An 8 Year Marina Sabatier Died from Parent Continuous Abuse 

Marina Sabatier is a young French kid (8 years) who died of assault by her parents. Since she was 2, she lived a miserable life, often getting beaten up by her parents. Her parents, Eric Sabatier (father) and Virginie Darras (mother) often expressed their love for her through repeated beatings, whereas her other siblings had a normal life. 

According to reports, she was initially placed in foster care and was later brought back to her home. On February 07, 2001, she was born, and she died on August 07, 2009. Even after living a life full of abuse, she tried to save her parents from the police by giving statements in favor of them while hiding their heinous acts. 

In the article, everything about the tragic story of Marina Sabatier, her death, and the court ruling of her parents will be discussed. 

What Happened to Marina Sabatier?

Marina Sabastier was an innocent yet obedient child, who loved her parents and tried her best to let her parents live freely. However, her love and care for her parents was reciprocated through mistreatment and assault. At a young age, she went into a coma and died. 

Eric confessed in a statement that he hit her quite hard after dipping her in the cold water and she was badly hit against the bathtub. The impact of the push was so great that the bathtub had a visible bump on the edge. After that, Darras, the mother of Marina, entered the room and slapped the girl. 

The couple confessed that they often make her take cold baths, forcing her face head under water. Darras hit her several times and made her swallow a spoonful of coarse salt and vinegar. However, the abuse of the little girl doesn’t end there, she is forced to go to the basement. In the basement of the house, the naked and shivering girl was more abused. 

At the end of the torture session, Marina Sabatier told her mother she had a headache. As she left her in the basement, Marina said, “Good night” to her mom. She also added, “See you tomorrow.” However, they were never able to see her again as she died. 

How did Marina Sabatier Die?

How did Marina Sabatier Die?

After a night filled with violence and assault, Marina Sabatier died of acute subdural hematoma, a condition in which the blood vessels between the brain and skull get damaged. The blood flows out of the vessels and creates a clot, resulting in hematoma. The condition resulted from the inhalation of vomit and head trauma. 

The pathologist who studied her body during the postmortem said that she was going through major pulmonary edema. Later, she went into a coma and died. 

After the couple discovered that their daughter had died, they reported to police that their daughter Marina Sabatier had been kidnapped. With pressure from the authorities, they had to take the police to the body of their deceased daughter.

State prosecutor Chantal Moulin-Bernard checked the body condition and remarked, “The child was in the cellar one night.” The police found her inanimate in the morning. The report indicates that the body was initially hidden at another site in a deep freezer before placing it in a cement-filled trunk. 

Are Marina Sabatier’s Parents in Jail?

Are Marina Sabatier's Parents in Jail?

Eric Sabatier and Virginie Darras have four children after Marina Sabatier, however, she was the only one who had been tortured in various ways; punches, kicks, belts, iron rods, cold showers, and drowning are some of how her parents abused her. 

In an interview, it was revealed that the couple ain’t know why they tortured their first child. Their son upon investigation reported that his parents behaved normally to them. He even said that her mother and stepdad often abused Marina, which was used as exclusive evidence against them. 

Before Marina Sabatier’s death, her school teachers reported to the police that the girl had unusual marks on her body and seemed dull. Upon investigation in 2008, Marina didn’t reveal a thing and followed the instructions of her parents in court. 

Before the trial, Darras told her that if she told the police officers anything, her parents would go to jail and she would never be able to meet again. In a statement, Darras revealed that she wants Marina to speak up and reveal the truth. 

Likewise, Eric also listened to her saying that she wouldn’t tell anyone but deep inside felt that he’d be soon in jail to pay for his crimes. However, Marina Sabatier proved them wrong by protecting them.

In 2009, after Marina Sabatier’s death, the couple was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment. The other option the court had was life imprisonment for abusing a minor, but they didn’t choose it. Darras is still completing her sentence, while Eric has died due to cancer in jail. 

After being convicted, both Darras and Eric showed remorse about their actions and brutal abuse of Marina Sabatier at such a young age. The couple asked for her forgiveness and wanted to repent for their wrongdoings. 

In the investigation, it was also revealed that Eric tried to take all the blame for the death of his daughter, so Darras wasn’t involved in the mess and she could take care of their children. They also begged for forgiveness from their children. 

Additionally, their medical reports asserted that both Darras and Marina were having some mental issues. Yet, the court didn’t lessen their sentences due to the severity of the actions. 

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