Step-by-Step Guide to How to Sell on Amazon from Alibaba

Can I sell my Alibaba products on Amazon? Yes, you can sell the products online on the multinational e-commerce website. Do you know how to sell on Amazon from Alibaba? If not, don’t fret as this article will provide a comprehensive guide to selling Alibaba products on the Amazon marketplace. 

Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and Alibaba’s selling strategies can be confusing to many as different platforms have multiple ways to sell products. Whether you look on Google or YouTube about how to sell on Amazon from Alibaba, there will be multiple distinct results. But which of them is legit and applicable is a substantial question. 

Amazon has changed its algorithm and selling strategies over time with regular updates. If you like Alibaba products due to their inexpensive prices, you can delve deeper into the guide containing all the basics of selling on Amazon from Alibaba. Apart from that, private labeling, white labeling, vetting manufacturers, and earning a decent profit will be covered in the article. 

Amazon FBA is a service provider that allows you to store your products in fulfillment centers and sell your products through them. The purpose of the fulfillment centers is to pick the order that customers place on the platform and ship it on behalf of the seller. Moreover, it also handles the returns and customer service as well. 

What are the Basic Steps to How to Sell on Amazon from Alibaba Products?

What are the Basic Steps to How to Sell on Amazon from Alibaba Products?

If you want to sell Alibaba products on Amazon, follow the instructions closely:

  • Finding products on Alibaba
  • Contacting suppliers on Alibaba 
  • Shipping and logistics from Alibaba to Amazon 
  • Listing products on Amazon 
  • Managing inventory and sales

The steps are easy to comprehend, however, they involve various intricacies. You can easily make mistakes and it can cost you thousands of dollars from a single error in the process. Therefore, don’t rush and slowly pace towards success. 

What’s the First Step to Selling Alibaba Products on Amazon?

Before figuring out how to sell on Amazon from Alibaba, you need to analyze what products you will offer to the consumers on Amazon. If you are a novice in marketing and e-commerce, focus on selling products with high demand and low competition. This will aid you in competing against the brands in your niche and generate profit. 

Therefore, you need to complete the first step of the process which is product research. It’s the most vital and significant part of your Amazon selling journey as it directly influences your growth and profit generation. If you have a couple of ideas, think carefully about the one that will be most beneficial, and don’t remain trapped in analysis paralysis. 

Analyzing Products 

While analyzing which products should choose to sell on Amazon from Alibaba, remind yourself of three key principles: 



While analyzing the profitability of a product, one needs to source it for much less than its selling price. You can determine the profitability of your product through the 3X rule:

  • ⅓ of your product sales will make up the product costs
  • ⅓ will cover the Amazon fees
  • ⅓ will make up the profit 

For instance, if you are selling your product at $30, its price should be $10 (your buying price from Alibaba). $10 will be your profit, while the remaining $20 will cover the Amazon fees and the product expenses. This is the minimal rule, as you would need to clear out advertising expenses from your profitability as well. 


While analyzing the product, do your research on the demand for the product and how many people are purchasing the item from different brands. Demand is necessary to observe as without the research, you might start selling the product that no one buys. Moreover, demand builds confidence in product sales. 


After analyzing the profitability and demand, your next step is to reach out to the competitors in your niche. While researching, you have to observe every detail about how they are selling the product and how can you add much value to it through your sales. What will you improve in the product or what will clients benefit from purchasing from you? You need to think about it.

As Amazon has high competition, you must choose a product with low competition and high demand. For the research, you can use multiple tools that will generate accurate statistics of your niche competition on Amazon, such as:

  • Product Database
  • Opportunity Finder
  • Extension
  • Product Tracker
  • Category Trends 
  • Keyword Scout
  • Rank Tracker 

Step-by-Step Guide to How to Sell on Amazon from Alibaba 

The step-by-step guide to how to sell on Amazon from Alibaba: 

Finding suppliers on Alibaba

Finding suppliers on Alibaba

After the product analysis, you will need to look for suppliers. Conduct keyword research on the platform and observe what comes up. You can search for the product you want to sell or buy, just like vintage jackets. 

At the top, there will be an option of filters, including the following options:

  • Supplier type
  • Product Type
  • Price
  • Supplier country
  • Certifications

Observe the products that pique your interest by appointing multiple filters for personalized and specific results. You will see sellers on Alibaba from multiple regions, not only just China. While researching, choose the Supplier Types filter to check Trade Assurance and Verified Supplier to get an idea about professional sellers. 

Moreover, you will research proving and reviews on the products to get a better understanding of the quality of the product and whether it’s feasible for you or not. 

Evaluating Suppliers 

Find more about the sellers. For the product listings, you can just click on the “find more information” icon and analyze the seller profile. In the images, there’s usually a company link. You can just click on them and the site will redirect you to their company website. Using this method, you can learn more about company sales, employees, quality control, product library, and the process of manufacturing. 

How to Contact Suppliers?

Before finding a supplier, you can contact different suppliers and inquire about the product. After being confident, you can choose the most adequate supplier to your requirements. 

While contacting suppliers, you need to consider multiple factors, such as:

  • Product Quality
    • High-quality products lead to good reviews, hence, aim for quality products 
    • Test samples, before purchasing an item in bulk 
    • Test it with family, friends, or freelance product reviewed to make user its usability 
  • Communication
    • Discern whether the supplier is user-friendly and communicates promptly 
    • Beware of deal breakers and scamming sellers
    • Do they communicate with you while perceiving you as a potential buyer and provide proper details? If not, then you need to think again. 
  • Industry Experience
    • Most of the Alibaba suppliers have their mini stores, mini fronts, and minisites similar to Amazon Storefront. Process their information to check their reliability. 
  • Price
    • Choose the pricing that is most suitable for you as you will get a wide range of pricing options 
    • Explore a cross-section of 5 to 10 companies, their products, and prices 
    • Determine or ask about shipping costs to your location 

Placing an Order on Alibaba

After negotiating your price and researching your product, purchase the item in the required quantity. You will need to follow the similar steps as you do in any digital store and order your package. 

How to Ship Products from your Supplier to Amazon FBA?

After purchasing the items, all you need to do is get the item into the FBA fulfillment center. If you are new to Amazon, you can go through a supplier to arrange the shipping as it’s your first shipping. Moreover, the first drippings are usually small enough for air freight, rather than needing sea shipments. 

How to Sell on Amazon from Alibaba Products?

The last step after your items arrive at Amazon is to have a listing. If you haven’t created your Amazon account, then do and create your product listings. You need to create your listings before shipping directly from any country to FBA. There are no restrictions on any country’s shipments. 

How to sell on Amazon from Alibaba has the following steps:

  • You can change it in Seller Central, at the Catalog bar
  • Then Add a product icon
  • Choose the option stating, “I’m adding a product not sold on Amazon” to proceed further
  • Choose your product category 
  • Enter product information, description, UCP, brand name, item features, specifics, and other such details 
  • Complete the listing and launch your inventory to potential buyers

If there’s any confusion regarding how to sell on Amazon from Alibaba products, comment below.

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