Facebook’s warning regarding Selene Delgado is going viral

Selene Delgado has been deemed a Facebook stalker. Thousands of people who don’t even know her had Selene’s profile on their friend lists. And even after unfriending her, nonetheless, her profile remains stuck trending in the friend list. 

Unlike usual days, Facebook sent messages to several users on the app. The message read: 

“Are you friends with Selene Delgado Lopez? Look her up and you’ll notice that she is your friend. But you can’t unfriend her. Be warned; blocking is the only option.”

This was all a hoax and it could prove problematic to one’s privacy as many make everything open to their friends. And it would a hassle to have someone unknown on Facebook friends. Detailed information regarding Selena Delgado has been given below.  

How Selene Delgado added numerous people to her Facebook?

Facebook's warning regarding Selene Delgado is going viral

Delgado Lopez’s Facebook profile

Facebook has a limitation of 5000 friends on Facebook. Consequently, many people were added informally by Selene which lead to chaos. As unfriending her wasn’t a solution, numerous people went to change their privacy so they wouldn’t have her on their friend list. 

Privatizing their Facebook account was the only measure taken by everyone. Through settings, one could change who could add you as a friend. This would replace the ‘Add Friend’ to ‘Send Message’. One has to first send an invite through a message. If it’s accepted, only then one could add another person as a friend on Facebook. All that is okay, but who’s Selene Delgado Lopez?

Who’s Selene Delgado Lopez?

Selene is a missing person. When her Facebook account hoaxed thousands of people by adding her to their friend list, her name started trending on multiple social platforms. The Facebook warning about her fueled the rumors. Many true crime enthusiasts were trying to crack her case. 

In 2020, the case ended at a stalemate. Numerous crime enthusiasts that were thinking of her as a missing person got deceived by the fact that this person wasn’t real.  All their hopes for finding this missing girl went to naught. However,  evidence suggested that this hoax was created by Channel 5. 

In 2022, Channel 5 started using Selene’s images in the video game mods. 

How does Selene Delgado Lopez’s name start being used as a hoax?

Facebook's warning regarding Selene Delgado is going viral

Delgado Lopez photograph from missing person poster

In the 1990s and early 2000s, there was a show in which Channel 5 (Canal 5) talked about people who have gone missing. On Mexican television, “Al servicio de la comunidad” was broadcasted. Its translation into English is, “At the Service of the Community”. 

One of those people whom the Mexican host briefed about was Selene Lopez. According to the police of Mexico, it was said a stalker was following Selene before her disappearance on April 14 at Álvaro Obregón. Furthermore, she belonged to a poor family. Due to scarce evidence, the police left the case on hold. Until now, she has not been received back by her family. 

Her name first received major prominence when a Youtuber, Yoshimitsu Caleon mentioned the Mexican girl Selene Lopez. As his videos went viral, many other YouTubers started pulling strings on the issue and distorted the information. Presently, everyone has made a new version of the missing girl’s abduction story. 

Some claim that she wasn’t abducted but left her family with someone else. Others think that her stalker who was stalking her was the real perpetrator. There’s also a suspicion that a woman who often engaged in prostitution took her away. As she went missing on the same day as her. 

This NextBot image has nothing to do with this broadcast but is rather a police sketch of Derrick Todd Lee, the Baton Rouge serial killer. Hence, the picture isn’t the actual photograph of Selene but a fake. 

Even though it is not her original image, this image is often associated with Selene Delgado because of the creepy videos that compare her with other faces (such as this man; Derrick Todd Lee). Another NextBot Chase mod for Garry’s Mod uses Selene’s face.

Does Selene Delgado truly exist?

Facebook's warning regarding Selene Delgado is going viral

In just 11 months, FlorecitaDreams gained over 103,000 views on her video claiming Selene Delgado didn’t exist. So, what are the odds? In his video, she showed a comprehensive analysis of Selene’s photographs circulating on the web. 

In one of those snapshots, he relates the famous photo of Selene Delgado with an illustration of murderer Derrick Todd Lee. Furthermore, arguing that the “Selene Delgado” picture was a manipulation of Lee’s picture. He also asserted that Derrick Todd Lee was the inspiration for Channel 5 to create the photo of Selene Delgado.

Nexpo analyzed her photo as well. On October 29, 2021, a mystery analytical YouTuber posted a video entitled  “Disturbing Things from Around the Internet (Volume 13)”. That video also garnered the attention of many and has over 5 million views. 

Discerning views of people

One said;

No, nope, and not at all. What she is, is a hoax. Simple as. Although it’s not really clear when or where the hoax star Selene Delgado Lopez is on your friend list and can’t be removed, the warning is real enough. No, you didn’t add her to your friend list, which should be the first clue here.”

Another contrasting view is;

“Yes it’s true and I don’t believe it’s a hoax either, notice how when something like this or similar happens it always turns into a hoax. That is usually because it’s a cover-up to not cause panic and a ploy to keep everyone at ease.”


Accordingly, it’s not apparent whether these claims are true or not. Selene Delgado is still a legend whose mystery has yet to be unraveled. Let’s wait for the crime enthusiasts who are digging up her case to update us. What do you think, “Whether Selene Delgado is a fictional character or an actual person?”

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