ideas so that they can also take effect over their country or nation.   

Smart Business Icon Of The World.

Regarding the domain of a successful career of Jeff Bezos, we think that it was just his luck. Or maybe his parents, society, and teacher’s support made him a successful person. But not at all! He confronted many failures at an early age but the point which really motivates and gives a kick of enthusiasm is, he never gave up.   

He tried and tried again and again until he succeeds. This was the most vital point which helped him to achieve his dreams.   

If you want to explore the life of the world’s wealthiest person Jeff Bezos then you are in the perfect place. Here we will discuss Jeff Bezos’s life from his first day to the day when he achieved his every avid, whatever he wanted in his life.  

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Business icon Jeff Bezos:

In the capacity of the business icon, let me begin by telling you, God sent him to this world of competition to influence this world by his crazy dreams and ideas on January 12, 1964. In the state of Albuquerque, New Mexico.   

Another astonishing thing that would make you crazier about him is, his mother was still in high school when she gave him birth at the age of 17.   

Jeff Bezos told that his mother and father tied the knot but their marriage didn’t last. Then at the age of four, he moved to Houston, Texas. Where his mother remarried and he was given the name of his stepfather’s surname.   

Just at the beginning of the age, his life and identity had taken a whole new corner. Then moved again to Miami, Florida, looking forward to the new opportunities and an easier life for the rest of their lives.   

Bezos claimed I wasn’t the gentry person in modern history. I was compelled to give up my youth in high school by working at Macdonald’s as a line cook. Just for the sake to make extra money in order to bear my expenses.   

I never assumed to get it better for me because I knew that it wasn’t enough for me. God sent me to this world for a purpose and I have to do something big. Or maybe I always wanted to do more and more with my life.   

I tried to put my best in school, even enrolling in extra courses in the student science training program at the University of Florida.   

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Moreover, regarding the business icon of Bezos, I did part-time jobs just to meet my expenses and used every little time that I found for the study. And in a result of this hard effort, I graduated valedictorian of my high school.  

Even after spending too much time on my part-time job, I never compensate for my studies and always gave the very first priority to it. I burnt the midnight oil in my early student life when my fellows used to spend most of their time in lame activities. But I get the reward of that effort.   

Additionally, in my speech, I started my perception of wanting to preserve the earth from overuse through resource depletion.  

The most integral part is, at 18 years old when the internet wasn’t even released, folks thought it was nothing at all more than just a teen’s dream of discovery.   

When I entered college it was a farrago moment for me to choose a specific course to pursue. I was really mess up with that and didn’t know what major to select in college. But it was hit on my mind, when I was younger, I built an alarm system to catch up with my siblings when they tried to sneak in my room.  

So, I attended and graduated from Princeton University with the degree of my skill, electrical engineering, and computer science. Both were my cup of tea at that age.  

After graduating, I began working as everyone does for a number of companies. I started my professional career in telecommunication banking.  

That was the most part and parcel experience of my life. From those firms, I learned a plethora of valuable knowledge about the inner working of Wall Street as a Business icon.   

At that memorable moment of my life, I was making more money than I ever have had in my entire life when. I used to do work part-time to meet my education expenses. But I knew that I deserve more and I can make more.  

Growing up destitute, I have always had very limited but the point I want to quote here is, money was just a tool for me and never the end goal. I think this perspective really helped me to innovate more captivating things. I had my business icon.

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Jeff Bezos leadership style:

Regarding the realm of my career, I consistently wanted to innovate something that had never been done before in modern history. Something that was just belonged to me. That was mine, I created it and gave history a new topic to write on.  

Smart Business Icon Of The World.
Business icon

By 1994 and at the age of 30, I was the senior vice president for one of the world’s largest investment management firms. After getting that doyen position which was the dream and aim of a lot of people, I didn’t agree with that. In other words, even I wasn’t happy with that designation. Because I had a business icon on which I had to work.  

I wanted to do something pyrrhic. This was the fork for me on that specific road. And at that time, I had to decide whether I will continue this path or take a huge risk to follow up my dreams emphatically of creating or inventing something that wouldn’t be endemic.  

Jeff Bezos said that was really a byzantine decision for me and I was prerogative of my own life. I had to do something giant. At last, after writing a business plan, I gave the resignation from my job and began searching for investors for my company.  

You would be deplored by hearing, Jeff Bezos warned all of the investors before they invest. He told them, there was a 70% chance that my business could fail. The focal reason behind this, the idea of blending the internet and commerce had never been done before in history.   

I was thinking to change modern history. All the investors gave me a shot in the arm because they all were very motivated and ambitious as I was.  

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From garage startup to the world’s biggest e-commerce marketplace:

Smart Business Icon Of The World.
Business icon

That was the time when I was going to turn my dream into reality. On July 5, 1994, I doggedly launched my business from my home garage.  

At the start of my business, we only sold books as a startup. The special about this particular thing is that I knew it from the very beginning, I would have to sell everything that people wanted. And had to make shopping so easy even one can buy anything just by a single touch.  

It was always crystal clear to me; the internet was going to revolutionize the way people lived. The physical book store seemed like one of the more obvious things that would change.  

The converging statement is that it didn’t take long until people began ordering all types of books from our website. When we observed, we are getting our worth in the market then we eventually began selling music and videos. I realized, I was achieving my Business icon.

If we would look at the nostalgia of my childhood, I installed a bell to notify everyone when we got an order. But after a couple of weeks, we had to turn it off because we received a number of complaints and the bell became annoying.   

Just as we began selling things beyond the books. In 2000 the company hit the rock bottom.  

A combination of fierce competition and the dot com bubble burst led the company to bankruptcy. All the online companies were closing around us. At that moment many of us were bemused and jittery if we would make it.   

Through a bit of great luck, we had borrowed and incredibly raised nearly 2 billion dollars. From a number of investors and banks weeks for the burst and we were able to ride out the turmoil.  

Amazon leadership principles:

During this time, we followed our three foremost principles as a Business icon:  

  1. The customer first.  
  1. Stay innovative and remain inventive.  
  1. Be patient.  

For all of my team, inventive meant pretty much more than e-commerce. It actually meant confessing that we weren’t impeccably perfect. So, we would solve our mistakes.   

Smart Business Icon Of The World.
Business icon

A humble online bookstore turned into an online e-commerce store. Where anyone can find anything regarding the books from category A to Z as the logo shows.  

Do you know?  

It wasn’t always called Amazon from the beginning, though. In the start, I wanted to name it “Cadabra” or “Relentless”.     

Then after ruminate on it, I finally choose Amazon after the world’s largest river by volume. That name was really made sense. It was a very pondering moment because choosing the name was a very difficult task.    

As I told you earlier, Jeff always wanted to do more and more even he got some special designation that was the aim of too many people.   

Bezos is the perfect example of the quote,  

If you don’t like your position then move on, you are not a tree.  

Business icon

Then we bought blue origin, a human spaceflight startup company in 2000. And flagged his victory as he always did in his life. I did all of these things because I had a very clear Business icon from the beginning.

Last words:  

As you read, Jeff Bezos was very ambitious as well as confident with his dreams. He always wanted to do more and more. He was never satisfied with the position that he had or in other words, we can say he wanted to do something so incredible that would make history. He actually found the purpose of his life.  

He first found himself then he recognized the capabilities that he had and then tried to put his best. He never gave up in his life even after great failures.  

Strive for success and do effort on your dreams, no one can stop you to make a new history. The person who wins without any hurdle in life, make victory. But always rest it assure that the person who wins with too many hurdles in life, make history.  

If you also have some problems in your life then don’t feel aimless. If you could understand, all the problems come in life to make you stronger for the coming life.   

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