The Doctor of Thuganomics: Wrestler, John Cena Second Marriage. Complete Biography.

A News of John Cena Second Marriage:

Today we will discuss on John Cena second marriage and his complete biography.

Doctor of Thuganomics, John Cena
John Cena second marriage

John Cena tied the knot with Elizabeth Huberdeau on July 11, 2009. They divorced after three years in July 2012. After that, In 2017, he got engaged to his fellow female wrestler Nikki Bella at WrestleMania 33.

In May 2018, he decided to separate due to some personal issues, a month before the wedding. Leah, during the shooting of the film in Canada, met Iranian prose-Canadian Muslim girl Shreya Shariatzadeh, on October 12, 2020, the news of their marriage came.  

John cena proposing nikki bella
Got engage with Nikki Bella at WrestleMania
what is thuganomics?
It is an enthusiastic study to become an expert thug. These thugs relate to anti social people who rob, beat up the innocent civilians and kill them for their living. Thuganomics was made popular by John Cena, a powerful young wrestler, of the United States of America.

John Cena’s Complete Biography:

We are discussing about John Cena second marriage and his complete biography.

John Cena competed against a powerful wrestler in every big event and always would be memorable. One of them was the championship match “Standing Match in the Last” Royal Rumble between John Cena and Wrestler Omega in 2007 and left unforgettable memories.

The test of both of them in this minutiae competition and the bloody face of John Cena on his forehead due to the hands of Omega in it made the competition very interesting.  

John cena, the wrestler
John Cena

John Cena was still standing up for the competition with neglecting his some injuries and the owner of a heavy body like Omega could not control John Cena yet.

Meanwhile, the manager of Omega suddenly took out the turn of the ring ropes and handed the rope to Omega.

He hugged John Cena’s neck. John Cena was lying upside down in the ring at that moment. As soon as Omega took the rope and approached John Cena, John Cena got up and snatched the rope from Omega. He pressed it so hard that after the next few moments he became exhausted.  

The referee, who was preventing Omega’s manager from cutting the rope and handing it to Omega, counted on Omega, which was exhausted by the rope, to 10, but he could not get up and took the belt. John Cena, this was the first major defeat in E. In 2007, John Cena completed the match against Mr. Kennedy despite his muscle injury and won it.  

Wrestler John Cena Second marriage: his remarkable journey, towards a great pyrrhic from “The Doctor of thuganomics”. A complete biography.

John Cena fell in love with a girl named Elizabeth Huberdeau during his school days, which led to the girl being called “Liz Cena”. John Cena was 30 years old when he married Elizabeth on July 11, 2009.

After marriage, John Cena’s reluctance to have a child, his involvement in wrestling, and his meetings with other women began to cause a distance between the couple.  

The result was a divorce in July 2012. Even after that, news of John Cena’s friendship and love with various women remained hot and then he got engaged to fellow female wrestler Nikki Bella in 2017 at WrestleMania 33.

But in May 2018, a month before the wedding, the two suddenly decided to separate. Wrestling’s success seemed to dominate John Cena’s married and film career.  

But once again in 2019, their love story came to light when they went to Canada to shoot a film. There, friends introduced him to Iranian prose-Canadian Muslim girl Shreya Shariatzadeh, who was working in a technology company. The series turned into love and then on October 12, 2020, the news of their marriage was regularly broadcast.  

John Cena winning awards

If there was one wrestler whose name rose to prominence in the WWE in the early 2000s, it was John Cena. He is also known as a super actor and a great rapper. But who awaits him in the wrestling ring?

The way it was done can only tell the patience of his fans. He wondered where this wrestler came from that time does not pass until he has time to compete.  

Then, when John Cena’s fight begins, time is not known. Soon he will be called an honest wrestler whose career began with difficulties. John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. Opened his eyes on April 23, 1977, in West Newbury, Massachusetts.

JOhn Cena second marriage and biograpy

The father is John Felix Anthony Cena Sr. of Italian descent and the mother’s name is Carol Ni Lupine and she is of English and French-Canadian descent.  

John Cena’s grandfather was baseball player Tony Lupine. John Cena’s older brother is named Stephen and his three younger brothers are named Dean, Matt, and Sean.

He is also known as the cousin of the famous computer scientist Natalie Enright Jerger. Raised and trained in a Christian Catholic family, he attended Central Catholic High School in Lawrence, Massachusetts.  

He then studied at Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts, where he was part of the college football team and won the tournament as a captain.

As far as the point is concern, we are recapitulating about John Cena second marriage and biography. The next come is that,

He graduated from the same college in 1998 with a degree in “Exercise Physiology and Body Movement”. As youth blossomed, so did the desire to show strength. For which he preferred to make bodybuilding his career.  

The father, who was the announcer of the wrestling competitions, disagreed with his son’s wish. John Cena said goodbye to the house and came to California with only 500 500 in his pocket and got a job at Gold Gym and started bodybuilding This was the period in which he did not even have a room to live in. The money he had brought from home had been spent. Therefore, the beginning of Cena’s practical life was not less than difficult.  

He also worked as a limousine driver. I also washed the towels of the Gold Gym bodybuilders and sometimes cleaned the bathrooms which they probably didn’t like.

At the Gold Gym itself, a wrestler with a height of 6 feet 1 inch and 114 kilograms advised him not to look at his body and say that he was wasting his time here. It is better to get into the ring after getting wrestling training.  

wwe john cena
John Cena second marriage

John Cena followed the advice and went to the Elite Pro Wrestling Institute in California, where he began wrestling training with experienced wrestlers from there.

Debuting under the name “Ring of Prototype”, he won the competition. A few months later, he had the opportunity to win the heavyweight championship of the same organization and then took the next step directly after being associated with UPW till March 2001. In the given WWF / E  

John Cena’s early arrival in the WWF / E was not going to be very important but then over the next two years, he had some successes according to different storylines but was not satisfied. About John Cena second marriage.

Then, according to a new storyline, playing the melody and humming something, the audience came to like the role of “The Doctor of “thuganomics ” in the ring.  

That is, he had the opportunity to step up as a “rapper”, especially his clothes. According to John Cena, this was the storyline that brought him back to wrestling. Rather, a new era of life has begun.

The big wrestlers from the various wrestling promotions organizations that he used to watch wrestling with great interest a few years ago also started to compete with John Cena and then the big wrestlers of that era who according to some storylines are unbeatable. It was thought that John was beaten by Cena.  

The next point in John Cena second marriage is,

For Batista, Brooke Lesnar, and many new wrestlers, competing with John Cena would be a challenge. Because even young children would make noise, only in favour of John Cena because in those days the role of Superman was popular in movies John Cena was called Superman. John Cena won 25 professional championships. Including 16 WWE World Heavyweight Championships.  

Also, in the films in which he acted as an actor are “The Marine, Legendary and Fred are important.” He has so far fulfilled more than 400 aspirations of the Make a Wish Foundation.

He values pursuing his hobby in life and is passionate about owning expensive cars. Debuted in the match against and according to Kurt Engel, John Cena is one of the best wrestlers and also a humane person.   we discussed on John Cena second marriage and his biography.

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