Pastor Chris Hodges Scandal: Moral Support, Exposing Church of Highlands & Pastor’s Clarification 

The Lodge at Church of the Highlands has often come under heat. But what’s the matter now? There are many rumors about Pastor Chris Hodges scandal going over and over. Pastor Hodges has recently made efforts to clear out all the confusion about the purpose of The Lodge.

People have shown their concerns that this place might be a hideout for the accused people and sinners. But Pastor cleared out saying no this place is just meant to be a haven for oysters so they can relax here when they are tired and rejuvenate.

There are beautiful pictures of The Lodge have been uploaded on the official website which shows the beautiful layout. This place caters to church leaders’ and pastors’ needs, so they can relax, and understand their motives if joining it in the first place.

The Lodge is looking forward to curating programs that will facilitate pastors, ministers, and their spouses. 

A clergy who was accused of sexual harassment was dealt with by Pastor Chris Hodges and was kicked out of The Lodge. Pastor has defended the allegation by saying it wasn’t connected and the place doesn’t support such accusations.

In this guide, we will look deeper into Pastor Chris Hodges scandal, how the church and pastors supported it, whether any action was taken against those allegations, and how Hodges was involved and the due clarification. 

Did Pastor Chris Hodges Scandal Involve  Morally Supporting Accused Ones?

The pastor works at the Church of Highlands which usually supports pastors who need moral support due to accusations of misconduct. He has stated their support by saying,

“If it’s a redeemable offense, that has been our protocol,”  Pastor Hodges further added,

“They are required to step down for a period, or whatever is necessary.”

When he announced the new planning for the Lodge that accidently aligned with Micahn Carter’s case so people did two and two and related both things.

Pastor Chris Hodges’s scandals escalated just due to this reason as people assumed him of supporting Carter. He clarified it by saying,

“I wasn’t dealing with any other cases related to sexual or moral issues, not a single one.”

In 2019, Carter backed away from his pastor position deliberately from Washington and subsequently, he joined the church of Highlands in Birmingham, UK.

Staff from Washington’s Church of Highlands contacted Pastor Chris Hodges and asked him to assist in the restoration process and he agreed. But when he got to know along with other church leaders that Carter was accused of sexual assault, they cut all ties with him. 

The church of Highlands stated in this regard in 2021,

“In 2019, Micahn Carter’s Pastoral Overseers from Washington state requested Church of the Highlands’ assistance in overseeing a process to restore him to ministry,” 

The statement further included,

“Highlands agreed to assist, and since then, we have been working with Micahn and his family. Recently, Highlands received new allegations regarding events that took place over two years ago in Washington state. Upon sharing this information with the Carters, they voluntarily resigned from their staff positions to address these matters independently. Church of the Highlands is no longer involved in the restoration process.”

Did Pastor Chris Hodges Scandal Exposed Church of Highlands? 

The pastor Chris Hodges scandal entails him curating a program that gives support to accused clergies, is it that? 

Pastor Chris explained that they don’t have any programs designed that would deal with pastors with allegations of moral misconduct and sexual harassment. 

He further clarified by saying that The Lodge has no connection with such falsies and people relating it to the sacred place, The Lodge simply wants to ruin its reputation.

He further made it clear that he had no connection with Carter’s case and that he wouldn’t tolerate any further case like this.

So, pastor Chris Hodges Scandal is baseless and he expects people to not make any assumptions about The Lodge’s intended programs.

Pastor Chris Hodges Scandal: Moral Support, Exposing Church of Highlands & Pastor's Clarification 

Although the oysters are making policies to ensure good moral conduct the recent Scandals are in no way related to the designed policies.

Pastor Hodges may be scandalized for co-founding the Association of Related Churches (ARC) which was initiated to make new churches but doesn’t govern them. 

The governance is done by individual boards and the role of ARC in the recent Pastor Chris Hodges scandal of supporting sexual misconduct is false and fabricated. Pastor has sealed his lips about commenting about other misconceptions made in the doings of the Lodge.

Pastor Chris Hodges Scandal Clarification

When the pastor Chris Hodges scandal made rounds over the internet, he deigned to clarify all the rumors. He said that the allegations had nothing to do with the planning they were doing for the Lodge. He apologized for the unfortunate incident where he allowed Micahn Carter to deliver a sermon in 2020.

He said that he mistakenly allowed him such an opportunity as he wasn’t aware of Carter’s doing. When allegations were made against him regarding sexual harassment. He as a pastor at Church of the Highlands took action and expelled him from the church which Carter complied with simply.

However, Carter claimed that the allegations against him were false and has filed a lawsuit against the person who accused him.

The restoration planning began more than a decade ago when Pastor Dino Rizzo joined the overseers’ staff and he got indulged in an inappropriate relationship at the Healing Palace. All the overseers are initially responsible for making sure the restoration takes place smoothly. 

One of the restoration plans demands Pastor Dino Rizzo be stepping down from his ministership for at least a year. But the other plans will demand him to be a minister again soon.

Is Pastor Chris Hodges scandal anyhow related to this restoration plan or was it just a diversion from the plans at the backend?


In Conclusion, there have been several rumors circulating on the Internet after the restoration programs for the Church of Highlands were issued. People have accused the pastors and leaders of churches of supporting other pastors and clergies they support in their misdoings. 

That’s how Pastor Chris Hodges scandal arose although we believe that was a mere coincidence that Carter’s case of sexual assault and the church issuing restoration policies came at the same time. 

Pastor has clarified it he and the Church don’t support Carter’s doing and made him step down from his positions.

Give it a thorough read to know all about the Scandals and the clarification and share what you think of it. 


What did Pastor Chris Hodges do?

He co-founded Associate of Related Churches in 2001, which has established several churches all over Europe and he founded Grow which facilitates pastors in learning and growing in their field.

What did the Pastor of Chris Hodges son do? 

His son, Michael Hodges won a game, ‘Game of Fortune’ where he answered a puzzle and won $52650.

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