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Future leader of women’s wrestlers (WWE division) wrestlers Liv Morgan was recently arrested for marijuana possession in Florida. On the same day, she was bonded out of jail and released. WWE superstar debuted as a member of The Riott Squad, then fanned out on her own. 

Liv Morgan has a massive fandom and she’s gaining more and more fans recently. If you want to know more about her real name, biography, wiki, family, relationships, Hooters waitress, wrestling career, friends, and much more, then keep on reading. 

Liv Morgan Bio and Wiki

Liv Morgan Bio and Wiki

Liv Morgan (real name Giinna Daddio) was born on June 8, 1994, in Morristown, New Jersey, USA and this makes her 29 years old. Morgan is known as the youngest WWE roster female wrestler as she debuted in the ring nine years ago when she was just 20 years old. Although she’s quite young, she has accomplished a lot with two championships under her name — the Smackdown Women’s Championship and the Women’s Tag Team Championship. 

At the age of 20, she signed with NXT and started her wrestling career. Her height is about 5 ‘3 feet, which is a bit lesser than other female wrestlers as the height ranges from 5’ 5 to 6 ‘0 in the female wrestlers. Morgan’s short height didn’t let her get bullied by others in the ring. The tough build and amazing altitude don’t let anyone boss her around. 

Apart from that, she isn’t envious or scared of other wrestlers just because of their tall height, rather she’s confident enough to take them heads on. 

Liv Morgan Family

Several wrestlers confess to having a rough past and having monetary troubles during their upbringing. Likewise, Liv Morgan had a tough life among five siblings, where they never had enough money to make ends meet. Due to the tight money in the household, she couldn’t even have the bare minimum of clothes. Moreover, her house doesn’t have a cable. 

Her single mother took care of all the children and due to the adverse circumstances, her life ultimately led her to the squared circle. 

Liv Morgan Career 

Morgan started her career as a Hooters waitress. Many people didn’t know that she worked as a waitress before becoming a WWE scout. However, her fans shared her old pictures in which she was wearing the waitress dress. In turn, it was revealed to her numerous fans that their favorite wrestler has worked as a waitress in New Jersey.

In the pictures posted on social media from her waitress era, she was wearing an orange and white dress from Hooters. From that, she worked on her build and became a wrestler through arduous work hard, and continuous gritting. 

After getting into wrestling, she fought in various rings with multiple nicknames. Usually, novice wrestlers take on different nicknames until they stick. As she had many ring names, she made her debut with the Marley nickname in 2015. Her career began officially in 2015, in which she was a jobber fated to take out Eva Marie. 

At the end of the same year, on December 2, 2015, she returned to programming as Liv Morgan. From that NXT match onward, she continued to use her nickname, Liv Morgan. Liv’s birth name is Gionna Daddio. 

Is Liv Morgan Dating Bo Dallas? 

Is Liv Morgan Dating Bo Dallas? 

WWE has numerous couples. Many people meet their other half or date in the same industry. A similar thing happened with Gionna Daddio, as she’s painting beau Bo Dallas. In February 2021, the couple started dating.

Both wrestlers are still happy and together, living together on a farm while having their real estate business. It’s unknown when they both started dating or how long has it been since their relationship started, as the couple didn’t reveal any information regarding it. 

Before dating her beau Dallas, she also dated another wrestler, Enzo Amore. However, both WWE stars called it quits in 2017 and grew apart on bad terms. The couple started dating during their time in NXT and broke up when Amore was caught cheating on her. Later, Amore throws shade on his ex-girlfriend through his tsp, but Liv Morgan remains unfazed. 

Is Liv Morgan Close with her Riott Squad?

In November 2017, Riot Squad made its debut with three members — Ruby Riott (Ruby Soho in AEW) Sarah Logan (popular as Valhalla), and Gionna Daddio (Liv Morgan). The fans loved the trio of the female wrestlers and they became popular globally. Riott and Logan are best friends Morgan and they share a bond, both on-screen and off the screen. 

Although WWE released two of the Riott Squad members after they got disbanded, Logan and Riott. However, they still kept in touch and Morgan often visited Logan and her son. During the recent Smackdown Championship, Ruby also showed her love for Morgan’s win in it. 

Are Liv Morgan and CJ Perry Friends or Enemies?

Lana and Morgan are onscreen enemies, who have to fight each other. However, it’s not the same off-screen, as both share a close bond. Morgan often visits Lana and appears on her YouTube channel whereas Lana often visits her farm. The two women often spend time together outside their ring and their pictures appear on social media. 

In 2019, one of the most eccentric marriages occurred between WWE wrestlers, Lana and Bobby Lashley. In the wedding ceremony, Lana’s (CJ Perry in AEW) ex-boyfriend interrupted her wedding, Rusev came and created a disturbance during the ceremony. Later, things got much worse as Liv Morgan confessed that she was in love with Lana and both girls got into a small feud. 

In the end, Morgan came out as a victor, and things resumed between them as both are still great friends. 

Has Liv Morgan been Ordained?

Yes, Liv Morgan has been ordained (set apart and elevated to clergy and to perform various religious rites or ceremonies), however, the cause is unknown yet. In 2016, she shared the shocking news with everyone. It’s safe to consider that she’s still ordained as their contracts don’t expire over time. 

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