Messi Miami House: Background, Inside Tour & Other Assets of Lionel Messi

What has inspired Messi Miami House? His brand logo, ‘M’ can be visualized from an aerial view along with its spectacular architectural design. 

The house has been a state-of-the-art piece wholly owned by Lionel Messi. The house comprises over three floors and is located in a secluded area surrounded by palm trees on an Island.

There is not even a single luxury Messi and his family can’t have there but again the mansion has been designed keeping all these features in mind. 

The outside area has a pool to enjoy Miami’s tropical climate and basking in the sun till you get that nice tan loved among Europeans.

Besides that Messi has a large real estate portfolio that is Durley impressive but this one topped all, it also has three helipads that allow transportation from the mansion to other places. 

In this guide, we will delve deeper into a stunning tour of Messi’s Miami house, and which other assets he owns. 

Background Story of Messi Miami House

Lionel Messi has been declared one of the highest-paid athletes as per the Forbes list in the previous year and has earned approx. $130M between May 2022 and May 2023. 

At the beginning of 2023, he signed a 2-and-a-half-year contract with Inter Miami worth $150 M which included his salary, signing bonus, and revenue-contributing deals with two top-ranked brands, Adidas and Apple. 

The latest Messi Miami house is just one of the many assets Messi already has under his thumb. Messi’s spectacular real estate portfolio will blow your mind. 

He has paid $7.3M for a 9th-floor condo I’m Florida and with a $7M estate near Barcelona, Spain. 

But that’s not the end of his portfolio, he also owns a $5 M condo in Miami which stretches far ahead to a property having a theatre, gym, and 15-car garage in Rosario.

It happens to be his hometown. It means he’s not forgetting his roots in his burgeoning success. 

Inside of Lionel Messi Miami House

Have you seen the stunning interior of Messi’s Miami house? You must be awestruck with the beauty and luxury oozing out of that.

The house has been designed by Lori Morris and Donna and Samuel Simpkin of Compass and Jennifer Abbott of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty helped Messi to get this aesthetic home. 

The soccer player rented this huge mansion for approx. 8202 sq. feet with his wife and children for 200k monthly. 

The home has three floors, with 5 bedrooms, a foyer, a car garage, 5 bathrooms, and floor-to-ceiling windows giving a pretty view. 

The house is overall nice with an airy feel and 360⁰ wrap-around balconies, an infinity pool, and a rooftop terrace. 

Here’s a peek into the details of each nook of the house: 

Living Room

Messi Miami house’s living room is the art of perfection giving a gorgeous view of the backyard pool and ocean with its floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The waterfront view is an eye-candy with a breezy feel. 

No surprise with its luxurious interior that it has double front doors at the entry point with porcelain tiles and glass and gold fixtures giving an overall chic vibe.

Messi Miami House: Background, Inside Tour & Other Assets of Lionel Messi

You will see the walls have charcoal velvet wall panels with eccentric wildlife decor and wallpapers with gold detailing. 


The Perfection doesn’t end just outside, even the inside of rooms is beautiful.

Each room which are total of 8 has pastel floors and stark white paint on the walls which gives a lighter feel to the rooms and enhances the cosiness.  


Have you seen the highlights of the Messi Miami House foyer? Oh man, it’s like top tier I know kitchen, living rooms pols everything’s beautiful but the striking view from the foyer is next level stunning.

The cascading Murano glass and black velvet channel glass panels on the walls and an Italian kitchen with a six-seated kitchen island. 

The appliances placed in the kitchen and cozy breakfast nook just enhance the overall appeal of the foyer. 

There’s an outdoor area as well where two large white sofas are placed for guests to make them at home. 


The Messi Miami house hasn’t lagged in bathrooms as each bathroom is luxurious but the master bathroom has a class that beats all others.

It has glass shower walls with a Jacuzzi tub and plenty of outside view windows which let the natural lights come in and illuminate the bathroom.


Messi Miami house has a kitchen which is a dream of every chef. The Italian-inspired kitchen has white large cabinets and hardwood flooring that goes perfectly well with the bright, clean vibe of the entire home. 

There are advanced kitchen appliances and lighting under the cabinets. The dining area has a kitchen island which has six seats serving six people. 


Are you even living in Miami without basking in the sun? It’s the most charming part that Messi and his family have an infinity pool all to themselves with a pretty view and an ocean that stretches far ahead. 

Family Room

One thing that struck me the most was the family room, it’s the most charming of all. There’s a built-in bed with a sofa and the same wall styles but there’s also a spa room. 

There’s also an office where the walls are covered with brown and black striated wallpaper, a sitting area, a private balcony along with a spa-inspired bath with vanities, a makeup area, and a walk-in steam shower. 

A power-packed room for certain!

Is Messi’s Miami House An Only Asset Of Him? 

You all must be intrigued by Messi’s sprawling real estate assets. When the latest Messi Miami house makes rounds over the internet, people become curious whether is it the only one he owns or not. 

Let me break it to you Messi is one of the highest-paid athletes and possesses several condos all over Europe. He has properties in Barcelona, Miami, and Florida. 

Messi Miami House: Background, Inside Tour & Other Assets of Lionel Messi

His Miami house seems to be the most luxurious with a classic Mediterranean style and is surrounded on all dudes by palm trees making the property secluded and away from the hustle of urban life. 

In Sunny Isles Beach he has dual properties worth $10.3 M at Porsche Design Tower. 

He also has a full-floor condo at the Regalia building and he’s all set to own a residence in the Bentley Residence building in the next two years. 


In conclusion, Messi Miami House has three floors with eight bedrooms, five bathrooms, a foyer, a pool, a kitchen, and an outside area where the walls are meticulously designed. 

The floorboards are stunning even every single nook of the house screams elegance and luxury. As Messi is one of the highest-paid athletes, he owns several other luxury places like this at privileged locations. 

Give it a must-read if you were also curious about the interior of this house and share your opinion over it. 

FAQs on Messi Miami House

How much is Messi in Miami?

He has a 2.5-year contract with Inter Miami and it’s worth $150 million. 

Where is Messi’s house in Fort Lauderdale?

This huge mansion of his is located in Bay Colony which is approximately five miles away from DRV PNK stadium.

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