Shiho Yoshimura: Birthplace, Education, Career, Acting Debut & Current Whereabouts

Shiho Yoshimura is a fantastic volleyball star who appeared in several Japanese teams and won awards. She starred in a drama and was highly praised, but her whereabouts are not known. 

Wondering where Shiho Yoshimura has escaped to? She is one of the most popular Japanese volleyball players who came from an athlete family, but she got all MIA after she retired from Volleyball in 2016. She pursued this career with inspiration from her older sister and has been in this field since third grade.

She played in numerous matches and played magically in the V league Premiere. She got the fame because of her exceptional abilities in the court as well because of her appealing looks. 

In this article, we will look into her lifestyle, rise to her sports career, her debut in acting, her love life, and why she’s living a secretive lifestyle now. 

How Old Is Shiho Yoshimura?

Shiho Yoshimura is the most popular and good-looking volleyball player in the history. She was born on December 13th, 1989, and is 33 years old. 

Where is she from? She was born in Kanagawa, Japan, and has been raised in her native land, and has a rich Japanese ancestry and broke her ties with her culture. 

Who is Shiho Yoshimura’s parents? Both of her parents have made their name in sports. Her mother was a professional volleyball player while her father was a famous soccer player. Her sibling also had a career in sports which inspired Shiho to start practicing volleyball. 

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Where Shiho Yoshimura Got Her Early Education From? 

She got her early education from her native elementary school, where she was not just a study freak, but participated in extracurricular activities. The activities notably include content writing, dramatics, and dancing club. She has taken a particular interest in volleyball since she was in third grade. The reason behind her interest was her sister, who used to play in the school team and best on her team. 

Her admission to Kawasaki Tachibana High School in 2004, her interest became more intense and she started to play in the school team. This led her to play volleyball professionally and she played her life’s first tournament after that. 

She completed her matriculation in 2008. She completed her bachelor’s degree in 2012 from Tokai University and finished her educational milestone.  

Volleyball Career of Shiho Yoshimura

When Shiho’s career was officially started? Shiho initiated her career during high school in 2007, when she participated in Saga Inter High League, in which she and her team played exceptionally and reached the final moment. 

Shiho carried on her studies with her passion. She didn’t abandon her education and during her enrollment at Tokai University, she joined Akari Omi and made their entrance into the championship. However, her performance along with her team didn’t turn out well.

By abandoning this, she joined the Kanama Yamaguchi team, where she earned the position of runner-up in the 2nd Japanese league due to her impeccable performance. 

Shiho Yoshimura: Birthplace, Education, Career, Acting Debut & Current Whereabouts

In the first half of 2011, she earned the title of 26th representative of Summer Universiade and in the second half of 2011, she won the Best Scorer award in the All-Japan Incare competition.  

In 1998, she played for V League Premiere, joined the Ageo Medics team, and rose to stardom because of her outstanding play. She got extreme fame in 2013 from this team and was titled Best Face New Face in the league. She continued her services in the team for approx., 3 years retired in 2016, and has not seen publicly much ever since. 

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Acting Debut of Shiho Yoshimura

Shiho has been in the dramatics club since her early education and participated in several plays during her school. Did she professionally make a debut in films or dramas? She has starred in one drama titled ‘Shima no Sea Glass’ which premiered in 2019, along with characters named Sora Tamaki, Mitsuru Hirata, and Masatomo Yoshino. 

The story plot of this drama was that there was an old man aged 68 years and he migrated to islands but felt lonely there. He felt strange with his neighbors but when he met the young girl named Akari. His persona changes and life becomes joyful for him. 

Was the drama hit? The director of this film Tusuku Sakakibara got high praise and won the Asia Best Short Film Award and Shorts Film Festival award due to his magnificent direction in this all-time favorite film.  

Why Is Shiho Yoshimura Hyped on Social Media? 

Shiho has been hyped on social media because of her engaging personality and her marvelous career. Her followers on Instagram have exceeded 434k and have posted 354 posts to date. She likes to upload pictures of her daily life, the things which she prefers to watch in her free time. There were rumors about her tutoring in a volleyball teaching school but we have no certain news. 

She made her account on Twitter in 2013 and is active there, often posting about her opinions and people admire her wisdom and easy-going nature. 

She has a Facebook account and several fan pages to her name. She is popular because of her work and looks. She has not been seen uploading any of her posts with a guy, fans are unable to decipher her love life. 

Why Shiho Yoshimura Become Invisible After Retirement? 

Well, we can’t say anything about it, as Shiho is living quite a private life regarding her whereabouts. She spent the last four years of her career with the Ageo Medics team retired in 2016 from volleyball, and has not seen any other team ever since. 

There are a few speculations that she joined a volleyball teaching school and is tutoring volleyball to kids, few say she has gone back to Japan, her homeland, and is living a secluded life there away from paparazzi, and media. Is there any truth to such speculations? Not sure as there is not anything certain we can say that is where Shiho has retreated to. 


Concluding the life history of Shiho Yoshimura, she is an amazing volleyball player of her time. She continued her career till 2016 but retired after that. She has not been seen anywhere since her retirement.

She is an attractive woman of Japanese lineage, who rose to stardom during her career. She made her debut in a drama serial which was a super hit of its time. 

You can find everything about Shiho’s lifestyle here. Let us know about your feedback. Are you curious about her whereabouts as well? 


When did Shiho Yoshimura start playing volleyball?

She started playing volleyball in the third year of her elementary school and became successful in her career.

What is Shiho Yoshimura known for?

She is popular because of her incredible performance in volleyball and her drama serial, ‘Shima no Sea Glass’. 

Does Shiho Yoshimura have social media?

Yes, she has been active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. She used to regularly post and loved engaging with her fans. 

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