When will Ghost of Tsushima PC Launch? Details You Should Know

Are you looking forward to the Ghost of Tsushima PC version? Sony has defined the latest strategic decisions in terms of its PlayStation exclusives, therefore gamers are presumptuous about the Ghost of Tsushima PC release. Various hints about its release have also surfaced, including the estimation of its launch date. 

Is Ghost of Tsushima only Available on PlayStation?

Ghost of Tsushima PC is an action and adventure samurai game that is available on PlayStation, by infamous developers Suker Punch Productions. The beautifulness and thrill of playing the game on the island of Tsushima makes the PC gamers jealous, as they can’t play it. 

Is Ghost of Tsushima only Available on PlayStation?

Additionally, it’s an ode to samurai cinema and homage to Akira Kurosawa. Tsushima fans and critics enjoy the open world filled with satisfying melee combat and a handsome protagonist, Jin Sakai. Presently, the game is available on PS4 and the players are looking forward to playing it on their PCs. 

There is not yet official information about the PC port of Ghost of Tsushima, but some leaks from insiders and rumors are making the hearts of gamers palpitating while they are looking forward to the official confirmation. Apart from that, when the game came out with a co-op update, the box didn’t have an “Only on PlayStation” label on it. 

A similar thing happened with other games under the umbrella of Sony, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Days Gone had their “Only on PlayStation” label removed before their PC ports were released. Moreover, the game also appeared in the PlayStation Promo earlier this year and fans can’t help but anticipate something good to launch soon. 

Leaks and Rumors about Ghost of Tsushima PC Release 

Leaks and Rumors about Ghost of Tsushima PC Release 

The gamers must be thinking why there are numerous rumors and leaks about it when the company hasn’t made confirmation. Recently, Sony games exclusives have found their way to PCs. Days Gone, Horizon: Zero Dawn, God of War, and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apar PC versions are available for playing now. 

Most of the franchises with PC versions have bigger business than Ghost of Tsushima. The Last of Us even received a series, yet Sony decided to give up on the PlayStation exclusiveness of the game. The Last of Us moved to the PC port, despite its radiance and big name. Whereas, Sony is denying the Ghost of Tsushima PC port to keep the game exclusive. 

There were various leaks apart from the hints of Sony surpassing its traditional styles and launching PCs or mobile ports. The major leak was from the infamous Nvidia leaks in 2021, which exposed information about various games. Among the information, there were also announcements about unreleased and ambiguous games. 

Among Nvidia leaks, there was also data about the launch of PC ports of Ghost of Tsushima, Tekken 8, Dragon Dogma’s 2, Returnal, and Ratchet & Clank. Apart from that, all games with PC ports turned out to be true except from the Ghost of Tsushima. Accordingly, the PC port of the game is likely to happen soon as well. 

Moreover, Sony proclaimed in an official statement that they want to bring more games from PlayStation to PCs. Therefore, it’s likely that gaming developers might be working on your favorite samurai game. 

What’s the Expected Release Date of Ghost of Tsushima PC?

If we compare it with Horizon: Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4, and Days Gone, the data is the following about their PC ports launch. 

  • Horizon: Zero Dawn dropped on PS4 in 2017, whereas, its PC release was in 2020 (three years later the original launch)
  • Days Gone dropped on PS4 in 2019, whereas, its PC release was two years later in 2021. 
  • Uncharted 4 dropped on PS4 in 2016, while its PC port was released in 2022 (remaster version). 

After analyzing the release dates of other games under Sony, one can calculate the release date of Ghost of Tsushima PC, which is expected to be in 2024. Nixxes Software employee on 4chan claimed that 2024 will be the biggest year for Sony in the gaming domain. According to the report, the employee said that Playstations PC ports for 2024 include Ghost of Tsushima. 

The leaks also hinted at the release of PC ports for God of War Ragnarok and Gran Turismo 7. Therefore, gamers should be ready to play their favorite games on PC in 2024. 

Official Statement of Sony on PC Ports Cycle 

In the official statement, Sony said that they formed “some wonderful and great games” in the “latter half of the PS4 cycle” of the studio. Presently, their mission is to widen the horizon of games by expanding opportunities to gamers worldwide. As a result of the exposure of the great games to a wider audience, the world will recognize a revolution in the economics of game development.

It’s been three years since the launch of Ghost of Tsushima. According to the leaks and estimations, the Ghost of Tsushima PC port might be released in early 2024 or the second half of 2024. 

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