The Value of a Quality Backlink: Its Impact & How To Get it?

If we talk about backlinks from a few years ago, our minds play a gray picture where we were posting our websites’ links in the comment sections of some high-DA sites to fool Google into thinking, “Our website is authoritative.” 

But those were the old days, and now Google has become smarter, it’s impossible to fool Google like that. Today, you need to create good-quality content to get an original and high-quality backlink that shouts for the authority of your websites.

What’s a quality backlink? What is the value of a quality backlink, and how can you gain it? These questions might jump into your mind while reading the intro. Keep reading this article, because I will answer all your questions.

What Is a Quality Backlink?

What Is a Quality Backlink?

A quality backlink is a link that your website got from a trustworthy and authoritative website and, most importantly, from a relevant website. 

It does not work if your article or website is related to sports and you are getting a backlink from an automobile blog. It’s like your math teacher referring you to some math competitions at the national level.

To better understand relevancy, consider this:

  • The backlink is relevant if the website that is linking to your website has authority over the targeted keywords.
  • If the topic of the page linking to your website is relevant to your site’s targeted keywords,.
  • If the topic of the linking page is relevant to your website page (which is being linked),.
  • If the link to your website makes sense in the context, it is used in the anchor text.

It’s good to have backlinks from high-DA sites that have a low spam score.

One more good practice is to have backlinks from diverse sources rather than having 10 backlinks from the same source.

But it does not mean that you start working only to get more and more backlinks from high-DA websites.

Remember, Google will never compromise the quality of the content it ranks, so your main focus should be creating high-quality content that earns backlinks naturally.

I hope you now understand what a high-quality backlink is. So let’s move to the next part about the value of quality backlinks.

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What’s the value of  a quality backlink?

Having quality backlinks plays a crucial role in building your website’s authority in the jungle of thousands of websites.

A quality backlink acts as a vote from the linking website that helps Google understand that your website is credible and worthy of ranking for the specific niche.

In addition, it also builds your site’s credibility in front of readers. Quality backlinks are a great way of earning quality traffic that really wants to read the topic you have written.

Quality backlinks not only improve your site’s SEO but also help you gain more exposure. There is a high chance that the coming readers might explore other pages and blogs on your website and convert into a loyal audience.

Moreover, until the article (that links to your website) is on Google and gaining traffic, you will keep getting more traffic and exposure.

So, having a quality website is always a win-win situation. You build your trust and get more traffic and exposure.

How Do You Get Quality Backlinks?

How Do You Get Quality Backlinks?

The answer is quite simple, and many of you might have the answer by now.

The best way to get a quality link is to create human friendly content that is worthy of linking. Now, you might have thought that we could purchase the links or use other methods, as many people do.

But wait, champ, it’s not going to help you in the long run. SEO is a long-term marathon, and if you want to succeed in it, you must have a long-term plan.

You might get a backlink from a high-DA site, but if you are not posting quality content and not providing value, you will fail to get any of the benefits mentioned above.

Typically, there are 4 methods of getting backlinks: ask, earn, buy, and post on forums.

Honestly speaking, the safest of them is to earn a link because of quality content. I am emphasizing the word” quality content” because Google will never tolerate low-quality content. 

Now let’s discuss how the first method works. Many people send emails to other high DA websites asking them to publish their guest posts on their site; it’s the worst way of gaining backlinks and wasting your money as well.

As mentioned above, Google will only prefer backlinks from relevant websites that are trustworthy. By getting backlinks from websites that have provided backlinks to hundreds of other irrelevant sites, you can get a backlink but not Google’s trust. 

The same is the case with the third method. Many websites have made it a business; they provide backlinks to other sites for money. 

It is as worthless as the above one until you have made a deal with a trustworthy, authoritative, and relevant website that doesn’t purchase links from random sites.

And at last, posting links on public forums. No doubt, these forums have high DA, but they have no worth in the eyes of Google because anyone can post on them.

Google has made a detailed guide, that you can follow to avoid spam linking and be on the safe side. 


By now, I have explained to you what a quality backlink is, what value it holds, and how you can get one.

So, I can conclude that quality backlinks are those links that a website gets from a trustworthy, authoritative, and reliable website.

You can understand the value of a quality backlink from the fact that it plays an important role in building a website’s trust and authority in the eyes of Google.

It not only improves SEO but also attracts more traffic and exposure. There are various ways to get a backlink, but a quality backlink is the one that is earned on the basis of quality content.

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