Mystery Behind ‘Jonathan Galindo’ Challenge: Finding The Real Guy, Netizens Reactions & Further Details

Does ‘Jonathan Galindo’ ring a bell? He is a goofy man who took the Internet by storm in 2020 due to his creepy demands. The dude has taken inspiration from our beloved ‘Mickey Mouse’ animated series and taken the character Goofy. But unfortunately, it’s nothing like the harmless character. This creepy-as-hell guy traps young children forces them to harm themselves and threatens to leak their data.

Numerous children become anxious, and suicidal after following Jonathan Galindo’s challenges just like the blue whale challenges that originated somewhere in Russia. Many pranksters have taken up this name and misused social media handles. It specifically became viral when an Italian child jumped from a building following this challenge.

In this article, we will talk all about the challenge and how it has led to children’s death. And who is the actual guy behind this facade?

Who Is The Real Guy Behind ‘Jonathan Galindo’?

Who is the mystery guy behind this deadly challenge? It has remained a puzzle for everyone as the guy hasn’t revealed himself properly. The Jonathan Galindo challenge became trending a username @jonathangalindo54 was registered on TikTok in 2019, whom we consider the real mastermind behind this. 

You must be familiar with ‘Blue Whale’ as that has caused quite a scene on the Internet by its ridicule. Now unfortunately there are hundreds and thousands of Jonathan Galindo clones registered multiple social media handles and seeped into English-speaking countries from Russia. 

But let’s hear the story of Samuel Canini who is a cosplayer known by Jonathan Galindo, although he does creepy makeup he has no involvement with the trend. He cleared it out with a tweet stating:

“Hello everyone. This Jonathan Galindo seems to be terrorizing a great many young impressionable people. The photos and videos are mine from 2012-2013. They were for my weird amusement then, not for some modern-day thrillseeker looking to scare and bully people”. 

He has denied his contribution altogether to this horrible challenge. What do you think of it? Have you ever come across one?

What Is ‘Jonathan Galindo’ Challenge?

When did the Jonathan Galindo challenge start to go viral on the Internet? For the first time, it became the highlight of the news when an Italian child left a suicide note for his parents stating:

I love you Mum and Dad. Now I have to follow the man in a black hood. I have no more time. Forgive me“.

This cryptic note devastated the parents and left others in bewilderment.

Upon following the lead, the detective concluded that it was related to a fictional character. The character has a hideous face something between a dog and a human face. The character was completed by cinematographer Samuel Canini who created it for his amusement but got in the hands of an abuser who is challenging young kids by using this. 

What Is Jonathan Galindo Challenge? | Whatsmind.com

It works in the same way as the Blue Whale challenge, it asks kids to do simple tasks in the beginning which later on becomes life-threatening leading to suicides and murder.

Users Reactions To Jonathan Galindo Challenge

When did this Jonathan Galindo challenge become viral? It first came on the Internet in 2019, but officially became a trend in 2020. People start to warn each other on their social media handles against this horrendous challenge.

The first tweet states:

“If you see this, you are obliged to rt. keep your mutuals ALIVE. there is an account going around called Jonathan Galindo, they are like the masters of the blue whale challenge whose aim is to make you commit s*icude. if one dms you or interacts with you, block.”

The tweet was retreated almost 70k times and people became aware of the horror circulating among them. 

Afterward, free pranksters started to make their clone accounts and contacted teens either to get hype or for their sick pleasure.

It gained popularity in a very short time due to its fast distribution and sharing on the Internet. How do you think it could be more effectively controlled? 

Did An Italian Child Die After Following This Challenge?

Is this suicide based on a true incident? Yes! It’s 100% true. Did it only target children? The teens and young children got manipulated by these horrible games. This incident took place in Naples Italy, on the morning of September 30th. An 11-year-old child jumped from a tall building leaving a suicide note behind stating he’s following a mystery hooded guy. 

Police took all the child’s belongings in their custody and investigated whether he got trapped in any suicide game or not. 

Media found a child’s dead body near a residential block and it was confirmed afterwards that he followed an anonymous guy and attempted suicide. 

The game starts with the man asking for friendship on all social media accounts, and later on, turns sinister by asking them to show their courage by suicide and other self-harm attempts. 

Isn’t it just worse? What do you think you will do to protect your children and young siblings?

Further Details About Jonathan Galindo 

Are you still stuck over this mystery of whether Jonathan Galindo is real or not? Let me clear it for you,  no he wasn’t ever nor he will be.

It was just a prank that caught the media’s attention when morally gray teenagers decided it’s something cool to harass your friends using such hoaxes. 

When I heard the news of the Italian child who fell prey to this horrendous cyber prank, I was just devastated to know the pain the victim’s family must have gone through. 

Although there were rumors that it isn’t entirely true but still when a child is dead resultantly then it’s screwed in every manner. 

The devastating thing about the media giving coverage to such horrible pranks which say a lot about the media’s shitty attempts to hook children and several pranksters is worrisome.

It shows the questioning of human behavior, these hoaxes opting to stray our youth.

How to get rid of it? The only way it’s possible is if we spread accurate information and raise awareness to make people understand the extent of its danger and to get rid of this hoax power altogether.

But again use your brain whenever you Review such trolling messages and don’t follow anything asked of you over social media.

This abyss is just a trap nothing more so beware and protect yourself in every manner possible.

This suicide trend first made rounds on the Gacha Life YouTube community, where there were a small number of people connected. 

But still, it managed to spread worries and terror among them by spreading rumors like, ‘Your IP can be captured from viewing a BWC account’ . People who were noobs in tech believed it and fell prey to it. 

I know not much will be true about it, and I’d prefer to bring wrong for once and so many children’s lives are put on stake.

Recently Albania’s State Police has issued a warning against this life-threatening challenge. 

Police took a great initiative to call parents to make themselves aware of it and monitor their children to avoid getting them trapped.


Concluding this mystery tale behind Jonathan Galindo’s challenge which got the hype when a child attempted suicide following it. This challenge has a close resemblance to the blue whale game due to a similar concept. This is led by a goofy guy who is a cross between a dog and a human face, but later on, the cinematographer cleared it out by saying he just adapted that avatar.

He further said he has no involvement with the challenge going on. The challenges manipulate young children and ask them to do self-harm activities. Many people tweeted against it and warned to beware of it. 

Give a thorough look at this viral challenge and share your opinion about it. Don’t you think it’s terrible and scary? 

FAQs on Jonathan Galindo

Who is Jonathan Galindo?

It’s a social media challenge gone viral on the internet, which traps young children and asks them to do suicidal activities. 

Why is Jonathan Galindo in the news? 

He is a makeup artist whose real name is Samuel Canini. His name was copied by an anonymous guy, who became viral when a child died due to his provocation. 

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