The Murder Mystery of Odee Perry: Biography, Murderer and Tribute By Community

You can’t escape your past demons, can you? That’s the case with Odee Perry, a notorious teenage gang member who was brutally killed by his rivals. He led an assassination attack, and he died as a result of vengeance. He was an American rapper, who befriended multiple other musicians. 

But his fate took a turn when he got involved in a Chicago assassination party, Black Disciples, and became a member.  He was loved and respected among his gang members, some claimed him to be quiet and introverted, but that was all a façade. His gang member honored him by taking another name, O’Block.

When he was killed, the neighborhood he used to reside in was named after him as a tribute. Young deaths are hard to forget. 

In this article, we will dig deeper into Odee Perry’s early life, how he was killed, and why his neighborhood was named after him.

Who Is Odee Perry? 

Odee was an American rapper who was born on May 13th, 1991 in Illinois, US. Perry fell into the Taurus zodiac sign. As he was an American citizen, he had the same nationality.  However, Perry Was descended from African American ethnicity.  

There’s limited information available on his personal life. We couldn’t gather any information about his education and family. 

He joined Black Disciples, a notorious gang in his early life and we believe the gang members become her family. 

He made his identity through his rapping career. He was associated with popular rappers like Chief Keef, King Von, and several others. He was featured in several Keef music videos. 

But unfortunately, he met his demise early in life on August 11th, 2011. It was devastating but inevitable seeing his criminal background. He was only 20 years old when he was buried deep beneath the earth, and we can never mourn enough. 

Who Killed Odee Perry?

Once Perry’s murder news started making rounds. The rivals came from all sides. The brutality he was murdered made a significant number of people take credit for his death. They considered it an honor, as the gang they were at war with was devastated by this tragedy. 

You must be wondering if it was a buffy man who brutally killed Perry. No, it was neither a man nor another adult, it was a woman who was seen accompanying Tooka. 

The woman has been notorious in the community by the name, ‘The Female Assassin’. Her name is Gakirah Baynes. 

However, this speculation was confirmed when she publicized herself with Perry’s fireman, Butta. Her affiliates and gang members gave away her identity. Investigators are working on it. However, the alibis couldn’t say who was the culprits by the suspects’ photos shown to them.

How Odee Perry Was Killed?

Odee was killed on August 11, 2011, outside Parkway Garden. His killer shot him several times in the body. He suspected danger at first bullet and tried to run but the killer didn’t let him go and shot again and again till he died. 

One wound goes through his shoulder while there is another bullet penetrator and exits his buttock cheek. He brutally lost his life. 

He was murdered as a consequence of a gang battle. He assassinated Shondale Tooka Gregory, and his friend, Gakirah Baynes killed him due to that. 

Gakirah was a teenage girl but had a dirty track record. How? She killed 17 people which she proudly claimed in an online post. 

However, she also met her demise in an alleyway where a hooded man killed her. It was reported that she revealed her location through a Twitter account. Her rivals got her and she died in a rap battle along with 5 other people. Several were injured in that battle. 

Regardless of Odee Perry’s Murder that happened almost 12 years ago. People still are curious about the mysteries surrounding his early death.  

Tribute By Odee Perry’s Neighborhood 

When the talented rapper died, his fellow gang members were deeply affected. They mourned his loss and decided to pay tribute to him by naming the Neighborhood after his name.  

Ever since he was murdered back in 2011, the Parkway Gardens, Apartment Homes where the gang members used to live tightly known by, O’Block. 

The community has a bad reputation for gang wars and dangerous and illegal activities. However, the reason for its popularity is also because of another well-known person, Michelle Obama. 

Besides her, Chief Keef and King Von, another two rappers also made their residence in this notorious Neighborhood.  

The Murder Mystery of Odee Perry: Biography, Murderer and Tribute By Community

Just after a year, the area was auctioned for the sale. The rappers were quick to show their interest. Chief Keef was first to buy but Lil Durk showed more enthusiasm. 

The rivalry between the gangs didn’t end with Odee Perry’s death it was one of many bloods that were she’d due to fights.

Tookaville area got its name after Tooka, but the Black Disciples and Gangster Disciples reigned the area. 

Till the late 2000s, rivalry continues between both gangs. After 2013 the rivalry has decreased and even the crime rate has significantly reduced. 


In conclusion to Odee Perry’s murder, he was shot multiple times by his murderer outside Parkway Garden. However, his murder has been still a mystery for people who are mourning his loss. 

Perry was a talented rapper he could excel but destiny had no plans for him further. He was killed by a female Assassin, Gakirah Baynes who was befriended by Tooka. The town where he used to live was renamed, O’Block after his death.

Give it a thorough read to know the revolving mysteries about Odee Perry’s murder and share your opinions with us.  

FAQs on Odee Perry

What rappers are from O Block?

The popular rappers who belonged to this residential area were Lil Durk, King Von, and Chief Keef, and preferred Odee over his rival gang. 

What is the history of O’Block? 

The area materialized as a result of the murder of Odee Perry. The town tribute him and named the area after him. The O here stands for Odee.

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