Neuralink: Elon Musk’s 1st crazy invention.

Neuralink and Latest Technology:

Did you ever wonder hearing the word “Neuralink“? Mainstream media and most people would likely associate the year 2020 with COVID-19 only; while a range of achievements in the scientific world goes unnoticed.

The most “un-prominently – prominent” being the breakthroughs in neuro-technology.

Elon Musk’s ambitious Neuralink, invasive BCI technology, is pioneering in the field with aims to upgrade the most complex of organs – the human brain.

The goal, Musk says, is to “solve salient brain and spine problems with a seamlessly implanted device”.   

The device, almost the size of a large coin, a “Fitbit in your skull, with tiny wires”, is designed to be implanted into the skull using an efficient surgical robot that is capable of inserting six threads into the brain in one minute.

The device, embedded with numerous electrodes joined to thin and flexible threads connected to a brain-to-machine chipset called N1, measuring 23mm by 8mmdeep, offers the potential to treat brain disorders and help people with disabilities, and enabling them to interact with machines and control them using their minds.

“It could return your eyesight, even if you’ve lost your optic nerve,” Musk told during an interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast.  

There are several potential extra, re-creational, consumer implications too.

The company has discussed the possibility of streaming music directly into users’ brains and as sci-fi-esque as it sounds, Musk also says that there could come a time when humans would not even need to actually speak to communicate.

Elon Musk’s ambitious Neuralink, invasive BCI technology.

Neuralink Technology and Revolution:

This technology could revolutionize the process of writing by removing the need to tap keyboard keys using fingers, or the process of driving a car by ending the need to touch the wheel, and play games or enjoy experiences by channeling them to your brain directly.  

 The implant that transmits neural signals, called the Link, is inductively charged after a full-day battery life.   

Each individual thread of the device will be placed in the brain, allowing it to monitor the brain task or activity of a thousand neurons.

Although that sounds like a small sample when considering the fact that the human brain has 86 billion neurons all transmitting information through electric signals via synapses.

The Link also contains temperature and pressure sensors as well as sensors measuring angle, orientation, and inertia.   

“It will also be possible”, mentioned Musk, “to imbed more than one device in a single brain and gain information from different areas.”  

So far, this technology has only been tested on rats, monkeys, and pigs. In August this year, a pig named Gertrude was introduced, who had the chip placed in her head for over two months.

The Link sent wireless signals which were plotted on a graph keeping record of her neural activity while she ate and sniffed around. With enough of these signals, it became possible to predict Gertrude’s movements in real-time.   

Although Neuralink was granted designation as a breakthrough device by the US Food and Drug Administration, FDA, in July, but it still needs to go through required safety testing and approval before it begins commencing human trials and implants.

There are concerns about implanting electronics inside of people’s brains and its potential long-term effects that need answering.

Only time will reveal the true potential and implications of this disruptive technology.   

Considering all facts which are given above, will definitely assist you enough to understand about the captivating invention, it’s uses and applications.

If we think on the flip side, we’ll surely wonder what is waiting for us in the near future? Moreover, we’ll see the other shape of our worthy globe.

Pay huge respect to all creative minds whose efforts are leading us in the new world of technology.

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