10 Amazing Points on How To Introduce Yourself in IELTS.

How to introduce yourself in IELTS speaking exam?  

It is really a pivotal question in order to get good bands. There is an old saying that “The first impression is the last”. Yes, this quotation is not valid in every field but in these types of exams, it really matters.  

The way how you would introduce yourself to your IELTS teacher for getting good expression. If you would be able to get good expression then the teacher will surely give you some edge.  

In this exam you can’t take risk otherwise it would ruin your passion, craze, and most important of them is time.  

Some Important Points to Remember in IELTS Speaking Exam / How to Introduce Yourself? 

Here are some vital points that you need to remember before going for your IELTS speaking exam for introducing yourself.

  1. Your postures shouldn’t be grumpy.  

(Grumpy postures mean to act like you’re compelled to do this. You’re not attempting it with your desire)  

  1. The way you will introduce yourself shouldn’t be clumsy.  

(Clumsy means your actions shouldn’t be bulky, unwieldy, and heavy-handed. Be in limits)  

  1. Your expressions must be gusty.  

(Gusty means you have to forward your message in an enthusiastic way that would inspire the examiner)  

  1. Your behavior must be eloquent.  

(Don’t try to make unusual jokes with your teacher. Be in atticates)  

  1. Don’t do cramming and introduce yourself.  

(Never act like you are reading the lines that you learned)  

Introduce Yourself
  1. Be confident but never be overconfident.  

(Never hesitate to give your answer to the examiner. Try to understand the examiner’s strategy)  

  1. Try to speak in an accent.  

(You’re giving an English-speaking test so it is compulsory to speak the like natives do)  

  1. Try to use the latest lexical resources.  

(Vocabulary that you are using really matters. So, try to use modern words)  

  1. Don’t forget to use a starter before every sentence.  

(The purpose why you are using this line)  

  1. Adjectives and adverbs matter a lot before every word.  

(If you will use adverbs and adjectives before main words then it will help you to get remarkable band because these are known as the spices of the English language) 

The modern way to introduce yourself in IELTS speaking exam: 

Now I am going to discuss the most supreme point that will surely help you. And you would able to understand the mystery of English.  

Did you ever notice?  

When we were in grade 2 or 3, we learned that when someone will ask you what is your name or may I know your name, please?   

Then we have to answer that my name is Julia. This is the answer to this question.  

But now we are studying in universities but our answer to this question is still the same.  

The most perceiving point here is that what we learned from these 16 years of education? If our answer is still the same that we used to give in grades 2 or 3.  

We are so enmeshed in our daily routine that we never ruminate on this pondering topic.  

Introduce Yourself

We must think that what we learned from this education? If our answer is still the same.  

This is especially for people who don’t know English enough. Like Spanish, Arabian, Russian, or other countries like them where English is not the native language. But they want it to speak very natively.  

So, now let me begin by giving you the exact answer to this most asked question. That would be professional.  

As far as the point is concern about the introduction of yourself in the IELTS speaking exam. If someone will ask you the same question in a professional field then your answer shouldn’t be the same that you used to give in grade two or three.  

Now, if your interviewer would ask you to introduce yourself then this should be your answer.  

“This is Michael Robertson and Mr. Michael having a nickname Mache which is given to me by my respectable and adore parents especially by my mum and often it is called by my fellows, friends, colleges, and my folks. The most dominant and prominent about this particular name is that it especially has a double meaning which not only strengthens my mind but my attitude as well.”  

Regarding the domain of how to introduce yourself in the IELTS speaking exam, this would be an impeccable answer.   

After hearing this latest answer your examiner would be able to determine that you are following the all rules of the English language.  

The converging statement is that now you would also be able to understand that you learn something different and unique.   

In this stellar answer, you can see that this answer is following all the rules of the English language that make it pretty elevated. Different from the local people. Like a native speaker.  

Even native people can’t give this answer. That’s why this pulsating answer can also help them to give more attraction. Like the people of the United States of America and Europe. 


Unfolding this topic, I want to write, as everybody knows that English is an international language and a double edge sword in this modern era.  

Moreover, everybody should focus on it and should try to learn it in a very different and international manner. Then it will be easy for you to speak in every country or land of the world.  

These tricks can also help you to get a good job in any multinational company. It is also the language of international communication, the media industry, and the most powerful weapon internet. English is also important for socializing and for entertainment.  

Introduce Yourself

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