Leonardo AI: Discover Its Key Features & Real-world Use Cases

As AI-powered solutions become more popular, dozens of cool tools have been created to accomplish even the simplest tasks.

Whether you want to create images for your products, make visuals for games, or create content for your social media, there are AI tools to assist you.

One of these useful tools is Leonardo AI. This AI-generative tool allows users to create images by giving text prompts.

It’s not limited to simple image creation but also provides other unique features like single-click video generation, real-time image generation, a canvas editor, and an upscaler to enhance your artwork.

I am also going to share some tips at the end that will help you use your artwork to make money.

In this article, I will discuss the following points:.

  • What is Leonardo AI?
  • Its Key Features.
  • How to use it.
  • Comparison between the free and paid versions.
  • Some of its real-world applications.
  • And some FAQs

So let’s dive in.

What is Leonardo AI?

Leonardo AI is an AI-powered online platform that generates images using textual prompts from users.

With Leonardo AI, creating exciting images and short videos, converting drawings into images, and real-time image generation are just a few steps away.

In the Home section, you can find the artwork created by other users along with their prompts. This is very useful for beginners; they can try out the prompts used by others by making some changes.

In addition to creating images and videos, it also helps you upscale your images and edit them. For this purpose, it provides some tools that I will discuss later in the article.

In addition to the website, Leonardo AI is also available on the App Store. However, it is not really available on the Play Store.

Well, it’s only a short introduction, and there is much more to learn about Leonardo AI. Let’s explore its features.

Key Features Of Leonardo AI 

Unlike other AI tools, Leonardo AI provides a wide range of options to generate unique images such as image type, tone, image guide, and other elements.

These options undoubtedly produce captivating results. Following are some of the important features that make it stand out:

Diverse Customizable Settings:

Leonardo AI gives you a wide range of image settings that you can customize to create the image according to your preferences.

Diverse Customizable Settings
  • It allows you to choose the number of images you want to get. Other options include the “PhotoReal” feature (that gives you realistic images), Alchemy, Prompt Magic, Transparency (for getting pictures without background), and a guidance scale. Some of these options might not be available to free users. 
  • Moreover, you can select the dimensions by choosing them from the given options, the drop-down menu, or by sliding the two scales.

These are the settings available on the left sidebar. Now let’s talk about the option available under the prompt bar.

option available under the prompt bar

Here, you will find the option to choose the AI model that will generate the images.

It has 14 different AI model options. In addition to these, you can also use platform models and community models by clicking on “Select Other Model” at the end of the list.

Secondly, it gives you 14 different style options, including anime, cinematic, creative, dynamic, environment, etc. The different style options allow you to get the desired photos by giving them a unique look.

Next, you can see there is a new feature named “Elements.” This section features different modes, including 3D scripts, colorful scribbles, cybertech, dark arts, etc.

features different modes

It’s a really amazing feature, as you can choose the specific mode from this section instead of explaining it in the prompt.

You can also include a negative prompt by enabling the toggle. In the negative prompt, you enter the things that you don’t want to see in your images.

AI Video Creation: 

With Leonardo AI, you can turn a still image into a short video. It doesn’t give you the option to create videos by giving a prompt, but instead converts your generated images into short animated videos.

To convert an image to video, follow these steps.

  • Click on the small video icon at the bottom of your image.
  • Next, it will show an interface like this.
To convert an image to video, follow these steps
  • Adjust the settings according to your requirements and hit “Generate’. This action will use 25 tokens out of the 150 daily tokens.
  • Once done, it will convert the image into a video.
convert the image into a video

Real-time Canvas:

This is one of the most interesting features of Leonardo AI. With real-time canvas, you can convert your drawings into real-time images. You can also upload a sketch or a picture, and Leonardo  AI will convert it into an attractive image.

I tried this feature, and it turned out like this:

Real-time Canvas:

Don’t judge my drawing; I am also using it for the first time. You can also convert your rough ideas into captivating images by using it.

Additionally, it gives you the option to use prompts to generate images, which makes it more unique. With every word you write, you will observe a change in the picture.

There is a narrow sidebar where you can find different settings like the image uploading option, the option for a small prompt box, the selection tool, the eraser tool, brush tool, the color palette, and the redo and redo buttons.

Below the canvas, there’s the prompt box. Next to it, there is the image effects option, like in the previous section.

One interesting option here is the ‘Creative Strength’; the higher the setting, the more noticeable the differences will be between your drawing and the resulting image.

Real-Time Generation:

Real-time generation is similar to real-time canvas. But it gives four different elements, including kids Illustration, Toon & Anime, Folk Art Illustration, and Coloring book. These options enable you to make the images or scenes even more unique.

Using this feature, you can create a complete scene by giving it prompts. With each change you make in the prompt, you will see a change in the result.

Real-Time Generation

If you don’t like the image, simply click on the “Random Seed” button, and it will give you a new result.

Canvas Editor and Universal Upscaler:

Both of these are image editing tools. With the canvas editor, you can add text to your image, add an element to your picture by using the “Sketch” option, and perform various other tasks.

The universal upscale features allow you to improve your image quality by adjusting the different settings. Practicing with different pictures and noticing the difference will help you master these editing features.

A Vast Library of Models:

By clicking on  the “Finetuned Models” section on the left side bar, you can find a vast library of AI models used for generating images.

All of them are trained with a knowledge base and, hence, provide diverse results.

These include platform models, community models, and your own models. You can select one of them and generate images using them.

In addition to these features, Leonardo AI gives a texture generation option and  Training & Datasets” option that allows you to train your own AI model. But to train your model, you must upgrade to the pro version. It’s not available to free users.

How to Use Leonardo AI?

To use Leonardo AI, you first need to make an account. Follow these steps to create your account:

  • Visit their official website.
  • Next, click on “Create Account.”.
  • Sign up using your email or Google account.
  • Your account will be created.
  • It will ask you to select a username. Choose one for your account. 
  • Fill in any other requirements and hit “Next.”.
  • Once done, you are good to start.
  • You might neeed to verify the email if you signup using email.

In the left sidebar, you will see the different features, explained above. If you want to generate an image, simply click on the “Image Generation” option.

Enter the prompt in the prompt box, adjust the settings according to your requirements, and hit “Generate.” It will give you the results.

You will notice two digits (suppose 10) with the coins icon on the “Generate button”. This tells you that this action will use 10 tokens.

Leonardo AI gives 150 free tokens daily. Some actions will use fewer tokens, while others, like converting images to videos, will use more tokens.

To get the most out of this amazing platform, use the tokens carefully. Don’t waste your tokens by creating random pictures.

One random picture can be fine when starting, but the rest of the time, carefully make the prompts and then use them to generate images.

Comparison between Free and Paid Version?

Leonardo AI is a freemium tool. Most of the useful features are free, but of course, there are some perks that the free user cannot enjoy.

Leonardo AI provides one free and four paid plans. The paid version varies in price. It starts at $10 per month and goes up to $48 per month.

A team’s plan is also coming soon that will include services beneficial for companies and other groups.

Now, as far as the comparison is concerned, paid plan users get more tokens, i.e., 8500 tokens per month for a $10 plan, and these tokens reset on their billing date.

Free users get 150 daily tokens, i.e., approx. 4650 tokens per month, and they reset every 24 hours.

Moreover, paid users also get the option of training their own AI models and keeping their generated images private, but free users cannot use these features.

You can see the complete pricing plan and comparison by visiting their official pricing page.

What Are the Real-World Applications of Leonardo’s AI Art?

All of us know the various AI tools that can be used for creating images. But the majority of people don’t know how to use them to make money.

Well, don’t worry; I am here to guide you. I am going to share some of the most effective ways to use these AI-generated images to make money.

  • One of my favorite ways is to use the AI art to make printed shirts. Printed shirts are in trend nowadays, and everyone loves shirts with captivating and beautiful designs. You can use or chat GPT to create the best prompts, and then use the prompts for creating images.
  • Since Leonard AI allows you to create images using different image effects, you can create scenes for comic books and fiction stories and sell them.
  • You can make and sell unique and eye-catching cover art for books.
  • Also, you can create vibrant and attractive images for social media posts. After editing the picture and adding relevant text and logos, the image will be ready for attracting traffic.
  • For making creative and engaging ads, give relevant prompts to Leonardo AI. It will give you high-resolution images that you can use in your product ads. Remember, the more engagement your ads get, the more successful your product will be.
  • The easiest method is to create exciting wallpapers using Leonardo AI and sell them on online marketplaces like Etsy.

So, these are some of the ways you can make money using Leonard AI art.Check out them and stick to the one in which you have interest.


Leonardo AI is indeed one of the best AI image generator with an extensive range of features that promise its uniqueness. It provides various functionalities, but its attention to detail makes it different from other AI tools.

It has a simple web interface that enables even a simple person to use it , offering a blend of functionality and simplicity.

It’s a freemium tool. The free version is enough for a simple user, but if you are operating on a large scale, you should consider purchasing the pro version.

There is no difference in the quality of the results, but pro users get some additional benefits that streamline the process.

There are different ways to earn money using Leonardo AI artwork. I have explained all these points clearly for your better understanding. I hope this will help you.


How does Leonardo AI prioritize the user’s safety?

According to Leonardo AI, they take the safety of their users very seriously. They have taken major steps to prevent NSFW (Not safe for work) images.

These steps include filtering inappropriate words at the prompt level to avoid unpleasant results. 

Moreover,any inappropriate output will be flagged, warning the users about the NSFW content.

To avoid such image generations in your feed, disable the “I confirm that I am over 18 and want to show NSFW content by default” toggle in the settings.

Can others see my artwork on Leonardo AI?

Yes, every piece of art you generate as a user will be public. The option of creating private images is available only for pro users.

If you don’t want others to see your images, just delete them after downloading. This way, it will be saved on your device but removed from the platform.

Do I own the rights over the content I create on Leonardo AI?

Yes, you own every piece of content you generate using the platform. According to Leonardo AI, it gives its users complete rights and ownership of their inputs and the output generated. So, you can use them for commercial purposes fearlessly.

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