Dubai is Setting a New Future in Infrastructure with Its New $5 billion Moon Shaped Resort

Dubai is renowned for its extravagant and modern architecture like  Burj Khalifa, luxury beaches, Burj al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and the Jumeirah Mosque. Dubai Real Estate plans to bring the moon to Earth. Have you ever wished to explore the massive moon? If yes then Dubai’s next mega project is for you. 

Dubai Real Estate and the Canadian Architectural Company, have proposed a gigantic lunar tower for space diggers. Who says you can not reach the moon? The new moon shaped resort will be the next tourist attraction worldwide, especially for space enthusiasts.

Experiencing the moon on Earth is a wonderful idea. Isn’t it? There is nothing impossible in Dubai when you have money. The cutting-edge architecture and design are bringing the moon to Earth.  It would be the next most modern and successful tourist attraction near the MENA region. This article is going to provide an insightful journey of the moon shaped resort. Let’s enjoy the moonwalk together. 

Moon Shaped Resort Dubai 

Moon Shaped Resort Dubai 

In addition to luxury and comfort, you will find amazing space sensations in Dubai’s new skyline.  Have you ever dreamt of walking on the moon? If yes, then Dubai is on the verge of making your dreams come true. Get your backpack ready for your next space trip in Dubai.

 Moon shaped resort is the new project worth $ 5 billion to be built in Dubai, occupying an area of 10 acres, and a height of 735 feet. It would be the tallest building in the MENA region, spacious enough to accommodate 10, million visitors per year. This is an amazing idea. Isn’t it? Additionally, you can make your space tour more entertaining with the nightclub, shopping, eateries, and comfortable and luxury rooms. 

The resort would have a “Lunar colony” and a “Lunar Surface” to let the visitors experience real space tourism. The lunar colony solely can capacitate 2.5 million visitors yearly. Dubai never stops to surprise the world with its innovative and quirky architectural ideas.

Prerequisites Other Than Space Sensation

The resort is designed to provide a real sensation of being on the moon. Dubai real estate always upholds the comfort, splendor, and amusement of its tourists. They are always working to provide the lap of luxury. In addition to space sensation and moonwalk, you will have the prerequisites of comfort, luxury, entertainment, gaming, and much more. 

Booking a Hotel or Residence on Moon

The moon shaped resort would fulfill your dream of being on the moon or walking on it. It would be a circular building hanging with a full moon on it.  The Moon would glow at night and this luminous glow will provide a real space-like experience. 

Millions of people worldwide dream of getting their own space on the moon. The resort would have a 4000-room hotel, capacitating 10,000 people, and 300 private residential units called “sky villas” to purchase. The resort would give life to your wish of owning a home on the moon while staying on Earth. 

Travel via Lunar Shuttle and Space Training Centre

The resort would be the most successful and modern project with its mesmerizing grandeur. The lunar surface will provide you the real space sensation and the lunar shuttles will be there to take you around the sphere to explore the moon. There will be circular routes to take you around the moon.

For space explorers, there would be a space and astronaut training hub. Furthermore, you will be able to explore a multi-leveled area displaying the spacecraft and technology. 

The Colorful World of Entertainment and Eateries

 The jaw-dropping infrastructure would be fully equipped with all kinds of luxuries and splendors to astonish the tourists.  A spa and wellness center would be housed on the moon to relax the visitors from their tiresome lunar exploration. Moreover, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, a piano lounge, and gambling areas would serve the visitors. 

There would be a beach-style club on the upper terrace of the moon, embellished with water lagoons and greenspaces to calm your eyes. The resort represents a combination of technology and sumptuousness. The mastery of design and architecture is discernible everywhere in the moon shaped resort.

Impacts on Tourism and the Economy

 Dubai has always been a business hub and tourist’s favorite spot. Dubai will meet new heights in every aspect of life from the economy to tourism. 

The moon shaped resort is the next luminous masterpiece in Dubai. Once it is built and maintained the way it has been proposed, it will have positive impacts on the economy. This mega project will result in doubling the annual visitors in Dubai.

 You will see a hike in tourism, transportation, aviation, space exploration, infrastructure, real estate, and education.

Concluding Lines

The moon shaped resort is truly an out-of-this-world idea. Leaving behind the rest of the skyscrapers in Dubai, this mega infrastructure would be a jaw-dropping sensation. 

Like other eye-catching marvels, this resort would also have beneficial impacts on the UAE economy and its stature all around the world.

Are you ready for your next vacation? If you are an enthusiastic tourist and space lover, Dubai should be your next destination. 

What did you like the most about this resort in this article? 

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