Boycotting Squishmallows: Twitter Trend, CEO Supporting Israel, Backlash, People’s Disdain & Controversial Opinions

Companies often face backlash due to the unabashed statements they make, isn’t it? Here, you must be wondering why people are publicly boycotting Squishmallows. 

Well, the reason is that Jazwares, the company behind Squishmallows facing a boycott and is controversial in the media because the CEO declared his consolidation with Israel over Hamas. 

This boycott rallying started shortly before the big black Friday sale because people considered it a pro-Zionist stance.  

The company was once used to be cherished for its aesthetic adorable products but now in severe heat. The CEO is constantly being criticized as his support during this ongoing conflict is below humanity. 

This social media firestorm has ruined the reputation of the beloved brand, Squishmallows. 

In this guide, we will look deeper into how boycotting Squishmallows became trendy on Twitter, the Company’s CEO’s support of Israel, backlash, disdain by the audience, boycott, controversial opinions of people, and why Warren Buffett appreciated Squishmallows. 

‘Boycotting Squishmallows’ Trend On Twitter

Squishmallows’s CEO was exposed on LinkedIn when an online user shared his post where he mentioned he’s supporting Israel amid these crises with Palestine. 

It’s that he’s supporting Genocide while being fully aware of the oppression Israel is doing. Isn’t it?

Judd Zebersky said he fully supports protecting Israeli kin from Hamas fear mongers. 

He further added that he has sent two of his Israeli Interns, Daniel, and Yoni back to their Israeli state for support and even haste audacity to say ‘they went for battle’.

His statement didn’t end there, he further claimed of associating with an NGO, ‘Siblings Forever’ which treats injured Israeli troops.

Additionally, he acknowledged that Jazwares won’t hire employees support, “favorable to fear-based oppressor associations or acts with derisive goal toward any group” 

It caused quite an havoc over the internet and people are still reeling with the fact that their beloved brand was supporting Genocide all this time.

Squishmallows’s CEO Supporting Israel 

The boycotting Squishmallows trend went viral on the internet when the CEO, Judd Zebersky’s showed his solidarity with Israel and condemned Hamas. 

His statement piqued the negative sentiments of people and they showed outrage. 

He was severely condemned when he mentioned he has sent Israeli Interns back to their state so they could support their country. Support what? Genocide, such mentioned fuelled people’s contempt.

Boycotting Squishmallows: Twitter Trend, CEO Supporting Israel, Backlash, People’s Disdain & Controversial Opinions

It not only made people scorn his stance but also made us wonder where the political inclinations of Jazwares and Squishmallows company are. 

People are still in shock that the CEO would have such a firm stance on Israel despite all the wrecks they are causing. It’s extremely concerning, isn’t it?

Why Squishmallows Facing Backlash?

The company’s CEO unabashedly supporting Israel, and calling out Hamas-oppressed people as Hamas terrorists have deeply angered people. People have called out him supporting just one side of conflict and being biased.

He even tried to portray Israel’s cruelty as them being oppressed, which we suppose he need to sober up.

Judd Zebersky’s hateful intent for the Hamas Group has made people reconsider their choice of buying products from this brand. 

All of these discussions and debates have led to boycotting Squishmallows for good. 

The tweet where he was supporting Israel removed millions of views out of which the majority are shocked by the company’s biased political inclination.

Public’s Disdain Over This Ongoing Conflict

Once Judd Zebersky’s biased statement went viral, the social media platform became the corner of debate. 

People showed their disdain and called for boycotting Squishmallows and Jazwares for their supporting Israeli attacks.

Social media influencers and other audiences advocated for switching to other plush toys and steer clear of this company. 

People are vehemently in search of alternative brands that would meet their demands and it shows how intricately a company’s political standpoint affects the consumer market.

Although there is no outcome about the future if this brand is revealed the contempt and controversies are still looming. 

Controversial Opinions Over the Trend ‘Boycotting Squishmallows’

There are divided opinions of customers since the boycotting Squishmallows trend has risen. Some people completely supported the boycott rally and expressed their contempt over the CEO’s supporting Genocide by aiding Israel. 

It meant that the political and ethical agendas of a company greatly influence its marketing as people’s sentiments are influenced accordingly. 

People don’t prefer buying from companies that don’t align well with humanity and even slightly follow negativity.

Boycotting Squishmallows: Twitter Trend, CEO Supporting Israel, Backlash, People’s Disdain & Controversial Opinions

However, there’s another concern people have shown that the CEO’s political concerns shouldn’t shape customer choices. 

Several debates and discussions are going on. We aren’t certain how it will impact Squishmallows and Jazwares’ repute in the long run.

We suppose it isn’t affecting much as the Squishmallows still got the Toy of the Year award this year. 

Warren Buffett Appreciating Squishmallows 

Did boycotting Squishmallows cease when Warren Buffet praised it? No, I believe, the boycotting never stopped, people are still raising their eyebrows at Squishmallows’s CEO remarks.

However, Berkshire Hathaway’s CEO Warren Buffet considers Jazwares a gem in the fun industry. He said that in a comment on Twitter in the ongoing scandal Squishmallows Facing.

He called out both the CEO and President of the company, Judd Zebersky and Laura Zebersky respectively, and said they used to effectively manage Berkshire.

Both are lawyers who established Squishmallows in 2017 after setting the foundation of Jazwares in 1997. 

They subsequently bought Kelly toy in 2020, and are taking over the Toy market. 

Despite Squishmallows getting under heat due to controversial agendas still got the Toy of the Year Award for the third time in a row.


In conclusion to ongoing rallies of boycotting Squishmallows, we are certain of one thing the political standpoint of a company dictates its market potential.

How did the controversies begin? It all started when an online user on Twitter shared a LinkedIn post of Squishmallows’s CEO who showed his support with Israel. 

He sent two of his interns back to their states, Israel and Saudi they are going for a battle. 

He even claimed to support an NGO that treats Israeli soldiers and doesn’t want to hire people supporting Hamas into his companies. It deeply damaged people and they started boycott appeals.

Although we aren’t certain about the future of Squishmallows after all this Backlash this statement has lost Squishmallows number of its customers.

Give it a thorough read to know all about this ongoing conflict of boycotting Squishmallows and share your genuine opinion over it with us. 

FAQs on Boycotting Squishmallows 

Why are Squishmallows being boycotted?

The CEO of this popular plush toy company has publicly supported Israel and its ongoing attacks on Hamas which has enraged people and led to a boycott.

What’s the deal with Squishmallows?

The company offers its stuffed toys with a back story that will grip you. As it’s called Squishmallows you can imagine the toys will be as soft as marshmallows perfect to cuddle at night.

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